Is It Possible to Hypnotize a Person to Feel in Love with You

Smile at a person. Never reveal your dark secrets and any of your hesitations. Everybody loves the big happy smile. What you believe inside you can persuade others to believe. You have the power to send your love a subconscious message, “I’m the one you’re looking for.”

We are always subconsciously communicating messages to whomever we love about what we believe about ourselves. Unfortunately, what we think deep inside of isn’t the best about ourselves. If that so, we blindly send subtle messages of our low worth and value and then wonder why – people say they do not love us any longer.

Attraction and chemistry is 99 percent internal.

Looks have very little to do with what makes people love you. Well, I personally believe it does make the first impression.

When relations go astray, – we need to find ways to believe in ourselves and feel confident that everything is possible.

If we don’t, – we have to hypnotize ourselves to believe we are awesome, that we a big ocean of love and happiness. Second step happens when we hypnotize everyone we meet of that idea. Practically, the men they smell confidence in a woman, – so it creates all chemistry you need.

Once the inner being truly believes you are the prize, the only-one-person-you-love and others around you agree. A person needs to really feel the powerful energy form you. And once he does, he will give you his undivided love and attention.

If he doesn’t feel “it” from you, then chances are he won’t give all of himself over to you—especially the parts of him you want, desire and crave to feel from him.

This work though can last a lifetime.

There are only few moments in life when time is of an essence as in a Cinderella story. You need to be calm and centered, knowing when you can jump into his hands once again.

And meanwhile, – just keep doing important things – like learning — whatever, programming, acting, doing scientific discoveries – at least here you definitely can do as it is only depends on your efforts.

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