How to seduce a Leo man. Compatibility Leo-Taurus

It may seem that a Taurus woman has nothing to offer to interest Leo. He likes to shine, admiration, generosity and royalty – in opposite of a calm and well-balanced features a Taurus woman has to offer. In fact, a Taurus woman is able to captivate a Leo man in just a few days, while others wander and speculate.

Once they are together, they never will be tired with each other. Often the love story between Leo and Taurus woman resembles into a flaming fire. If the couple stays together for a long time, except for the passion they need to start a business – they need to direct their energy somewhere else, otherwise they might burn each other feelings.


How to Seduce a Leo Man

Leo men like brightness, sincerity and effectiveness of Taurus woman. He is bewitched by her smile and behavior. To win the Leo man, Taurus woman does not need to pretend, it is enough to act naturally, and the best features will show off.

Both signs have a great creative potential, it is contraindicated to fixate on each other and their feeling. They should combine a common goal, a common cause and a hobby.

What is the power of Taurus female

Planet of Leo is the Sun, and in order to balance Sun energy, Leo needs a strong companionship of a strong Moon. The strongest Moon has Taurus and Cancer signs. Therefore, in spite of all the diversity of characters and mismatch of tastes of each other, Taurus pull and magnet Leo as soon as a female Taurus “turns on” the Moon powers.

The other powerful planet of Taurus is Venus, and a Taurus woman should balance qualities of Venus and the Moon. Features of Venus are ability to love, create comfort, good taste, proper amount of laziness and the ability to get a pleasure from life and make it contagious. Moon is more about care. You need to take care of your Leo partner. He needs to feel comfortable, He likes somebody to count and take care of a budget for the benefits of Leo, you need to help him to eat well and look good. No one Leo stand against perfect Taurus care.

Usually before the meeting with Leo man, Taurus woman used to be very independent and make everything yourself. How could she possibly obey Leo? Therefore, some time in the pair is a struggle for power, softened by mutual love. Leo will not argue and fight with Taurus woman – he constantly and quietly will stick to his line.



How looks the perfect match: Taurus woman Leo man

With ideal Taurus woman Leo man blooms. Leo man who is well taken care of Taurus woman attracts the attention and has a well-groomed appearance: he is healthy and self-confident. A Taurus woman stays in the shades, but does not look timid: Taurus woman has a strong personality, which Leo never suppress. Taurus is focused on Leo career and the success, devotes her life to serve him. With the support of Taurus woman, Leo is capable to achieve great heights.

What Taurus woman shall not do

Leo man is very impractical and get bored if he needs to take care of money. Taurus woman (from her best of intentions, of course) has a tendency to educate Leo man to be practical and learn a sense of measure. Leo man shall always remain a king of the jungle. So let him do whatever he wants and never let him to give in. You need to keep his brilliance shine.

Leo as a true cat he does not like arguments and very soft. So he may follow your directions, but it will make his suffer. Remember, only Leo man can be dramatic, so support him and be strong. Leo will not understand your being dramatic, and it will create a distance and misunderstanding if you show any negative thought or emotion.

Leo Man and Taurus Woman at Work

It is a leading team, bright and noticeable pair leaving behind colleagues and competitors. They understand each other and can only work together. Though, probably, they still need somebody else to perform a routine work and boring parts. It will be very hard at the beginning of a business because Leo man won’t do any boring tasks and he will leave al those routine tasks on the shoulders of Taurus woman, and she is not multitasking and gets tired of routine work. But in most cases, she survives and does everything what Leo man does not want to know. For that, Leo man admires Taurus woman strength and patience.

Leo man is a strict, authoritarian, and a noble boss. He is indulgent towards the weak, but Taurus woman is not weak, Leo gets angry if a Taurus woman shows her weakness. It will make Leo man mad. Taurus woman might feel under-appreciated, because Leo expects from Taurus woman constant hard work and creativity – at the same time.

Leo Man and Taurus Woman Friendship

Leo man poorly can be friends with women: for them, Leo man prefers to be a knight, protector or a lover. But if a Leo man and a Taurus Woman share a common interest, hobby, or business, – they are surely making good friends. Friendship between Leo Man and Taurus woman is good: they are endowed with the same temperament, live with the same rhythm, have the same look at a lot of things and respect their personal space. Most likely friendship between Leo Man and Taurus Woman are formed in tourist clubs, meditation centers or sports groups.

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