Compatibility of Aquarius-Leo: how to seduce Leo Man

Leo Man is proud, loves to shine and wants to see next to him the most beautiful woman in the world. If Aquarius will be able to find a balance between extravagance and social conventions, she might attract attention from Leo man.

Aquarius woman needed to focus her appearance to elegant, unusual, with a “twist”. She has charisma by nature. In most cases, in the eyes of the leo man, she looks a bit weird or eccentric, like a queer bird. Leo man really needs accessible stylish woman with charm.

Leo Man likes kindness and sincerity of Aquarius woman. Leo finds himself very generous, and he does not tolerate pettiness, and will not accept a selfish and malevolent woman. Aquarius generous soul is a big plus.

And finally, an important role plays a common interest. If Leo man and Aquarius woman are together in a business, they easily will work together.

What is the perfect match: Leo Man and Aquarius Woman

Usually they can be found together at public events or related business events. They lead an active social life. Leo will get a share of recognition and admiration, because he finds it easier to improve the world with like-minded people like Aquarius woman. Aquarius woman will take a great pleasure in mastering of presentations, celebrations and parties. Leo will give any undertaking glitter and luxury just by showing up, and he will reign among the invited, and Aquarius is able to find the “flavor”, making them original and unique event, – even non-public, the ordinary business meeting of fellow team members will be memorable.

Aquarius Woman in alliance with Leo Man gets the support of a Leo man who takes responsibility for himself and for her. Leo is always sincere and kind. Leo helps Aquarius woman easily because often with other people Leo Man suspected that he is surrounded around flatterers and sycophants.

What are the difficulties in the union of Leo Man and a Aquarius woman?

Aquarius woman will be very difficult, when she faces with an hypocrisy of Leo Man, more precisely, with his feature, (line of behavior) that she perceives an hypocrisy.

Aquarius woman is open with all her soul and behaves naturally. Leo man, a minute ago, raged at scandal, as if nothing had happened will be smiling to other people who just would show up. For Aquarius kind of behavior is unpleasant, Aquarius woman considers this behavior duplicitous. Aquarius woman is unlikely to explain it to Leo Man.

Leo Man has his opinion on this subject: hiding his mood is a laudable habit that always will save his face. Leo Man does not want to engage others into any of his affairs, – especially in affairs if he won’t look very nice (because he finds it ugly and shameful).

If Leo was angry at Aquarius woman, – naive woman Aquarius may initially assume that Leo man was smiling because a conflict between their conversation is settled, as others walked out the door, – like his bad mood will come back to him.

This behavior is extremely annoying for Aquarius Woman. In retaliation, she would use the weapon, – she will begone to ignore Leo Man and his bad moon, and to show off her inner freedom. This will lead to a new round of argument, because Leo Man becomes unforgiving when he is not noticed.

How to Preserve a Peace Between Leo Man and Aquarius Woman

Before you take offense at duplicitous of Leo Man, think carefully: How many times you got into trouble because you could not hide your true feelings? Now you have another example of behavior.

You just need to let go your ideas to change Leo Man, and just agree with the fact, he has his own opinion. Maybe he feels awkward to be in weird situations and it is harder for him that for you. Learn not to blame Leo and to be annoyed.

Aquarius Woman must not pretend as if nothing has happened. Both Aquarius Woman and Leo Man are signs of fixed cross and have the greatest stubbornness of all zodiac. Aquarius Woman should find strength and use her patience to teach Lea Man how to solve his problems faster, in the style of “here and now” rather than to keep the stone in his bosom. Leo Man might withdraw into himself, hide away from the conversation, dousing his ice-cold behavior – and Aquarius woman still shall be able to find an unusual approach to it, and teach Leo to resolve conflicts quickly.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Aquarius Woman at Work

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman are stubborn and persistent. Aquarius Woman has a keep foresight to the level of clairvoyance and has fountain of ideas, and Leo Man is a leader and a creative person. Could they work together? If the work is uninteresting, boring, monotonous, they won’t survive a week. In all other cases, if a job is regarding and interesting, Leo Man and Aquarius woman find a common language and demonstrate high professional results.

When a woman Aquarius is a boss

Leo Man is not a very good subordinate. He is very diligent, because working poorly beneath his pride. Leo Man loves being the center of attention and on every occasion he will try to make a career move. Fortunately, the woman Aquarius so democratic in the leading role that Leo Man won’t ever feel any pressure. She will accept him to do whatever he wants, the way he wants it, even he never listens to her.

When a woman Aquarius is a subordinate

Leo Man is the best boss at a workplace that anybody can imagine: he is strong, indulgent towards the weak and confident. Any team led by Lion Man thrive toward best results and excellence.

But not Aquarius! Aquarius Woman feels too much control, that she takes hard on her. She thinks Leo loves to patronize her. Aquarius attempts to wriggle out of control. She might not follow-up directions and her actions may be perceived as a violation to the operating mode and, optionally, Aquarius might start looking for a new job.

Aquarius woman should be given her own projects, possibly a team where she will have total control and complete freedom. She won’t go anywhere.

Compatibility: Leo Man and Aquarius Woman in Friendship

Aquarius Woman and Leo Man are great friends. Suppose they have differences on many issues, but at the same time they have common interest in what is happening around, sociability, extraversion allow them to get along well.

Aquarius Woman extremely attentive to her friends, and Leo Man likes attention and interest in him. In response, he is willing to support Aquarius Woman with his reputation, his experience and his connections where Aquarius woman does not see any danger and here is how Leo Man secretly controls her.

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