Jack of Spades – Revelation of Wisdom – A Visionary Leader or a Master Thief – January 3, February 1

The Uranus Card is the Mars Line Displaces 7 of Clubs in the Natural Spread.

Jack of Spades is a fixed card and one of the unaltered principles. These people do not have set values within themselves, yet they have obstacles and struggles associated with 7 of clubs. They need to overcome their immaturity.

They know that they must pay karmic debts, and do not create new ones. There is no admission into the Kingdom of Heaven until the accounts are not settled. The resurrection of the things they want – only once the heralds of the gospel of rebirth and abolishment of death are heard.

They must learn their place in a hierarchy of authority. They are ordained, but they need to work hard on the road to their attainments.

They need to apply honor and glory. Among the positive ones, no matter how gifted and successful they might be, they are aware they are just learners on the path to the truth.

They need to equip themselves with the best education and training that best fits their abilities. They have to work for the art, but for the paycheck. They succeed when their intentions are right and honorable, and they need to give their best to work and study.

If they do the right thing, they have protection.

If Jack of Spades gets lost in his or her spiritual values, this leads that they believe in their own created stories and get themselves in unpleasant situations, where at first people stop believing in them and consider them irresponsible.

The Problem is that Jacks of Spades are lured by easy wins, and can be manipulated into evil deeds. When life goes too easy for them, they taker help and others people for granted, and they tend not to appreciate the value of what they have.

Interesting enough, some of the Jacks of Spades subconsciously need to become thieves and to be caught to awaken spiritual initiations.
They can push live to the limits to experience extremes and experience the challenge, for example ending up in jail.

They always do well with the public and can become successful artists in any chosen creative field. They often inherit money and make enough on their own.

They are as successful as their parents help them with the system of value and ethics.
Many Jacks of Spades are professional as consultants, yet best to avoid them having complex business deals. When big money involved, they have a very high temptation to cheat big.

If they take the negative path, negativity destroys protection that surrounds Jacks of Spades, and they become irresponsible and shiftless.

They are subjects to scandals, disgrace, and misrepresentation of their motives. They get disappointments with their friends, and they lose the ability to produce excellent results in their line of work. They may become lonely and live in fear of poverty. They even can live their last days in loneliness.

Men of this card always aim to rich the King. The women usually have the masculine type of mind and can attain their place in the crown line if they work hard and build necessary foundation for success. If women do not try hard, they end up serving and not being happy with what they do and where they are.

They need to learn the highest commitment.

They always can have success in love with whom they choose. They are very creative, romantic, and independent. They have enough wisdom and integrity.

Planetary Sequence for Jack of Spades

Moon Card is 2 of Diamonds

Outstanding money influence especially for men.They will always have temptations to cheat on business deals, and they can end up in poverty depending how much they were using their good karma of money and deceived other people.

Mercury Card is 8 of Clubs

Superpower is in their minds. They are one of the smartest people you may know. They now that knowledge is power and they see how fast and easy they can learn things.

Majority of Jacks of Spades get a good education and work hard. They develop wisdom, – they make sure their knowledge stays practical. They build intuition early and always have spiritual insight. They see beyond the experience.
They may have severe obstacles in youth – but it even strengthens they drive for proper education and knowledge.

Venus Card is 6 of Diamonds

They have too many obligations connected with love and family. They have stable family life, but often monotonous and annoying because of the commitments they think they have to take.

Somehow they make mistakes in values in selecting partners. They do not see spiritual goals. Somehow they can make any relations work, but they often lie to themselves. They always have conflicts of interest. It could be different spiritual goals and connections with independence and money.

They have loyal and helpful friends.
They need to beware of co-dependent relations, and they need to help their loved one to become independent and business oriented.

Mars Card – 4 of Spades

They work well with others, especially with groups of men. They usually become older brothers to those in need.
They are good organizers and executives. They define objectives easily and make sound decisions when never without any hesitation. They are very careful at leading the right course.

Jupiter Card – 10 of Cups

They base their business on friendly contacts. They always have friends they can put on.
They also have a person who loves them genuinely and who will do anything to help them succeed. It could be a lower or a spouse.

Saturn Card – 10 of Diamonds

Often have an inheritance, yet money is in trusts and not at their immediate disposal and they also somewhat connected to the cause and obligations that this money can bring.

Success can be delayed because of ill-health of family members, yet if they select a career in medicine, they can make money and gain certain victory. They make wonderful doctors.

Uranus Card – 8 of Spades

They have a gift to deal with people. People listen and trust them.They also can depend on the loyalty of employees who will give in everything to work, and they are great motivators.
The more they create institutional power, the more successful they become. The more contacts they make, the more successful and spiritually minded they become.

They are more successful at big businesses and essential contacts. They also succeed in real estate and investments.

Neptune Card – They have the keen interest in lands and people. They believe it is a universal obligation to make friends wherever they go. Travel is always bringing happiness and success. They are likely to find love in the foreign lands. Traveling gives them a good prospectives in life and strengthens their spiritual development.

Challenge of Jack of Spades is Choice of Objectives

Birthdays Ruled by Jack of Spades

January 3. Capricorn. Roller: Saturn

Must overcome materialism and personal ambitions for being powerful and famous. They are very serious, and the best success comes from the entertainment industry. They want to leave their ideas for generations to come.
They have an excellent talent for writing, sincere and being doctors, yet they will select a sure filed with connections and contacts.

February 1. Aquarius. Ruler: Uranus

They have high emotional intelligence and power. They are great scientists, writers, musicians, actors, director.
They can lead large non-profits to great causes. They are very individualistic and independent. They will follow their intuition to achieve their career goals.

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