Jupiter in The Zodiac Signs

Jupiter is not just Zeus planet, but it is also the largest planet in a solar system. Energy power of this planet can bestow upon us wisdom, good philosophical abilities, as well as a tendency to be successful in everything.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries has a very beneficial effect. Jupiter energy in Aries makes people very active and invulnerable. A person with Jupiter in Aries shall manifest oneself really well in sports activities, or, for example, in military. Patience and commitment of Aries fills Jupiter  with even more positive energy which he helps a person achieve incredible success.

The position of Jupiter in Aries opens up not only the desire to achieve, but also a deep moral qualities, making people generous, gracious and honest individuals. They really can be on top and in front of everyone, and at the same time they deserve this award.

People with Jupiter in Aries can be excellent mentors, honest politician, great military leaders, sportsmen or just a role model.

The man with the help of the application will can avoid the negative manifestations of its nature and become true leaders. I can do attitude based on moral values.

Some aspects of the adverse influence of Jupiter in Aries

However, most people find that the best foundation for a design career is to get a fine arts degree in fashion at a prestigious school. Besides teaching you the craft, a good school will also add credibility to your resumé. “We live in a brand-name society, and

  • impulsiveness and impatience in front of his goal
  • unbalance nature, a person can be rude with other people;
  • conceit, which becomes very excessive on the foundation of success
  • permanent whims and inability to adapt to the uncomfortable conditions.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

An individual meets every new situation, imagining in advance what to expect. As a result, a person tries to control the circumstances of his or her lives and avoiding new experiences.

A strong sense of self-righteousness permeates much of person’s thinking. This is accompanied by a spirit of a free will on the most instinctive level.

An individual has a tendency to blame others, believing that they have less moral dignity than he or she has. A person can become overly self-confident when it comes to religious or spiritual identification, and sometimes makes mistakes, distributing people into categories according to the philosophy to which they adhere.

A person’s inner restlessness never ceases to push him or her to try anything that this person has not yet experienced. A person can be childishly naive, not fully understanding the situation or the circumstances in which he or she rushes.

Karmically an individual is here and now to learn to be honest with oneself  which is a key to his great confidence and reliability.

Aries’s always a black and white vision. Aries part of the body corresponds to the head, so all fire, ardor and passion will be directed to the head.

Jupiter in Aries: on the highest level – they’re directly and very strongly transmitting God’s will. On the lower levels – they are self-centered, and think very highly of their value and intellect, but their ideas even tall and strong, but this is still not enough.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer is in elevation. Cancer is able to essentially accept the highest matter and accordingly change; but it requires a great effort from him.

If Jupiter is in Cancer, people internally configured to spiritual life – in accordance with a level of their spiritual development. In principle, a person with Jupiter in Cancer is emotionally sensitive, kind, caring (depositor – the Moon), very friendly and welcoming, but life requires and takes even more from him.

People who have Jupiter in Cancer usually are stable and reliable in relations with other people. However, they have hard time to relate and to trust people. Often, they devote time and effort to check out others than just believe in words. With favorable developments Jupiter may affect personality.

  • They have kind nature and constant desire to help others.
  • The sense of religiosity and devotion;
  • High chances of success in the field of educational activities;
  • Patience and the ability to adapt.

If people with Jupiter in cancer go the destructive way, they have a risk of manifestation of such qualities as:

  • Greed and callousness;
  • Excessive jealousy, soon turns into a sense of ownership.

It should be noted that people with Jupiter in Cancer can not govern alone, (as an example, Michael Gorbachev has Jupiter in Cancer and could keep his authority only in the presence of support from his supporters and the outside sources).

Very fruitful, imagination, interests in culture, education, public welfare, love of home, and mother.

If Jupiter is exalted, or very strong (best position is in Cancer), a person shall get a lot of pleasure from the relationship with children and their life will be very lucky. If the planet is affected, then we have an opposite result: or may not have children, or to be, but very little. An astrologer needs to check 5th house of the horoscope.

Famous people with Jupiter in Cancer:

Henry III, Catherine II, Alexander Dumas, Norbert Wiener, Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev, Nostradamus, Anton Chekhov, Harry Truman, SP Korolev, Leonid Brezhnev, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Augustine Semenko, Zlotnikov Faith, Paul McCartney.

Jupiter in Libra

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