Jupiter – the Star of the Kings

Jupiter governs any hierarchical structures through Jupiter is realized movement in breadth. Jupiter favors science and power. Jupiter is always movement in breadth.

The antipode of Jupiter is Saturn. If Jupiter is a movement in breadth, Saturn is movement upwards. If Jupiter is extension, Saturn is compression. If Jupiter is addition, Saturn is rejection. In the old astrology Jupiter was called a big boon, and Saturn a great misfortune.

Jupiter takes away any horizontal barriers acting on a principle of an unlimited expansion, and at the same time sets boundaries vertically – such as creates system restrictions, permissions, and initiations based on hierarchy and even creating a bureaucracy. Saturn takes away any vertical barriers, for someone with a strong Saturn a law does not apply because they simply do not care … Saturn represents obstacles on the horizontal level – such as: tendency to escape into solitude and isolation.

Jupiter symbolizes money, power and pleasure. Jupiter can act as a measure of social adaptation.

Jupiter is a planet that is associated with a current moment showing us a degree of our realization. Jupiter is our social psychology.

Jupiter works on principle “here and now”. Saturn shows us either past – as we return to the past in order to learn from our experiences, and based on these experiences, we can design the future; and Saturn can show us future – where we are just planning and structuring our lives.

Jupiter is a male fire planet which embodies a protective principle of fire – while Sun represents a general and the creative principle of fire and Mars is acting as a fire fighter. Saturn is an earth, passive planet reflecting such property as hardness.

In everyday life, Jupiter symbolizes power – social arrangements that protect us and ensure our safety – work, home, social institutions, religion.

A strong Jupiter in a horoscope of a person connects to a person to some great traditions. A man with a strong Jupiter can be a pastor, an academician, who did much to science as a young man and now revered on laurels.

One of the symbols of Jupiter is a pyramid with a wide and solid foundation.

Jupiter always appeals to the roots, to the tradition. It is an image of an enlightened monk, descending to his followers with a scroll of laws in his hand.

It is also a symbol of a descending process: In Greek mythology, Zeus  descends from the skies. But we do not recall a single case where it was described a reverse process – nobody seen Zeus ascending from the sky. Jupiter symbolizes our faith, our philosophy, our motto.

We also can call Jupiter a king of the systems.

Jupiter is strong in people of science, diagnostician and those who synthesize.

Jupiter is  a planet of societal wisdom.

Jupiter just like Venus brings luck – but this cheerful gentleman requires from you in return even more generosity and magnanimity. Jupiter is a planet of gratuity – and it endows you with success. You share your wealth – and it will multiply. You believe – and your faith will be rewarded.

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