Knight of Cups Reversed – Do not Let Emotions Control Your Life

Do not jump to conclusions before getting all the facts. Now you are acting from you emotions rather than from any form of logic. You might be moody or emotional over the point of incapacity.

You see things through rose-colored glasses. You are offered an incredible opportunity that will turn into a disaster, but now you keep on dreaming.

Knight of Heart Reversed warns you against dangerous illusions. An offer is very deceptive. Good intentions, promises, and motivations are illusory.

It is also a lack of loyalty to one’s own ideas, betrayal to oneself, and emotional dishonesty.

A trip and expected news are postponed. A planned meeting is delayed.

Uncertainty (and shyness) prevent you from achieving your goal.You escape from reality being in dreaminess without actions.

Hypersensitivity, insecurity, inclination to obsessive fears arise.

Sometimes this could be an indicator of addictions from sex, alcohol, drugs or other things, but most likely, it is just a fear of reality.

Knight of Cups Reversed usually has something to hide. It can be a betrayal (dating a married person), or dependence on drugs, as well as expected financial difficulties.

According to Mary Greer, this card has one interpretation – “love that does not dare to call itself” (as in XIX century called same-sex relationship). In conjunction with the Tower, perhaps, could be interpreted as coming out.

Flatterer and deceptive young man, intriguer.
Duplicity, showing-off.

Ambiguity about the feelings that are necessary to clarify.

Deception, fraud, cunning, dexterity, tricks, trickery, lies.

Deceitful or unrequited love cooled feelings. Manipulation of love, emotional cruelty.

In the worst case – a broken heart, emotional damage for a questioner.

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