Knight of Pentacles: Slow but Steady Progress

This card represents a person who is in the middle of a difficult path, in the midst of a big undertaking. It can be, for example, a large financial transaction, a scientific work or a work of art. Both a rider and a horse are tired, but there still a long road ahead. The knight is not aggressive, and he generously helps those around him. But, giving them what they need, he does not remove iron gloves from his hands.
In the direct position – reliability, binding in the implementation of promises, and sometimes just pure luck. Reversed card predicts an unfavorable combination of circumstances, and bad luck.

General Meaning of Knight of Pentacles

This card always carries an impulse of responsibility, conscientiousness, diligence and will power. Knight of Pentacles says that a road to success lies through hard work and self-confidence. This is an indication that you need to engage in useful activities, develop your talents, learn to show practicality, patience, perseverance, methodical approach. the card shows that nothing is impossible. The advice of Knight of Pentacles is that you will achieve a great deal, but under conditions that you calm down completely and get down to work.

At the moment, you set clear and understandable tasks that must be fulfilled in real time. It shows that you are working hard spending a lot of energy.

In general, this card speaks about good opportunities come to stabilize a good financial situation, increase one’s own well-being, benefiting those who faithfully and truthfully carrying out their business. Appearance of Knight of Pentacles means that a situation, which was developing sluggishly and even threatening to stall, will be resolved positively. The results rarely show up quickly, but stand the expectations. This card offers us to feel gratitude for what we already have and consider everything that universe gives us as a gift. You are going to be very busy. Opportunities, meetings, obligations replace one other, and it is important, not allowing to suppress yourself, and to find time to realization and consolidation of all what flows.

Traditionally, the Knight of Pentacles symbolizes a useful person, getting a valuable service (“someone will do the right thing”).  You are about to sign a contract or draw up a business plan. The card also means – travel (rather on land).

Personal Feeling

Carefully optimistic and patient, you feel like a marathoner in a process of preparing for the Olympic Games.

Here we learn how to correctly allocate time and forces, display endurance and a good potential for organization and diligence. Sometimes a card shows that you need somebody to help to identify some specific goals. This card means the development of consistency and unflagging dedication. We need to learn to set boundaries so that external circumstances do not distract us from our plans.

Knight Pentacles is the most prudent of all the Knights in Tarot deck. He takes up a business only after weighing and calculating everything. Otherwise, he prefers to refuse even a very favorable offer. He is straightforward,modest and down to earth person everybody can rely on. If he promised, he will come. If he agreed, he will do it. In addition, this is the most uncomplaining of the Knights. He is ambitious and purposeful. He is extremely difficult to bypass it, and in a sense of practical results, he is a person everybody needs.

This is a mature person, conscious of responsibility for all that he does. His work is methodical, down to pedantry. Knight Pentacles is able to start a business and carry it out until comletion. He is an organized person, who does not allow himself any lose ends. Being gifted from birth, he does not bury his talents in theand, but develops them in every way, because he is very demanding of himself, diligent and hardworking. Sometimes this person lacks self-confidence, but it is rather an external impression of his self-esteem than a genuine deficit of these qualities.

In a moment when the Knight of Pentacles encounters difficulties, he finds tremendous strength, patience and endurance; he finds an ability to do anything on his own. His confidence and independence are manifested in activities, and not in self-presentation. He has the right attitude to work.

This is a convinced materialist in a sense that the physical aspect of what is happening is always of the greatest interest to him: if it is work, it should be profitable, if it is a thing, then he needs to know how much it costs, if it is a relationship, he will need to know whether there will be sex. Experience attracts him, there is no abstraction. He likes familiar things.

According to Crowley, Knight of Pentacles is associated with bacchanalia of earthly joys, and even reckless reassessment of talents and opportunities. He knows how much he can accomplish, believes in his business acumen, and his power is really great.

Knight of Pentacles does not feel weak at all, he believes in his inexhaustible potency, endurance and concentration, ability to culminate in his work.

The Knight Pentacles always have earthly habits – his favorite dishes, favorite pose to rest, favorite blanket. He likes to sleep well. He has a healthy appetite, he likes to eat deliciously, he likes to have a stroll in a fresh air.

Often the Knight of the Pentacles is really well developed physically and is in an excellent shape, as his work and well being requires it.

On a Deeper Level

There is a mighty black horse under the Knight of Pentacles, a horse of Aid, a present given to him by the lord of underworld, a master of matter. He recalls of a blackness of a belly of the earth, where the seeds of all the future situations, ideas and projects are generated. Green horns adorn on a horse’s head and a Knight’s helmet, as well as the cultivated arable land are a hint of a nature of Persephone, Aid’s wife. Archetypically, the Knight of Pentacles personifies a grain that grasps on a belly of the earth, where it could germinate and sprout. Love of nature for him is not only a material necessity, but also a sublimation of attraction to a female principle.

The Knight of Pentacles embodies a truth that careful execution is a source of fascination. As soon as we include the “Virgo’s” scrupulousness and Saturnian concentration into what we do, magic begins to exude energy and provide us with additional information.

An experienced carpenter has kind of “clairvoyance to wood”; when an experienced physiotherapist hears his patient’s gait for the first time, he can get a very accurate picture of new patient’s sickness. Contemplation of a person who acts accurately and skillfully – whether he carches a car engine or paints a finest porcelain, seals a tooth or packs Christmas presents – delivers a truly aesthetic pleasure and invariably gives rise to a subtle feeling that there is something magical about it.

“Magic” of skill, repetition, experience and practice are key words to describe the Knight of Pentacles. The mystery of the Knight of Pentacles is a love of work, which is always mutual.

Earth element has a colossal power of creation and resistance. To frighten an entrenched Taurus or “to turn off a path” a Capricorn who has a goal is impossible not even with a help of Aries and Scorpio together.

Knight of Pentacles has an amazing gift directly be fueled by the activities performed, so his work satisfies him completely.

The task that K night of Pentacles Arcan puts before an Ego is to bring mind to harmony with earthly activities and material needs. The make-up supplied by well-performed labor creates a stable internal impulse to action. All energy of Knight of Pentacles is concentrated on the fruits of his labors as well on the next achievement.

Knight Pentacles personifies a state of mind, characterized by zeal, patience and perseverance, in which things are created that are useful. It symbolizes something solid foundation where we can build our future. This is a real expression of an elements of earth: materiality that gives us confidence and helps us to look at things from a practical point of view allowing us to achieve real results.

However, it might also mean a very definite boundary of our ability of sensory perceptions; and if we go beyond this border, the positive qualities of Knight of Pentacles might be distorted or even sometimes turn into their opposites, turning us into stubbornness.

Meanings of a card in direct position:

  1. Middle of a difficult road, or any business;
  2. Reliability;
  3. Luck
  4. Endurance;
  5. Sequence;
  6. Slow progress;
  7. Patience;
  8. Logical continuation of the situation;
  9. New people and impressions;
  10. Restlessness, energy;
  11. An unexpected source of income;
  12. Attentiveness to other people;
  13. Love of nature;
  14. business meetings, business trips;
  15. A true friend;
  16. Good news;
  17. Discord, scandal around negative cards.

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