Leo and Taurus Signs Compatibility

Love at first sight is a commonplace for Leo Man and Taurus Woman. Between Leo Man and Taurus Woman is a strong attraction that they cannot resist from a very first meeting. Leo Man will try to impress Taurus Woman, and invite her to the best places, buying expensive gifts. Taurus Woman will give Leo Man her stability and dedication, and that’s exactly what he wants. Leo Man is generous and loyal, these qualities are well appreciated.

Relationship of Earth and Fire have always considered the most serious and stable, according to statistics, if these signs converge, then it is certainly a long time. When needed, the earth allows the fire flare up, but not too much, because at any time it is ready to put it out.

Compatibility Leo and Taurus in love and marriage is the highest. It’s definitely a solid alliance. Leo and Taurus are constantly confront each other in all areas of life, complementing one another, creating a single whole.

In a pair of Leo and Taurus life together will never go quietly, but after years they learn a great deal from each other. For example, Leo will learn patience and to appreciate all of the achievements and trust people on a different level. Leo will be always impressed by hard work of Taurus and its organization, because even if Taurus never leave a work until all is done even everybody else walks away, and Taurus always tries to achieve perfection.

Taurus also has a lot to learn from Leo. Leo is very determined and loves to try new things, after reaching a goal, immediately finds a new one and continues on his way, not stopping there. It delights Taurus, though sometimes Taurus does not  completely understand why rush when it us better to rest and plan slowly.

If Taurus will put any pressure on Leo, then Leo will seek privacy in his affairs. At best, He finds a hobby, a computer game, and at worst – drinking. Taurus has to put up with a freedom-loving nature of a partner to avoid trouble.

Woman Taurus – Man Leo Compatibility

This is a strong alliance. For Leo man, Taurus woman is perfect in all respects. It is exactly what he needs. Coming home, he finds his caring wife preparing supper, with a perfecly cleaned house, nourished children and stroked clean clothes. For Taurus woman such a relationship seem to be the best. She gives Leo man a lead in all family relations. They are both satisfied with the marriage.

Taurus Woman  is very capricious, and this must be taken into account. Taurus Woman thinks that she receives not enough attention – especially when Leo Man does not want to listen to her opinions. Leo hardly ever listens to opinions of his wife, and at times when she presses him, he needs complete subordination. He always will do in his own way even later he may recognize that Taurus Woman was right.

Love Compatibility Leo and Taurus

Compatibility of Leo and Taurus are very high and they are well belong together. Creative Leo will bring diversity in bed, show imagination or follow experiments that inspired him watching a film or reading a magazine. Taurus will endure it rather strange desires, giving herself completely to him and following his imagination. Undoubtedly, the Taurus will surprise partner with her ideas and fantasies too. The main thing though is to decide who is a leader in bed. A Taurus Woman wants  definitely wants to lead.

Compatibility Taurus Man Leo Woman

Leo Woman will always ask for more than Taurus Man can give. Leo Woman wants to feel the most special, the most cherished, and loved. She will always be craving for compliments, but not tolerate criticism. Taurus Man will try to give her the best life in his opinion, she deserves, but Taurus Man may not have means to please Leo Woman enough. Leo Woman likes Taurus stability, and  has full confidence in him. Despite this, Taurus Man does not need to hope that a proud lioness will be sitting at home, ironing, cooking, bring him beer when he watches TV. It is better to accept that his wife, a keeper of the hearth, simply will not be home. The scandals on these grounds will annoy Lioness, but this cannot be fixed. In very rare cases, Leo Woman can wear a bathrobe and stay at home, but she will escape on her own business, doing it in defiance.

See a Leo Man as a Man of Your Dreams

Leo Man is extremely joyous, confident and full of optimism. Give Leo Man feel your sincere love and you’ll be rewarded for it in full. Leo Man is one kind of a man who is ready to go against an army and enter into the most unequal battle, only to protect his woman and his family. Sometimes it seems that Leo Man emerged from another era: he is a real knight, a true king. Leo Man is ready to fight for his dreams and conquer any kingdom. Do not take the ideals and superiority of Leo as arrogance. If you love a Leo Man you will be able to see behind the armor a very delicate and vulnerable soul.

What Leo Man Shall Know about Taurus Woman

Taurus woman always in good humor, she is kind and has considerable patience. She never makes mountains out of molehills. However, if you still managed to make her angry, you are better get out. At least until she calms down. Experiencing excruciating shame for her uncontrollable rage, she will especially gentle and tender after a quarrel.

Relationships between Leo Man Leo and Taurus Woman is multifaceted, interesting and exciting. They make our heroes real winner in a battle for happiness. Leo Man and Taurus Woman have a powerful personalities. They seek to assert themselves – both in life and in personal relationships, demanding attention and respect. Leo Man likes the gloss and the public. He wants the world to know about his triumphs, as well as for his personal relationship he needs a great number of spectators.

Taurus Woman needs to understand that her partner is in need of recognition, love and worship. She also needs to  know that Leo man is a bright radiant star, not a precious belonging.


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