Lilith in Leo

A person enjoys giving praise to the object of her love and the fruits of her labor, but she requires a similar attitude towards her. She cab be a bit narcissistic, self-centered and ambitious. A person’s attitude emanates from an exaggerated sense of an importance of her presence in the world. The person may show arrogance and have a tendency to take too much on herself. She is possessed by a frequent desire to give lessons. A person likes to attract brilliant and remarkable people.

In a previous life, a person may have abused some great power she had, such as a hierarchical position, could have hurt her loved ones, or, simply, was self-centered, exuberant or buried her talents.

A person can get harm from powerful people; treacherous and vengeful enemies. A person may suffer of romantic failures.

While a person feels no envy towards celebrities, people in power or those receiving honors and enjoys her wholeness and talents, yet parvenus with wounded vanity get jealous and take revenge on this person. Jealous people may cast a shadow on her reputation. A person runs a great risk of getting ridiculed and to incur public shame. One must not suffer from unrequited love. In a previous life, a person abused her authority, was too egocentric and using her talents at the detriment of others.

When a person grew up, children at school might mock her. As she grown older, she creates a harmonious relationship with children. She can be teach  and sparkle motivation and creativity in children.

A person perceives the manifestations of evil in the arts and entertainment and feels strongly against vulgarity and pornography, protecting everybody from the harmful effects of civilization; and she is against empty sensual entertainments.

The person consciously purifies love from covetousness and practices enlightened and creativity.

A person acquires excellent acting skills, allowing her to easily charm everyone.

Life lesson is not to seek power and aspire to glory, and to help people without expecting gratitude in return.

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