Love is the light that leads us up the stairway to heaven

Life is actually of such absolute perfection that if we were able to sit back and just comprehend it, we would be in a continual state of bliss. Everything that happens in our life, every minute detail, occurs as a perfect expression of love.

All of our pain and suffering comes from our minds.

Some people may argue that physical afflictions are body experiences. Pain in the body, they say, is not of the mind but a physical manifestation.

Broken promises, broken hearts and relationships, rush hour traffic, unexpected bills, things not turning out the way we planned, not having as much money or freedom as we would like. These things account for the majority of the pain we feel in our lives. And all of this reduces down to mental resistance to what is.

When we fall in love, we initiate a huge mental structure, a ton of expectations and unfulfilled desires that sits precariously in the hands of our loved one. Sometimes the slightest thing they say can bring this entire structure tumbling down. The higher we fly, the farther we fall. If our expectations are very high, so it creates our pain. As a matter of fact, our pain can be exactly measured by our expectations.

When we make such mental structures, we focus our attention upon them. This focusing of our attention causes us to lose focus on the perfection of what is going on around us. You might say that we only have so much attention. Attention is our most valuable commodity. Just ask any advertising agency. If we put all of our attention upon what we are thinking and planning, there is less of it left to actually see and experience what is happening around us.

Mahabharata is an epic tale, most of the characters in the book are the ancient sages and rishis, who had the divine intelligence to know the past-life and future-life consequences of every event in the story.

None of the things that happen to us are meaningless or cruel. Events of our lives lead us, in some way, towards a state of perfection of our mind and soul.

So life is actually perfect after all. It is only the limited nature of our mind’s ability to comprehend that prevents us from realizing this. If we let go our preconceived notions about life and start to look at what life really is, we can move a step closer to realizing that perfection and experiencing the bliss always accompany such a realization. People don’t call them ‘realized masters’ for nothing!

We have forgotten why we are here. We have forgotten that we are here to learn and to grow, to experience all that life has to offer. We are now running away from the very thing that we created purposely to expand our wisdom. We forget that we made this pact with our soul to come into this world of opposites to taste life fully and know all that there is to know on this plane. We are confused by our own creation and want to deny what we have made.

The only cure for addiction is to face the cause of it squarely with all of its ugliness and shame. All addictions are rooted in avoidance of some part of ourselves. We want to throw away all responsibility and just give up. But no matter what, we don’t want to feel what we are feeling, or see what we are being or doing. That is the purpose of all escapes.

But life is a mysterious force that we instinctively know holds many wonderful things for us. Only when we have made an incredible commitment to avoid life we become hopelessly addicted to something. Even in that situation, even when we feel helpless and powerless, the truth is that we are the ones that made the decision to create that sort of life in the first place.

We feel the breath of life still in our chests and we know somewhere inside that we have the power to change our lives and that we are the ones who created our life the way it is. The lamp of love and life is still burning, even for the worst drug addict.

As we pray, we receive the guidance and we need to make the next step. It is the scariest and the most exhilarating thing we have ever done. We are letting go of our past and actually creating a new destiny for ourselves. We can now truly KNOW what it means to have our power.

We start to believe in love, goodness, prosperity, and abundance. We begin seeing the world as a different place. It is now a place governed and ruled by a loving divine hand, not an evil place that is always trying to get us down as in the past. We also begin to see our own goodness. We begin to see that it is perfectly okay to be who we are. Even more than that, we begin to realize that we are really wonderful and unique. We begin to discover a goodness inside that runs much deeper than anything else that we had ever discovered before.

We attract a new destiny, new people, and new experiences. There is more truth, more love, and more prosperity than we ever imagined. At one point, we realize we never have to worry about anything again.

We are drawing ourselves into power in orders of magnitude beyond anything we have ever imagined in our earthly experience. We are connected in a more far-reaching way with the universe and are acquainted with new and beautiful beings.

Life is a beautiful evolution that is always beckoning us on to a new place. After all, aren’t we humans? Aren’t we those beings that thirst for new experiences, who are never satisfied with things as they are?

Life for us will always be a new road, a new place, a new climate, and a new feeling. We are the cosmic gypsies. Do we think that our quest for experience will end on this Earth plane? We already see ourselves thrusting out into space. Don’t we see that this yearning for exploration of the unknown will also inevitably lead us the exploration of our own inner mysteries? The true final frontier is that which lies between our ears and in the depths of our hearts. That is where our true destiny is. Yes, as a race we will be seen traversing the galaxies in the inventions of the next century. But the real progress will be that of exploration and be making maps of consciousness. Without having a foothold within ourselves, we will not be able to cope with what we will learn in our explorations of the outer realms of the galaxies.

Love of the self is the highest love and the highest accomplishment. It exalts us to the highest degree and makes magic of our common lives. Magic resides in the hearts of the meek and the unhurried. Love conquers all and lifts us up to the place from which we can never fall or be cast out. Everything in this world will pass away. But love will remain forever.

It is very sad when people end up in tragic situations. If one would take the time to investigate their history and tendencies, you would usually see a pattern. Some people are attracted to tragedy and they attract the bad things in our life.

We all operate under the same God-given power. There is no one on this planet that God said “Sorry, I am not giving you the power to create.” No, he gave each and every one of us that power. We are made in His image and likeness. The esoteric meaning of this statement is that like Him, we are given the power to alter our destinies by making choices. No one is a victim here. We just have to begin harnessing the power of love, peace, happiness and prosperity.

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