Mastering Your Destiny

New dimensions of your horoscope is revealed.

Every astrological chart is one of a kind, with its unique patterns, web of signs and houses. It is a map to your soul. Each planet represents a unique feature that seeks expression. You can be at your best light, find your hidden treasures and develop your obvious gifts. Your intuition generally guides you through your life mission. The gifts are there, yet it is your job to cultivate them.

Your birth chart could be helping in a co-creating your life.  It is a reason why you are drawn to certain people and characters.

When contemplating of your destiny and life choices, to is best to keep a sense of wonder and avoid hard-and-fast rules about compatibility.

Planets and Their Spiritual Needs

Sun is the core integrator of the chart

Moon is the reflector of the soul

Venus brings awareness of life happiness and beauty

Mars brings energy and possibilities to your life

Jupiter seeks to align your goals with a higher spiritual purposes

Saturn reminds us that life is too short

Saturn-Mercury Conjunction can cause communication delays – yet once an individual finds his voice, he can proclaimed a genius.

Our birth chart is a soul map. we need to live through an aspect to fully understand it. When you overcome squares and oppositions, you will see your life path differently. You are productively learning to channel the tensions within.

Revealing yourself is a lifelong meditation.

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