Mercury Retrograde 2017

Mercury Retrograde in 2017:
From December 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017
From 10 April to 03 May
From 13 August to 05 September
From December 3 to December 23

Every year Mercury has at least three periods of retrograde for about 24 days each.

During the retrograde Mercury communication there are permanent overlays in communication, people misinterpret information, distort it, or keep things in secret. This hardly occurs consciously. Often a person does not have all information not knowing about it. Purchased items can quickly break down, and later will require repair or additional costs for its operation.

Letters and documents can be lost. Phones, equipment, cars can break down. People disappear from your horizon. Critical errors in contracts will be made and discovered later. For their corrections considerable efforts will require.
At this time, it is better to revise everything that has been done in the last 3.5 months.

You should turn inside yourself, think up old ideas, go back to communicating with old friends, friends.
What is not recommended to do and better be avoided:
– signing contracts, making deals (because errors, misprints possible)
– start the first working day
– buy phones, equipment, cars (hidden defects)
– dating will be short-lived
– start a new business, register a company, marry (communication with a partner in marriage or business will not satisfy you causing intrigues and mistrust)
– organize conferences and important meetings(many will not be able to attend)

What is recommended to do and what should you strive for:
– search for missing things
– to put things in order: letters, documents, files, libraries
– reconnect with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and relatives
– finish all that was postponed “to the back box”

Reflect on recurring situations
– dig into old papers, sort out
– throw out unnecessary rubbish
– take notes
– to think about ideas that you can start after Mercury gets back direct movement.

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