Mysteries of Making Dreams Come True

Before you make a wish: think what if your dream suddenly comes true!

I am going to reveal to you all the secrets how to make your dreams come true.
Luck is like a random fulfillment of your desires. Let’s say you dream to meet somebody, and as you leave the house this person appears of nowhere. This is an example of a fulfillment of  your wishes. “Luck” is  spontaneous when you dream correctly.

First, make a wish. And then let go it go. Just forget about it.

Your dreams are bundles of energy, which “higher forces” take binding. Without releasing your desire, you keep it to yourself; and thus your desire does not go freely to universe to come true. You need to get rid of any obsessive thoughts about your wants because you block energy.

Our life is full of magic. That is why every word we say, every thought we think are very important. A healthy human psyche tend to forget about the negative.

We should not let any negative thoughts come close to us.  Negative thoughts turn energy to work against us and the universe. We got angry, we just pressed “Enter” to model a negative situation.

Long-term emotional distress holds our dreams to come true because emotions burn what we desire. If we desire something, we need to apply positive energy. We need to learn how to energize our desires. We need to charge our dream with a power of our faith, and then magic happens.

  • Visualize what you want. Clearly imagine what you desire.
  • Please be patient to wait.
  • Assess your capabilities.
  • Be confident of success. Mistrust, lack of faith, could prevent an embodiment of your dreams. Remember, that our faith works wonders.
  • Stay away from any negative patterns. If you have any negativity within, you might not have enough good energy to charge your dreams.
  • Also, keep your intentions and desires to yourself, say nothing to others. In that, nobody can take away energy from your dreams. When you share your intentions with others, even you have very powerful energy, you still have a risk to wait longer for your wish to come true.


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