Neptune in Aries – Crazy Altruism

With positive Neptune, all the energy of a person is directed to consistent realization his dreams into reality. A person rushes steadily in the future, driven by a sincere impulse of a heart.

With negative influences, a person has confusion in feelings and perceptions, his actions are pointlessness and aimlessness. A person has excessive vulnerability and tendency to compulsive and obsessive states.

Receptivity + strong desire = realization of hypnosis

His difficulties associated with the fact that he forgets to look down at his feet, which is why frequently loses balance in life. Such a person is distinguished by total humanity, fantastic wealth of experience, consistent compassion and genuine altruism. A person is filled with profound mysticism and true religious feelings. He is enterprising and adventurous, and creative. His intelligence is permeated with high spirituality, fantasy and imagination that are functioning continually.

His thinking process tends to be operating in adventurous schemes and fantastic projects. Such a person is not inclined to accept suggestions, coming from other people, he would rather prefer to use his hypnotic gift to influence others. Strong inner restlessness coupled with a tendency to engage in projects that are difficult to accomplish. Negative character development leads to a formation of a strong self-esteem, adventurism, egoism, tendency to self-delusion and development of a genius swindler gift.

Such a person steadily aims to fulfill all his plans and intentions. He is lucky in gambling. Luck awaits him in the finance and banking. Particular success brings communication with aliens and foreign companies

The world is perceived as a spiritual entity where life is simply impossible without active participation. Perhaps a person can form a messianic complex, and he imagines himself as a who controls the beats of surrounding him life. A man burns himself into high ideas and passionately seeks to give birth to new religious or mystical doctrines.

This is  a spiritual knight in a battle for his living idea and who acts in the name the highest principles and with an absolute belief in his own correctness. Burning of faith and love is generally unstable, and energy is often wasted in vain, since aggravated tenderness blends with frequent emotional exaltation.

Sometimes a person starts to persist in his perceived illusions and misconceptions, and rushes to act, eventually coming to a decline in his strength and disappointment in himself and in the world, and most importantly – in his faith. The main sense of the life of this person is a sense of a need to fulfill the greatest social mission.

These people are religious innovators and successful converters of psychic life of entire generations. Often they are leading in the secret societies and in general are extremely popular among the people. They have noble, sensitive, friendly characters. Especially acute these people react to social injustice and harsh living conditions. That is why, they often inclined to actively reform existing institutions of power and governance structures.

These people act wildly and passionately as if from a success of their actions depend on their very life in eternity. An exuberant, instinctive experiences, exaggerated heartedness and internal overload are often mistaken for wisdom. They perceive a distorted reality, tend to project-mongering and fraud, sometimes they can behave rudely and randomly.

A person instantaneously is blinded by the magic of his own ideas and ready for their sake to go to the end of the universe. Nothing bother our hero, who himself extremely gullible and absolutely convinced of the truthfulness of his actions. He can not tolerate waiting; he hates nerds and whatever he desired, he needs to get it immediately. The main weapon of this person is initiative and enthusiasm.


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