Neptune in Scorpio – Afraid of Nothing – Generation of 1955 – 57 – 1970.

This position of Neptune is of Our Lady, the Virgin Mary. This position of Neptune brings a very strong psychic sensitivity and imagination. Neptune in this position is good for fantasy and science fiction writers, poets and storytellers.

Neptune in Scorpio gives their owners the ability to experience strong feelings and deep affections. These are the people who want no matter what was reveal the truth, and they love to solve mysteries. This position of Neptune liberates a person in sexual matters.

These people often have incompatible traits: on the one hand, these people are endowed with a strong personality, inner, hidden spiritual force and they have plenty of useful skills and talents; on the other  hand, these people are often fatalistic, too sensitive, inclined to mysticism and constantly looking for hidden meaning in everything.

Neptune is Scorpio – 1st Deanery: from 0 ° – 10 °
The courageous and dedicated invasion into the world of science and technology; into the world of art and into the world of mysteries of nature and the universe. Success brings productive activity, applied sciences, arts, crafts and jewelry.

Neptune is Scorpio – 2nd Deanery: 10 ° – 20 °
A convincing and logical speech, strong self-expression, skillful maneuvering between what”I want” and “I can”; skilful manipulation of facts and irrefutable arguments. Often a person has a strong will, determination, high spirituality. Success in a cooperation, co-authorship, and any business partnership. Many business trips, traveling, and journeys. In personal life, there are a lot of mysteries and secrets. As a rule, an individual himself is a maker of his own destiny, and the sooner a person realizes it, the better it will be for a person.

If Neptune is damaged, a person might have excessive credulity, have whims, oddities, or weirdness.

Neptune is Scorpio – 3rd Deanery: 20 ° – 30 °
Often, a person has high spirituality, spiritual purity, honesty, integrity, altruism, benevolence, faithfulness to ideals, loyalty to his friends, families and relatives. A person has unlimited possibilities to achieve a high level of social and material status, obtain a glory, honor, respect of others. He is awaiting success in traditional sciences, applied sciences, engineering, psychology, sociology, and in an art world, especially in applied arts and artistic crafts.

If Neptune is damaged  a person will get under the authority of stronger people.

A person with Neptune in Scorpio is very attentive, caring, sentimental, mysterious, secretive, interested in spiritual teachings and secret organizations, psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, chemistry, pharmacy, homeopathy, necrology, and astral knowledge.

People with Neptune in Scorpio:
Louis XIV, William I, Charles VIII, Giovanni Battista Rubini, Eizens Delacroix, Honore de Balzac, Sadi Carnot, Mikhail Glinka, George Sand, Camille Corot, Johann Muller, Avdotya Istomin, Michelangelo, Alexander Dumas, Vladimir Odoyevski, Vladimir Dahl, Julius Hermann, Heinrich Heine, Hector Berlioz, Thomas Carlyle, Alexander Griboyedov, Adam Mickiewicz, Franz Schubert, Victor Hugo, Johann Strauss (father), Hans Christian Andersen.

Here is Neptune is in a house of Mars and Pluto, Uranus is in an exaltation,
Moon is in fall and the expulsion of Venus, Chiron, Ketu, Selena,
in a sign of kindred element of water.

This is a strong position of Neptune. In addition to a spiritual renewal, this generation has overvoltage feelings toward sex and art (creation and destruction gives exalted Uranus, and power of realization gives Mars and Pluto). This is a sexual revolution, and a change in qualities after stagnation that leads to regeneration.

At best, your sexual energy is sublimated into art. This may manifest itself in the destruction of harmony and in a creation of new forms of music. You can feel a sense of transformation and spiritual renewal. You can be a moralist or a spiritual champion. You will have a great interest in parapsychology, occultism, clairvoyance, and you will have a drive and desire to secure the disintegrating relations with family and friends. You can conduct the spiritual reform.
In the worst case, you blend excessive sexual desire with drug abuse.

Scorpio Neptune prefers to delve into the deep dark secrets of nature and the inner workings of the soul. They can see beyond reason into inspiration and perception. They can sometimes have a bad temper.

Neptune in Scorpio can bring a lot of energy through sex, and people learn that they can also bring this ecstasy into the spiritual realm through discipline or blocking normal urges. They learn that altered states, no matter how they are accomplished, have the potential to lead one into the cosmic consciousness.

Receptivity +  self-preservation = six sense

The mentality of these people are profoundly mystical and riddled with high illumination. Fantasy and imagination are deep and mysterious. Often these people could be arrogant, but life experiences eventually bring them to humility and unity with others. Premium indulgence for these people is their realization in the occult, secret medicine, reincarnation mysteries and transpersonal psychology.

These people instinctively feel weaknesses of people around them. They always seek to understand themselves and adjust their transforming power accurately which can be extremely difficult at times.

Emotional experiences overwhelm them and eclipse their reasoning, palming suicidal thoughts, or plans for next hooligan tricks. Their subconscious mind rises from their depths, bringing up confusion in thought. Perception of rhythms and vibrations of the world for such a person is extremely sharp and dramatic. He perceives spirituality as a knowledge and research of the mysteries of life and death.

Almost always a person with Neptune in Scorpio is a moralist and a spiritual leader with a lot of his own emotional and moral dilemmas. He believes that life should be reformed on a spiritual level, and helping people harmoniously resolve their erotic problem as well as freeing people from the power of drugs and alcohol.

It’s very subtle, deep and sublime person, whose life is an explosive alternation of ups and downs. He is attractive for his ability to revive from the ashes and rise again. This person may be prone to obsession or adoption of compulsive ideas, especially if some thoughts profoundly sunk into his soul. Often these people are very sincere on a surface, but inside they are closed.

Almost always, these people are extremely creative, resourceful, wise, persistent, secretive and tenacious. They have a remarkable talent in the field of esotericism, though they often prone to fraud, as they tend to combine their natural talents with a good deal of adventure. They believe that every natural necessity must be satisfied, because they believe without satisfaction, it is impossible for a spiritual renewal.




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