Neptune in the 5th house – Hypnotic Genius of Hopeless Romantic

Those born with their natal Neptune in the 5th House are instilled with generous creative flairs and profound artistic talent. The planet of illusion and magic casts an invigorating mist over the home of the Sun, where our creative mind comes to play with the objects around us. Neptune here has a habit of falling in love swiftly, and they are known to be quite enigmatic and seductive.

A person with Neptune in 5th house can prove himself in the arts – music, poetry, visual arts, and acting. A child born to such a person possesses plenty of creative talents; very sensitive and intuitive. Procreation of children can occur under mysterious circumstances, often – people just do not remember how it happened.  If a person has an aspect between Mercury and Neptune, the music will be felt in his or her poetry.

neptune in the 5th house …. she falls through the night like liquid night, a creative essence stirred from the bewitched dream state, when the inner child laughs, heaven appears on earth, it is a reunion with eternity…

You want to help others unconditionally, but if you don’t draw some lines and boundaries, you could feel put upon. You might be especially compassionate with animals and pets.


Platonic Relations – the way you date is almost religious rite of passage

Neptune is largely form our ability to love. Neptune symbolizes a romantic mystic. Courtship to you is transcendent, the way you date is almost religious. A majestic holiness permeates your love. When it comes to love, you are ascended to the Olympic heights of spiritual aspirations where you could realize your courtship; while physical aspect of romance could wait.

Sex is a smooth dance of empathy

Once you get there, sexual act for you is an interlude of liberation from worldly concerns that resembles more with heights of imagination than reality. Externally, sexual relations take place smoothly and gently; it is a smooth dance of empathy with your partner, if your body is fused to the body of a loved one, so eventually sex will resembles a flight of inspiration.

Neptune allows you to use your imagination successfully in everything but love.

Love could deprive a person from clarity, so that a person will see nothing but his own happiness, through which will exude a vague outline of relations. A person could lose sobriety of consciousness.

Fear of Rejection     

It is a creative person with original self-expression, but complex concepts in the field of love and the manifestation of their feelings. In love affairs, a person might be tormented by a fear of rejection. Once rejected, a person feels deep concern, ideological dismay, and carefully concealed disbelief in love and oneself. So a person can put on a display deliberate asexuality, just to protect himself from unwanted attention. Sometimes a person becomes a trickster in love affairs. He tries to apply different images of oneself with a purpose to misrepresent reality for his lover and to preserve love.

Teaching Genius is a rare gift to explain

Advanced Neptune in 5th house gives a brilliant understanding of other people and teaching genius. A person has a rare gift to explain, reincarnating in a way so the explanation will reach its intended recipient and dwell and develop there. Children will listen to this person spellbound, even adults.

Refusal of Leting Go

If a person gets into intimate problems and worries of love, he may morbidly enhance erotic aspect of existence. Because of all this, such people often refuse to let go and look for ways out being deeply immersed in their tangled love affairs that they will carefully hide.

With good development of love events a person can be very happy and manifest in self development and education. Particular attention should be paid to moral development and moral values. Opposite sex can bring fortune.

A person tends to idealize a person he loves, and often unconsciously dramatize the situation. Neptune in 5th house is great for actors, musicians and artists. Such a person is always young at heart and puts a great importance into his love affairs.

Love & intimate relations are always a mystical experience

For the sake of love this person to endow his own child – to use  abortion. Love and intimate relations are often associated with strange circumstances. Love and intimacy cause in such a person a lot of strange mystical experiences.

To love (for Neptune in 5th house) is to be caring and to apply tenderness, not necessarily a direct sex, just his actions based on hidden sexuality and desire. Neptune loves tender touch and hugs, if not blocked by the opposition of planets.

Fantasies can be secrets too

The planet may create a lot of secrecy in the house’s matters; on the other hand there are possibilities of receiving immense joy. Even if it is induced through fantasies and delusions, and does not represent reality.

Neptune is a mirror covered in fog that reflects massive amount of energies from other planets. Thus, a Neptune with positive aspects will resonate all the good traits of the aspecting planets. Difficult aspects can make Neptune function as a malefic; and even worse- a passive and receptive one.

As the fifth house is ruling one’s children, the presence of Neptune will give to the native’s first child the character of a dreamer. The child will be very gifted and creative and has tendencies to become an artist. It is emotional and sensitive, while also can develop psychic abilities and be highly intuitive.

When Neptune covers with his fog the fifth house of a person, he can create secrecy around the native’s children. If he is a man, he may have a child and never even know it. A woman can lose an unplanned child by abortion.

Neptune in the fifth house creates a lot of secrets concerning the native’s sexual affairs.

Neptune in the 5th house may be victimized. The native is willing to suffer and even accept anything from a person he or she is in love with. Also, this natal placement can give victim/savior relationships, sometimes with a rather dramatic and dreamy atmosphere that reminds of movies. People who have problems concerning their sexuality are attracted to a person with Neptune in 5th house.

In the sign Libra or with that sign on the cusp of 5th house, Neptune often confers a gift for music; with the signs Virgo and Scorpio, powers of healing; in any sign, Neptune tends to produce a great love of music and an aptitude for meditation.

Neptune in the 5th house often has strong acting ability, and also indicates creative talent.

Neptune in 5th house could indicate a large family with a predominance of female children.

Celebrities with Neptune in 5th House

Angelina Jolie, Martin Luther King, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Sandra Bullock, Che Guevara, Mel Gibson, Michelle Marie Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Mitt Romney, Emma Stone, Linda Goodman, Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie…


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