Neptune – Living a Dream

Neptune dissolves the negative powers of Saturn and is known as a higher octave of Venus where spiritual love reigns. We experience oneness with cosmos and a universe.

Neptune intensifies intuition and teaches us to be deeply compassionate.

Swimming in Neptune waters is definitely inspiring where our wisdom unites with eternity.

This is fairly tale of fantasy beyond intellect. We are open to everything. It shows the life area where we are enchanted by creativity and divine experiences.

“At the door of the infinite, thought stops, words cease, silence is all pervading.”

Neptune is known as a Planet of Mist. It makes us want to escape mundane, everyday reality and to enter a more ideal, heavenly state. It urges us to excel and to exceed boundaries, to reject any and all limitations.

Neptune guides us to find an artistic outlet for our gifts of imagination. Neptune gives us psychic abilities. It takes us beyond the known where nothing as it seems. Neptune shows us that reality is always shifting and changing. It could be both liberating and annoyingly disturbing. It reveals our denials without offering a path to redemption.

Neptune realm is a fantasy world, our window into imagination, a sign of artistic potential.

Neptune is associated with hunger.

Neptune has a dark side linked to addictions of alcohol or drugs. Under the negative side of Neptune, you can be manipulated emotionally. You can be wrapped in a fog of illusions and dreams.

A strong Neptune creates a passionate person ready to sacrifice for friends or higher ideals.

Our spirituality is important to Neptune, and how we harness that energy for our personal betterment.

We can see influences of Neptune in fashion, arts, music and entertainment.

Neptune (Greek Poseidon) god of the Sea, populated his kingdom with creatures of his own design.

Neptune’s symbol is Poseidon’s three-pronged fish spear: the cross of matter piercing the crescent of personality and setting it free to manifest at a higher level than personal ego.

The cross represents life on Earth and the opposition of the separated will to its evolutionary destiny: the individual will linked in consciousness to all mankind.

In the Aquarian age this union will come about through personal evolution and mastery of the personality, rather than through the crucifixion of the personality as in the last 2000 years during the age of Pisces.

The house in which we find Neptune in our chart shows where and how we most naturally experience selfless giving, loosening of ego boundaries, transcendental bliss, or, negatively, delusions and disillusions, humiliation, energy  “leak” in an aura. It is where we can deceive and be deceived.

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