Nine of Swords – Spirit Of Despair

Allow yourself to look forward to the future with optimism.

The Nine of Swords is a card of fear and nightmares. However, troubles alluded to in the Nine of Swords are primarily of a psychological nature and do not necessarily indicate suffering in your external reality – just an illusion and the product of negativity.

Etteilla Nine of Swords Meaning

Nice of Swords is an extremely unhappy card  promising serious troubles. It beings extreme sadness. The card is connected with poverty, unhappiness and even death.
Keywords: Celibacy. temporary solitude. Shyness. Mistrust. all kinds of doubts.

Straight Meaning – behest, command
Reversed: Disbelief

  • Lord of Despair and Hardness of a Heart
  • Cruelty
  • The second decade of the Gemini with 1 to 10 June.
  • Astrological equivalents: Mars in Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Moon, Jupiter, Neptune House Twelfth and Ninth.
  • Saturn / Moon as a symbol of concern, depression and guilt.

General Meaning

The Nine of Swords rarely carries a literal threat, but described a psychological state that is so difficult and unpleasant. That is why the Nine of Swords is considered one of the toughest cards, which can appear in a spread. This uncontrolled wave of anxiety, anguish, fear, guilt, fear for life rises in the unconscious. A kind of inner torture chamber  with “a spirit of Inquisition”. The Nice of Swords in a spread indicates that a questioner somehow suffers.

An ancient interpreters contain information  that a person has irreconcilable enemies. He is the worst enemy to himself with his habit of hiding your head in a sand from his frightening problems so external enemies of fate are not required to make his life more miserable.

The Nice of Swords indicates that a very disturbing thoughts to a questioner, depriving him from rest and sleep. In the worst case, he now runs a real test loss and it seems that the whole world is against him. This image corresponds to the sleepless nights of deep concern and depression. There may be a bad conscience not letting him to sleep, or he feels a danger to life, such as illness or irreparable loss.

The Nice of Swords shows night terrors, when we lie awake, tormented by thoughts, and look forward to see a dawn. The card not tell us why we are so depressed: whether there is a sense of guilt or shame that drives sleep away; or feeling of insecurity in our abilities before a difficult test; or there is real danger that threatens our life. It only shows the desperation, anguish, anxiety, sudden dreadful awakening, a sleepless night, a situation of darkness and suffering. In any case, the Nice of Swords says that a person has something to think about “what” it is frustrating and scary. Maybe he knows what to do, but active steps considered too painful.

Personal Feelings

“Hostile Whirlwinds howl over us, the dark forces have viciously oppress.”

Severe anxiety (including at night), depressed thinking about problems, painful thoughts about work, fear of the future, doubts, uncertainty, remorse. Anxiety, helplessness, fear of failure, complete bewilderment. A concentration of negative thoughts is like a nightmare.

This “sleep of reason” generates monsters of anxiety, fantasies of violence or shameful defeat. Panic attacks of something uncontrollable – work, exams, sex … reality.

Any reality call makes a person dive into the depths of fear. A man suffers, imagining the worst case scenario. Life becomes a nightmare. The whole world is heading toward the abyss. Fears and concerns are so great that it seems not worth living.

The extreme despair. Tiredness. Sometimes the Nice of Swords indicates a loss of loved ones, and realization struck with grief and lack of resources at the moment to deal with it.

The Nice of Swords shows the worst state of shame and guilt than any other card in a deck. This is self-flagellation, and various forms of self-punishment. Generally speaking, a person of the Nine of Swords likes to feel like a victim of circumstances and revels in self-pity, without knowing it. Fear of life caused by the unfolding events, as a rule, very strong concentration on himself.  It shows loneliness and that a person cannot deal with it.

Crowley writes of a Nine of Swords: “This is the world of the unconscious primitive instincts, psychopathy and fanaticism.”

On A Deeper Level

Sharp and sudden social ups and downs (an idol of an hour), change social status are typical situations of Nine of Swords. It can mean changes in everyday environment, and transfer or separation a broader sense (not just people and things, but also the ideas). Like a monk who goes into a monastery dies to the world.

Nine of Swords can be known, and as a supreme power of liberation when an enormous ruthless power released in this moment. Depression as an internal reckoning. This card corresponds to serious crises of a soul and a challenge. In the biblical sense, a person experiences an abandonment by God.

Nine of Swords resonates with a sign of Sagittarius whose rulers are Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter gives religiousness to the Nine of Swords, while Neptune brings to the Nine of Swords fear, insecurity, the desire to escape from reality, failure to survive contact with reality, misunderstandings, hopelessness, and suffering. It brings extremes: Frenzy “Victory or Death!” and No compromise. The monk, who lives in anticipation of a miracle is another example of the subject of Nine Swords. It can also help, and a radical change in outlook.

The second decade of Gemini, ruled by Mars, expresses the idea of ​​active involvement of their own will in a rational analysis of the world. Mind, colliding the opposites, rigidly cuts unknown to pieces, then re-creates the world of the pieces, comparing them with each other and establishing a logical connection. This position of a Mars develops mind acuity and puts the question bluntly. Mars offers to judge things from a personal position and boldly talk about everything, — on the other hand, a mental preparation of a living organism replaces original integrity of the world (even if perfect, but a dead circuit). That is why Nine jf Swords called “Cruelty”.

This cruel cold reason in relation to a sentient body. At the end, the intuition is always right, and mind is mistaken, because intuition is one step ahead of mind and is capable of attentively and quietly destroying all those barriers that fierce mind created for a prolonged bloody war. Yet a person with such a card tends to put the emphasis on an omnipotence of a reason. Blaming shortcomings of a present, the mind liaises between past and the future.

Light and Shadow (tips and warning)

Tip: The main remedy is a contact with the reality, and planning steps to correct it, gradually making your life clear. “Sleep of a Reason Produces Monsters.” Do not torment yourself inactivity. You need to meditate and awaken your intuition. You just have to try to weather this storm of thoughts and negativity and come back to a tranquil state, – and Nine of Swords shows no obvious clouds on the horizon.

Warning: refrain from any suspicious affairs; do not rush to make decisions – with that negative state of mind anything you plan or do will have a negative development and if you do something whatever dictates your mind, you will regret for a very long time.

Card Trap: too much to thinking about the problems that do not exist in reality. You need to focus on urgent matters that require your attention, not on emotional pains of the past or worries about what future holds. You need to live now in the present moment.

Personal Relations and Love

Nine of Swords can give excessive worry about a loved one, and a love can take a hysterical, intrusive form. Hysteria is generally associated with the Nine of Swords. Neptune is not only blind, unconditional, fanatical faith, – but also mistrust, suspicion, doubts, taking compulsive form.

One of the oldest interpretations of Nice of Swords is a “heartless passion,” A person cannot stop, for example, to revenge and causing harm, “love and hate at the same time.” Crowley writes about the atmosphere poisoning by danger.

A person will be suffering be due to a presence of relations, or with their complete absence. Traditionally Nine of Swords is for lonely people. Or for somebody whose marriage has become a martyr, with constant suppression and a “torture chamber”. A person constantly feels “humiliated and insulted” by himself. His mind is killing him.

Nine of Swords quite accurately describes tears in a pillow after love quarrels. Nice of Swords can describe an obsessed men who are willing to literally walk on footsteps of an object of his passion, making an idol  our of himself and fetish of a living person.

Nine of Swords is able to watch at the door, call plenty of times, surf the mobile phone and email.  He is suffering himself and make others as miserable as he is, and find a mutual grounds at least in this way. A man shows tyranny and violence in a relationship. He can show impudence and rudeness on the basis of panic fear of losing.

Inability to forgive and resentment.

Psychogenic impotence caused by a fear to be not at altitude.

Traditionally, the Nine of Swords is a strong indicator of solitude and seclusion (more than the Hermit card). The interesting fact is that a man cannot bear his bachelor life, – there is no pleasure for him in it. He remembers a moment he felt a state of abandonment and lack of understanding of a partner and he cannot let it go.

Reversed Nine of Swords

Unlike the Ten of Swords, the Nine of Swords reversed does not acquire any positive values. It has a meaning of fear for life and violence.The card shows as an indicator of shame. A person may have a fear of being disgraced. Nine of Swords is a bearer of aggressive and destructive energy.

A person let others to influence his life situation and decisions he makes. He cannot think to himself and he is confused who is unreliable. Doubts, disbelief, fear, tormented soul, remorse. A man oppressed by his suspicions and doubts, jealousy, gossip, slander. Interesting fact is, that there is no substantial reason for his worries. Heavy thoughts and fears have no basis in reality, a person simply “wind himself”. He lives in denial not able to share his feelings of loss and pain, and, outwardly manifesting himself mysterious physical symptoms such as unexplained headaches or “panic attacks.”

Awareness of pain, acceptance of her purifying suffering is the only solution. Sometimes – a way out of the depression, an end of the black strip. Recognition and facilitation of guilt. We can find a positive interpretation of this card in Guggenheim  – a new hope, the need to strengthen the faith, and gain expectations of the changes for the better life.  – The person needs to embrace the pain and talk to loved once from whom he experienced the pain, meditate and stop seeing others threw his broken perception. This is a hard lesson not everybody can do in this lifetime. A person needs to find this answers in his solitude and see the light and love in all the people. His worries stop a person from enlightenment and seeing the light of a day.

Card Combinations

With Hierophant – a rite of marriage (from ancient interpreters). Love-hate relations transformed into trusting relations.

With Justice – retribution, a bitter truth

With Death – a funeral rite

With Devil –  wicked and dubious offers. Despair, unhappiness.

With Star – eases the suffering of Nine Swords, it carries the promise of faith and peace of mind

With Judgement Day –  removal of guilt, a person is able to see his shortcomings and how he created this anxiety and pain, and his deep roots of ego are forever taken away form his heart.

With the Ten of Wands – anxiety, panic attacks

With the Three of Swords – heart-broken to pieces

With the Six of Swords – a deep depression. The funeral.

With The Three of Cups – love is returned and lovers are reunited, after the test or trust

With the Ten of Cups – lovers are re-united with a family help and depression soon be over


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