Oppositions – A Path to Harmony

To find a balance of oneself, you need to learn to dance with the other half.

An opposition is an aspect of 180 degrees between two signs.

The lesson is to learn to balance two opposing side of our nature.

A person feels the sensation of being pulled in two different directions.

When qualities of two sides seen as aspects of a self they can be integrated.
The cardinal polarity is about your identity acting on changing environment.
The fixed polarity is seeking depth of a purpose and self-worth.
The mutable polarity is about adopting life and making it flexible.

Dynamics in opposition in theirs contradictions.
The goal here is to achieve the balance and go middle way without any extremes.

If you find yourself in the same conflict over and over again, look for oppositions for insight into possible conflict with the psyche.

This situation learns you to see a situation from a different prospective.

To find equilibrium you need to learn to draw on the strength of both planets; embrace and integrate both sides.

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