Page of Swords – The North Wind – a Soul of an Assassin – Stockholm syndrome

All Pages of any suit embody opportunities that open up on the path of life, but what the Page of Swords is offering is unforeseen complications, and a questioner ought to be ready for upcoming trials and unpredictable cunning fate. The new situation requires vigilance and readiness for any developments of events. Other cards may shed light on what is about to happen.

Like all Pages, Page of Swords is a herald of unexpected news.

In the old days the Sword Page was closely associated with scouts and secret espionage missions. In combination with unfavorable cards, Page of Swords, most likely, is a messenger of negative news: not so much bad news, but psychologically unpleasant, like news about someone’s lies, foul gossip, petty setting. A person will feel hurt and emotional after receiving these news. It is always a hidden motive when somebody wants to create a serious conflict and trying to manipulate somebody’s emotions.

Traditional meanings of Page of Swords are a spy, a false friend, a traitor, a double agent, or an unreliable person. Appearance of Page of Swords means that someone is watching closely the questioner; as well as indicates the likelihood of conflict. It may be difficult to clarify what is going on because of the abundance of negative information.

Like all Swords, sword of Page of Swords is two-edged – one side bears clarity, and the other manages conflict.

One of undoubted advantages of Page of Sword is activity and mobilization. This is definitely not a card of helplessness or sitting idly by. The page of Swords thinks about how to win, and enters into a dispute, seeks outside help and actively doing something. He is always in business keeping his hand on the pulse. He wants to make the best of the current situation. At the end, Page of Swords will clarify the situation.

Page of Swords stimulates you to work with your brains. Page of Swords tend to be always in a great hurry, yet this might be not the best way to manage events.

Personality of Page of Swords

In the old days it was believed that Page of Swords is a card of adjutants, ambassadors, consuls, attachés, in a word of diplomatic staff, with a sharp tongue and an amazing ability to turn out of slippery positions. At the same time, the person with the same skill is likely to be “slippery”.

Page of Swords is quite a cunning and brave personality, acting in his own interests. This is a person of a great insight as well as excessive curiosity. He is also clever, treacherous, malevolent, capable of harming the inquirer (even if you are not his enemy, he will do something that creates a potential conflict). Unlike his older brother, Knight of Swords, he is not yet capable to crush everyone who gets in his way – he does not have enough strength and evil powers.

Usually Page of Swords is a person who wants to be on top of everything. He has so much vitality that, without hesitation, spends it both on himself and on others (of course, without asking “others” if they want such interference in their own lives).

Page of Swords represents a young person (regardless of sex) who wants to discover the world around him and tries to understand the laws of nature. He is naive and inexperienced, and often puts himself in a dependent position.At best, Page of Swords radiates a charming craftiness; and is witty, lovable, graceful, and resourceful. He does not have to prepare to say something very smart, and fast at answering complicated questions.

Like Page of the Cups, Page of Swords can be an attentive listener, as he gives an impression of being informed and knowledgeable. People often trust him, tell him their difficulties and are interested in his opinion. He has ability to correctly assess the situation and give an intelligent advice … which could be unpleasant to follow. At the same time, he will never forget who, what, and why he told him about this situation and keep it as a treasure to use it one day.

In a head of Page of Swords, a true servant of his sword-yard, is a “network” of data about people around them, their affairs, schemes and relationships.  Page of Swords permeates, suspects, comprehends, models what is happening (who, with whom, why and how much), and adds this information to his reality feeling happy as an architect who is proud of his designs, which so far lacks the sharpness and luster characteristic. His achievements differ from the achievements of the King of Swords exactly to the extent that a witty tweet for the rage of the day – from a well-developed scientific theory. However, a tweet can also be very popular at court, and the subjects who read it can be many times more numerous than those who are well versed in the theory of the King.

Instinctively, Page of Swords is attached to power in hopes of merging it with it, and depicts friendship, as long as it is in his best interests.

By nature, Page of Swords is a bully, a nag and a boor, a master of pejorative remarks and unfriendly fakes, the Swords page, nevertheless, is capable of playing a role of good friend if he sees a direct profit from it. You can not rely on him as a friend. This is a decent chameleon and a brilliant gossiper – he can choose the right place, time and a correspondent. Even if a gossip spins on his tongue, he will wonder where, to whom and when to drop it with maximum effect.

In fact, the biggest danger associated with the Swords Page is underestimation. Because of his youth, it seems that he does not have the strength and the ability to cause harm. When he is chatting, not thinking and not taking it into account because he is a teenager or a subordinate. However, to peck at a reserved place this bird can be very noticeable. Page of Swords likes to test his abilities and is able to lean on others like nobody else, securing himself in case he is caught. Why does he do all this? For the sake of experimenting. All Swords  are into the spirit of research and experiments. Will the circuit work? What will be the reaction of others? The page of Swords always with childish curiosity is interested in the consequences of its actions. Page of Swords has enough mind power to confuse other players of the mind.

On A Deeper Level

Critics could be more valuable that compliments. It may seem people are underestimating us, trying to belittle or corner, but if we carefully look at an essence of comments without unnecessary emotions, we can see for ourselves the opportunity to change something, learn something, put a new bar. The more closely and self-critically we listen to what other people tell us (even in a heat of quarrel or with the desire to offend), the more we learn for ourselves. Even prejudiced critics can whip us up.

Every Arkan has a secret and a lesson of being. Here we are faced with the fact that an enemy can teach us more, than a fool’s friend. The page of the Swords could be that door of wisdom, passing through which we learn to appreciate our detractors no less than our fans, and how to treat our enemies as reverently as we treat our friends: because enemies teach us, because they open our eyes to what we do not want to see, but we should, because without this step we cannot make a step forward.

Looking back on the path we traveled, we can find that we achieved more precisely when we were countered. Perhaps the “Stockholm syndrome” is not so paradoxical as it seems – intuitively people often feel that those who have treated them badly have made something truly remarkable and invaluable for their personal development that would never be made by those who love them sincerely.

Page of Swords is decisive and aggressive when faced with practical problems. He gives them a fight (that is, rushes to solve problems) with greater excitement, the more absurdities, contradictions, paradoxes, riddles in them, the more he acts with enthusiasm. In the worst case, in Page of Swords manifests a disharmonious Mars with its immature destructive splashes of energy (its aggressiveness, teenage militancy, ambition, a sense of superiority, cruelty, contradictions.)


Office Politics

Page of Swords can describe nervous situation at work, full of anxiety, fuss, provocations, insinuations and petty intrigues, which are more suited to kindergarten pupils than to the people at work. Intrigues are blooming, a struggle for positions are at stake, power games and all kinds of protests such as boycotts and “office revolutions”. Normal work gives way to gossip and pitting.

Office and Know Hows

Page of Swords loves all sorts of novelties, upgrades, information technologies and the implementation of advanced methods of work, communication and data management.

The Page of Swords can be an intelligent assistant who wants constantly to learn something. He seeks perfection, but has not yet reached it. An intelligent assistant has ability to grasp on the fly everything which makes him a valuable employee, although it is better not to rely on his boundless loyalty and to restrict his access to company’s secrets.

Page of Swords is good for professions where knowledge of foreign languages is required and ability to keep abreast of ever-changing environment (“as on the exchange”). No fugitive signal will pass by him. Page of Swords is a card of irreplaceable assistants and clever commissioners; media professionals, journalists, or expert in advertising, distribution of goods and information.

Page of Swords is good when professions require quick reaction, coldness and sharp concentration: a clear performance of duties with a minimum of emotions.

Page of Swords can describe a work of a detective, an auditor, a diagnostician, because he likes to “dig in” and learn the details. Page of Swords is concerned with riddles, tracking, searching, the ability to set something, discover, open or expose.

In traditional interpretations, Page of Swords also could be an indicator of artistic talent – a painter or a poet who can see beyond the veil of imagination.

Page of Swords likes to observe, follow, and to collect information. He can be a researcher, a student, an investigative journalist, a blogger, an interpreter, a steward, a courier, a road policeman, an inspector, or a security guard. He likes to calculate, count, develop schemes just for the sake of this activities. If he sees patters that repeat, he will optimize his work with pleasure (or devise a way to bypass the rules).

Page of Sword page can point to outpatient surgery that are somehow related to the use of stabbing and cutting objects; professions related to aviation, military affairs and intelligence; police and the judiciary.

Page of Swords favors martial arts and all kinds of sports where mobility, concentration, thought-out tactics are of great importance.


Like all other Pages, Page of Swords indicates an immature attitude towards relations between two people. The emphasis set on selfishness and rationalization. Never ending quarrels, attacks and empty criticism are absolutely meaningless.

Page of Swords is angry, offended,  and goes on vindictive provocations. The worst case scenario when a person behaves completely inadequately, arranging tantrums with veins.Page of Swords may indicate an opponent in love, a gossip or the very situation of the suspicions of infidelity that have arisen.

Page of Swords may indicate the aggravation of old differences, as well as the habit of projecting onto the partner their problems. In its spirit, Page of Swords is an unhappy, wounded child, who, for example, who felt a victim after a divorce of his parents. His emotional world is permeated with cold winds and is emasculated by the disappointment in love and closeness about how he takes his first steps into a great life. He is well aware of duplicity, infidelity, deceit, cruelty, partings and ultimatums. Unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) he is ready precisely for this development of events, is alert and fully armed.

Page of Swords is not the most pleasant partner, who knows how to spoil relations, how to tune relations for their destruction, and not for creation.

When getting acquainted, Page of Swords always evaluates emotional risks. And he does this almost by mathematical calculation, figuring out what he can expect from a person and putting his coefficients into the formula. Of course, and he can miscalculate, but in general, on the chaff of sighs, poems, complaints about life and petty-romantic gestures, you can not get him through. He looks at the root and is interested in facts, deeds, and results, and he assesses what is happening very quickly. He despises naivete and sentimentality.

His model of behavior in love corresponds to his model of rational thinking. Needless to say, trying to analyze and rationalize the movements of his heart, he risks outsmarting himself. He simply does not make that choice and then he would have to live the consequences or reevaluate his positions again and grow.

Like all Swords, Page of Sword page does not tolerate repression. As well as all other Swords, Page of Swords is always true only to oneself. And this, in general, attracts! The need for independence makes him forget how important feelings are, so he is capable of causing pain without being aware of it.

Page of Swords amazingly combines confidence and helplessness, rage and chastity. If his feelings are still affected, he is capable of very rash acts and is ready for any fight.


Page of Swords usually looks young, but it is not a card of perfect health.

It can be an indicator of vegetative-vascular dystonia and other similar not very serious afflictions. “All illnesses are coming from nerves”. It might also indicate minor injuries and cuts.







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