Pisces – One Step in a Great Mystery

The amorphous water creature that lives with one foot in a great mystery.

Pisces is a sign of shape-shifters as it goes with the flow though the spectrum of human drama. Pisces can live in two worlds embedded in a mysteries of dreams and a divine wisdom. A person can appear like a lost child, as unable to completely emerge into the realm. Sometimes people with strong pieces influence in a horoscope tend to be vulnerable and try to escape from drama of this world by drug addiction, total dependence on another. You could lose your own self in relations being easily manipulated. It leads you to the dark side, where you are willing to sacrifice yourself, and that could lead to dangerous situations. These are the signs that you are drowning into the ocean of consciousness.

It is important to learn to self-care. You grow stronger when you are able to engage with this world through art, poetry, music, dance or theatre. Creative pursuits give you focus and let you express yourself to the fullest.

Your awareness of life’s emotional and spiritual matters makes you natural psychic. Your experiences when shared is a light to others who may be touched or even awakened by your wisdom.


Pisces has one foot in this world, and the other in memories, dreams, and longing to enter enlightenment. Your life lesson is to let go of ego not losing yourself. Pisces has a visionary mature to see  the masks of other people. Pisces are unusually compassionate and able to see the good in each person.

Planets in Pisces

The Sun is sensitive and artistic.

The Moon is soothed.

Mercury is dreamy and imaginative.

Venus is self-sacrificing in love, and strives with a strong partner.

Mars is energetic and is guided by imagination.

Jupiter brings a talent in music, poetry and writing.

Saturn prefers to follow unstructured path.


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