Positive Aspects of Venus-Uranus in a Female horoscope

Positive Aspects of Venus-Uranus are wonderful for women and somehow create certain problems for men.

Venus is in harmonious aspect with Uranus brings to a person — bright, fast, intuitive, inspirational mind. It brings great artistic abilities. Effortlessly, a person learns about new extraordinary and innovative concepts in a field of arts and their interpretations of arts. It may be an indication of musical talent; as well as it brings an interest in contemporary forms of art. A a person gains success through objects ruled by Venus and Uranus. Venus-Uranus aspect is an aspect of a happy business.

Such people are very positive and easily influence on a state of consiousness others. Usually, these people are attractive and lively, and they makes many good friends, acquaintances. Happiness and good luck comes from their friends and connections. There people usually fall in love at first sight; and, all of a sudden, get married. As a rule, they are lucky in love. Even these people are usually taken, though all the time, they are being followed by new admirers, – and these people can write ingenious platonic love stories. These people need complete freedom in the manifestation of their feelings and universal love.

Sometimes these people find themselves in an ocean of powerful emotional forces, and they need to be re-charged by means of any applications of creativity. If they suddenly won’t find a positive way out in arts, they get overwhelmed by emotions, often do or say stupid things without thinking. This can damage easily their reputation.

Conjunction of Venus-Uranus shows pronounced artistic talent and originality.

A person is in constant needed of emotional freedom and is ready to risk a lot for the sake acuity and fullness of pleasure. A person has plenty of unusual love stories, spiritual sensuality and interest in mysticism.

Trine Venus-Uranus. Ebullient, informal, cheerful personality, always seeing only the beautiful side of life. Magnetically charming, attractive to the opposite sex, has “an appetizing appearance,” enters into friendship and relationship easily. Cleverly draws influential people and money. Differentiates for strong desire of peace and harmony. Sometimes a person gets too much excitement that ends up in stress and tension, relaxation comes easily through the arts and creativity.

A person is characterized by latitude of attitudes, social activism, a tendency to help less fortunate and anybody tho have got themselves in a quandary. Often around this person is gathering of strange and eccentric friends. Intricate situations await for such a person, – such as thrilling love stories, and a lot of changes. It also could show an unexpectedly luck in money matters. In male horoscopes trine of Venus-Uranus attracts pretty bad situations.

Quintile Venus-Uranus. Individual has an inborn tact and the ability to inspire great confidence in others. Persuasive argumentation plus the ability to choose the right moment, often give a person an excellent opportunity to provide real help to people. A person has great aspirations and the desire to get and give a lot at once. A person constantly shares unexpected & extraordinary ideas, plans and solutions in areas such as: fashion, design, — and, in general, in all areas of work related to Venus and Uranus. Ideas come to mind easily. What is necessary is to think attentively about ideas to the level of their practical feasibility. A person is very elegant with a keen understanding of her place in society; sometimes characterized by a tendency to eccentric deeds, but, in spite of extravagance usually this person leads a socially acceptable way of life. There will be sudden twists of fate and changes in relationships with people. A person will try to get rid of binding circumstances and recurring life situations. Her life binds to quest of a meaning of existence and a beauty of communion.


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