Queen of Clubs – Physic Gift of Intuition – January 28, February 26, March 24, April 22, May 20, June 18, July 16, August 14, September 12, October 10, November 8, December 6

All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason. – Immanuel Kant – Queen of Clubs

Positive Characteristics of Queen of Clubs
Queen of Clubs is very capable, creative and resourceful. They also kind and service oriented.They study easily and at school charm their fellow colleagues with having great leadership talents.They are also one of the best dancers and leaders of chair leaders. They have a keen sense of humor and can make a profession as comedians.

Queens of Clubs tend to work very hard and nearly always overwork. If Queen of Clubs is your friend, you are very lucky. Queens of Clubs are very smart, resourceful, helpful and loving. They immediately and effortlessly solve any problems of others. And they never need anything in return.

They do not make their judgments emotions and rely on their keen mind and good intuition.

They act on their own authority rather than follow others. Consequently, this card gravitates toward being a boss or self-employed. Being Queens, they know how to find a place a royal court.

Their mental gifts are abundant, – they can learn and do anything they put their efforts. They might not realize but their knowledge coming from their natural psychic gifts coming from their past life good karma and experiences in studying.

Queens of Clubs also have perfect organizational talents. Sometimes they tend to overdo everything and this creates a stress for them.

The Ace of Spades in Jupiter gives access to any knowledge they want. They also can succeed at psychic work, in Mason or other religious organizations, in counseling. They also can successfully practice concentration and meditation and rich a high level of their self-realization.

Their Challenging Karma Card (-KC), the Three of Hearts, indicates that beneath all this authority is a gentle heart, sensitive and kind. Relationships may bring up feelings of uncertainty or indecision, further indicated by their Five of Clubs in Venus.

Learning to balance the home life with their career is vital for the Queen of Clubs♣.

Five of Clubs gives somewhat protection in love and family. Their partners never live them, and if they stay overt storms in the family, they stay protected with the family. They can get in trouble if they divorce themselves. In this case, Venus protection of 5 of Clubs good relationship karma dissolves and they get into uncertainty and turmoil of moving their residence and losing – likely – friends and money.
If they leave their relations they are the one who gets hurt and will have a hard time going over it with their gentle loving hearts. They might even think that Lord left them and gave them worse with them having the best things to offer to their partners.

This is a Virgin Marry Card usually have to sacrifice their sons. It means that one of their sons (usually the youngest can die), and the oldest son is better to become a priest and not meant to be a husband or a father.

Their beauty has some fatal features or some touch of fate. They are not particularly very beautiful in a traditional sense, yet they have something that creates a strong sense of attraction because of exotic features. They may have some asymmetry in their faces.

Queen of Clubs has to every careful what and how they say things. They need to be careful with people because they will be misjudged by others by virtues of their character. They need to think before they speak or act. They need to keep their plans to themselves, and their plans will be much easier to realize.

Impatient Drivers

Usually, Queen of Clubs (women) are drivers that tend to be impatient with others being slow or making mistakes on the road. They easily can get into an accident because others are too slow to obey rules. Then, later an accident can cause them to have a fear to drive because they just cannot resist their desire to drive fast and anger with those slow “handicaps” on the road.

Interesting enough that Queen of Clubs can be a good taxi driver if the card belongs to a man. Furthermore, Queen of Clubs can be good at racing yet not normal driving with the flow.

Queen of Clubs – Restless Children

Queen of Clubs can be a rebellious child. Boy or girl is likely to constantly fight and be the first bully in a class. They have too much energy and brain power. It seems that all is turning on fire around them.

Queen of Clubs are troublemakers, who always sent to the principal’s office for swearing, smoking, talking back to teachers, or pranks and practical jokes. But they are usually straight-A students. Smart — but subversive, in keeping with what was to follow.

Queen of Clubs Parents

Queen of Clubs (especially women) are very good mothers and they tend to teach their children of kindness, virtues, and benevolence. It is better for them not to have more than two children. The first child is blessed and needs a lot of care and attention. The first child can be a product of pure love and very creative and is likely to be very close to the mother. The first child is likely to have a character and kindness of a father. The second could have anger management issues if not treated and educated properly, could have spiky mother’s temper and mathematical abilities.
The problem with Queen of Clubs (women) come at times if the emotional and love life is in question. Suddenly from a godmother, she can turn to emotional disaster and use force in dealing with her own children.

Queen of Clubs usually dates a popular man who appreciates her beauty. Soon enough she discovers his shortcomings – and she somehow tries to teach him to behave and dress up, but her efforts to improve her man to a perfection can lead him losing his self-esteem. She may end up having a man going from good to worse. She may start seeing him as ignorant and lazy not willing to help her enough.

Usually, Queens of Clubs know well what they want, and they can make great achievements of their talents.

Queen of Clubs are very capable form a young age and it is best if they will be put in a position of an authority where people can rely on their talents. It could be any field where organizational skills and creativity are needed. They can work well in government, secret service, and army. They can help their immediate family to create a better business.
Their brightness is evident even at high school. They are better to avoid to take success for granted. If they want to continue to succeed in life, self-discipline is vital.

Usually, they have very strong-willed mothers who treat them harshly and very kind fathers who love them unconditionally. Queen of Clubs (women) usually make other women feel uneasy because of their endless capabilities.

They tend to marry very early – not just for the sake of getting into complete independence, but for the sake of love. Their Prince Charming must have a wide variety of friends and interests, so never let them get bored easily, and they need a patient Prince who can deal with their restless nature, and somewhat a Prince with means who will leave his kingdom behind and chase them to the end of the world. They also can marry very late if they wouldn’t see the right candidate sooner.
With many talents and abilities, it is not a problem to make money, but the Queen Of Clubs must master their ability to manage it well. They are often impulsive in making financial decisions, so being responsible. They might get carried away and spend too much money on credit cards.

They always want to own home.

If Queen of Clubs can manage their demons and virtues, here what can be the best:

They can get into successful business right form a high school. Best if they go to university and finish.The fields of study can very, yet practically in any field, they can be easily recognized. They also can get a job via important family members and family connections. They will be very successful at a position of an authority. They good judgments make people follow them and remember their good deeds even after they die.

They’d better marry a patient partner, who has great potential, as well talents and abilities. They’d better stay married with their first love, and help their partners to grow.

They need to treat their children with respect and teach them trust, not math and to be calculating.

If they are surrounded by love, money, and family, they just triple the money of the family.

If Queen of Clubs gets in trouble, bad things can multiply. Ace of Spades is a reason to always have positive dreams, otherwise, negative fears from nightmares become reality.

They can get into a good position via a family connection. If they won’t complete their education and do not graduate, they will have trouble to keep a position of an authority that they strive for and where they are good at. The best and only option for the left will be to continue growing the family business. They may have great ideas but if left alone, they can lose more than they make by theft or being irresponsible and inattentive.

If they have uncertainty in relations and put down their husbands too much, and if they have uncertainty in love and fidelity, they become angry with children and form a kind and loving mother slowly be turning into a monster.

If their husbands do not help them enough with family, they put too much work on their oldest child who becomes like a father to younger siblings.

From a happy family, everything turns to pretend to be happy and secrets of hiding the truth about problems in relations or with money.
When Queen of Clubs gets cornered in a bad situation, she can become evil. When they stop trusting people, they stop trusting themselves; and they stop loving themselves awakening all their childhood complexes of imperfections. They can even use drugs or drink excessively and want to die young when they seem to like to have no more strength to overcome bad relationship karma.

Keywords for Queen of Clubs

  • coaching
  • teaching
  • service through knowledge
  • life savvy
  • flexibility in communication
  • intuition
  • envy
  • stealthiness
  • arrogance
  • impatience

Moon – Ace of Clubs
Sun – Queen of Clubs

Mercury – 10 of Swords – Good Mind and Good Judgement. Success in work, Health, and Legal Affairs. Being a Workaholic. 
If a business is fast moving (as well as in any professional field), success comes quickly. Queen of Clubs sizes up people and situations quickly and correctly. It is always a willingness to work really hard, and Jupiter-Mercury combination is a great asset. People will be always impressed with the brains of Queen of Clubs. Queens of Clubs really need to marry at an early age, then they will likely to remarry. If they do not get married early, they may always avoid it. They accomplish anything they plan or put into their minds. Home and business can be closely associated – at early years they can receive a position of an authority via family connections.

There will be recognition for the work properly done. Great talents in communication, speaking, writing and teaching.

Venus – 5 of Clubs – Smart Friends

“Of all things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy much the greatest is the possession of friendship. Epicurus

Queen of Clubs likes to be associated with people with great minds and quick wit. Life can be affected by sudden changes – good or bad. Love goes through crosses of illness and disillusionment.
They may change their minds fat too often with what they really want. Like variety and diversity.

A second Venus card is 2 of Spades. It also tells that Queen of Clubs needs a soulmate and a friend not a just physical attraction for the relationships. Best in partnership combines business and romance.

Mars – 3 of Diamonds – Uncertainty about Love and Money

“May God defend me from my friends; I can defend myself against my enemies.” Voltaire

Not sure about their relations and line of action with others. Somewhat law self-esteem at certain situations. They have a sense of insecurity of their business. Sometimes they need to have two jobs at the same time when they feel limitations of money. They manage to come up with ideas to keep productive.
The urge for self-protection and practicality in material interests kicks them back because of insecurity. They need to seek balance and harmony and do not act out of fear. They need to calmly experiment with business choices to make the right one. Their uncertainties attract bad luck. They need to find the way to use the intuition to awaken their best potential.

Jupiter – Ace of Spades – Desire for Self Realization
There is a strong Desire for spiritual manifestation and self-realization. If they believe in fairy tales, they come true. If they believe in their dreams, they come true.
They need to use their spiritual knowledge for the greater good of other people. This is not the best combination for making money out of business unless the business is connected with helping people. They can make money in secret service or work with the government. They can be great diagnosticians.

Queen of Clubs knows things before they happen and operate on high mental vibrations.

Saturn – 7 of Cups – Fears of Abandonment 

“This is a court of law, young lady; not a court of justice”. — Oliver Wendell Holmes

Deep fears of abandonment and emotional come from early childhood. It could be a harsh mother with strict rules, and a child might feel out of love with the mother. They close their hearts at early childhood and may never learn how to operate their hearts properly if they do not use their intuition.

They suffer from injustice from others. They are easily defrauded. Most people jealous for this perfect worker (Queen of Clubs) and they create a gossip or create a situation in which they may lose their perfect position of authority.
They lose money if they owe money to their friends. It is even possible that family members try to take off their inherence or they need to use an additional sum of money to repurchase parts of what truly belongs to them.

They should avoid overwork because their nervous system may not hold it well. Because of all the injustice and jealousy of others, they create a tendency to dominate people, to be jealous over those who have better fortunate. They usually try to pay with the same coin to those who offended them in the past. Having spiritual powers, they can misuse them for wishing negative things to their enemies that are likely to come true. Regardless of their birthdays, they have a strong Leo influence in their natal chart. Leo always takes things very seriously and whoever offended Leo will receive repayment for every deed. They are also st to them.

Queen of Clubs needs to practice non-attachments in their personal relations to overcome a fear of abandonment.

Here what is very interesting – 10 of Spades in Mercury really brings concentrated mind that can handle anything and it brings a very good health. 7 of cups is really a card that shows that health can be destroyed form betrayals, attachments, worries jealousy. 

So what is it to be? Many Queens of Clubs have actually health issues and even die younger than their time comes. They may have a list of unhealthy habits. They shall never smoke or drink or eat not healthy. They are anyway workaholics, so taking care of their health is vitally important.

The Second Saturn Card is 10 of Cups. This card actually puts more pressure on emotional difficulties.

In my opinion, Queen of Clubs shall avoid a company of 10 of Hearts no matter how wonderful this might not seem at the beginning. Saturn somehow puts boundaries and restrictions on the relations  and can be damaging for both. This is a card that could attract sickness and misfortunate.

Uranus – 7 of Diamonds

This influence can bring unusual and unexpected losses via real estate. (This is likely to be related to questions of inheritance.) This also can show somewhat employees that cannot be trusted. Queen of Clubs usually has intuition coming ahead of time and worry about money feeling somebody is trying to cheat them in one way or the other.
7 of Diamonds is a millionaire card and you can awaken the abundance of money coming in. Here though you are likely to have a strong partner who will support you and your ideas, and you can attract luck and money at the same time.
Another way to awaken millionaire card is to trust universe and practice appreciation for all good things that ever happen. The universe will give you all gifts of abundance.
Going to meditation classes, learning spiritual knowledge brings you positive attitude. Remember that consciousness determines our being, not another way around.

Neptune – 5 0f Spades – Change of Home
This is a strong influence that a person will change the location of home a few times in their lives.

Double 5 of Spades in Neptune suggests avoiding drugs and alcohol. Doing business under the influence will bring only trouble.

If they were not able to accumulate money in late years, they stuck in rut of monotonous work. Work becomes a tough spot and won’t bring much pleasure, but worries. A person needs a lot of travel and rest, and if a person cannot afford it, it brings depression. Often need relaxation instead of work. Strong need for companionship and protection.

Pluto – Jack of Cups – Sacrifice of A Child to a Lord

Jack of Cups card is “Christ card” and Queen of Clubs is “Mother Mary” card. There is some sacrifice on behalf of their children. Sometimes there is a loss of a child, just like Mary lost Jesus. This loss is a lesson and a blessing and this brings Queen of Clubs closer to God.

Spiritually Queen of Clubs possesses the greatest of spiritual gifts is a gift of intuition. And if they believe they can directly talk to God and receive answers that are under the veil.

Result (Cosmic rewards) High Jupiter – 9 of Clubs 

Queen of Clubs in a case in they are not taking health issues seriously can die young. So 9 of Clubs can bring disappointment that they did not carry out all their projects successfully or the ways they handled certain things lead to destructions.

A person needs to seek greener pastures in the horizon if focused on spiritual results rather than just focus on the material world.

Cosmic Lesson High Saturn – 9 of Spades – A Death and Rebirth

Queen of Clubs needs to learn to let go and deal with emotional disappointments such as deaths of the dearest and closest to them. This could be an end of a love or certain betrayal that may take years to recover.

They need to find a closure in spiritual searches. 9 of Spades is one of death cards. We need to learn to welcome the death card as this is a re-birth card.  We go through much mini death throughout our lives and every time we find a new and better place.

A Second of Cosmic lesson card is Queen of Clubs. To my mind, if a person of Queen of Clubs is pushed too hard with emotional challenges, betrayals, they can feel trapped and even they may have a desire to die. The challenge is to live and find happiness every time through the service to others.

If looking for their spiritual spread, we can see Venus is Ace of Diamonds and Jack of Cups – it seems they will lose their first love (they may hate them at the same time and even leave them, but spiritually they are more of loners in their love life.

I think the biggest challenge for Queen of Clubs is to keep their emotions under control because of their life circumstances. They need to help others even others do not deserve their help because of their weaknesses. They need to focus on positive, otherwise criticizing others eventually will destroy them. They cannot change the world, yet they can make a world a better place if they become strong and powerful, and with their examples lead others toward greatness.

It is believed that if you judge others, you take their karma upon yourself and heal others with your judgment. There is too much imperfection in the world and too much to take.

Birthdays ruled by the Q of Clubs

January 28, Aquarius, Ruler Uranus, 7 of Diamonds

Leave home young because they feel they are misunderstood and have too much pressure on their personal space.

They pretend to be extroverted, yet keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. They could be very particular and stubborn and can beard to deal with.

They re very talented, yet it is hard for them to find a talent to stick to as a profession. Because of their imbalance and uncertainty, they are forced to get a job they might not like. They are restless and may attract drama into their lives.
They can be excellent teachers, actors, scientists, and explorers. Must find a way to meditate and control their minds, and they live will dramatically improve.

February 26, Pisces. Ruler Neptune, 5 of Spades

Love the idea to travel and planning trips, yet when they go, they often feel disappointed. Work best in hospitals, secret service or as diplomats. They have a good understanding of human wants and needs, desires and troubles, strength and phobias. They are excellent judges of a character and excellent writers. They are interested in religion and philosophy. They are good communicator and inventors. They also may be excellent painters. A lot of emotional drama in personal relations.

March 24, Aries, Ruler Mars, 3 of Diamonds

Attached to politics and finances.Make good economists, financial advisors, brokers, government officials, secret service agents, and army intelligence. Ambitious and hard working. They are loyal to their friends, lovers, and family and always keep their best interests. They shall complete university and better have advanced degree. The more they study, the more they will be recognized and happy. They are workaholics, and easily overwork and become nervous and touchy. They get particularity angry if people talk behind their backs, and they easily take offenses.

April 22

May 20

June 18

July 16

August 14

September 12

October 10

November 8

December 6

People are born under Queen of Clubs

Steve Martin (August 14), Halle Berry (August 14), Mila Kunis (August 14), Cher (May 20), Jack Nicholson (April 22), Elisabetta Canalis (September 12), Immanuel Kant (22 April), Clyde Chestnut Barrow (March 24), Lawrence Ferlinghetti (March 24), Danielle Steel (August 14), Will Ferrell (July 16).



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