Retrograde Jupiter and Karma Lessons

If you have Retrograde Jupiter, your soul outgrown the boundaries of matter, retaining the material form.

Jupiter is retrograde. Jupiter Good do not come by himself to help you, in this position a person has to develop his or her own resources. Retrograde Jupiter says that his gifts do not fall down on a person, just out of the blue. A person needs to awaken his or her own inner resources, strive to grow – and find a help from outside; and eventually a person will gain a great patronage.

Jupiter in Retrograde causes a conflict with the outside world, as person’s idealism is superior to practicality. The natural inclination to pure truth of Jupiter creates misery for the everyday experience of earthly life.

Retrograde Jupiter and its Affect for Individuality

An individual with a retrograde Jupiter is a living truth for himself or herself. His or her ideas about right and wrong; about morality of this world, through which he or she travels, and the honesty of other people’s opinions have little effect on a person, a person believes and follows what he feels inside.

In an attempt to be fair to others, an individual develops his or her own unique set of moral standards. In general, these standards are based on personal experiences, and they never reflect the mass consciousness, but rather his concept of his individual personally formed the universe.

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If retrograde Jupiter is well aspected, an individual may have a strong self-motivation, but must beware of him trying to do too many things at once.

An individual has a free spirit, and, although he may adapt to the ideals of society, which are useful to him, he is constantly fighting to maintain his sense of individuality.

Some people with this position have great wisdom, almost prophetic. These people can summarize in a few words an essence of complex projects that would have confused other people because of a variety of details.

An individual is conscious. This person is always honest to oneself is one of its most important characteristics of his identification. A retrograde Jupiter gives an individual an opportunity to see himself or herself through a higher mind, then some of his personal involvements give way to a higher understanding and to be impartial. The development of wealth in the inner existence ultimately takes precedence over the desire to acquire wealth in the outside world.

Retrograde Jupiter – Karma

Karma with retrograde Jupiter is always associated with the higher mind through introspection. The individual must be able to justify himself in front of him to feel that he truly deserves respect and honor that he promises to Jupiter.

In a previous incarnation a person paid too much attention to a violation of some religious or spiritual principle. In current life, a person feels an even greater determination to re-assess the value of this principle.

A person must beware of judging others even when a person sees that an outside world is living by strange unethical rules that he cannot accept and understand. A person should be patient with other people and listen to the words of his inner truths.

When the times and places from the past all will be mixed in a continuous present, — a matter, intuition and mind simultaneously expands in all dimensions without limitation. A person will focus his mind on a clear point in himself and become completely centered. A person will eventually learn that his house everywhere, and any time – because he lives in a moment!

The more he sees truth of this world, the happier a person becomes.


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