Reversed Ace of Wands – Fall and Impotence

Traditionally, with Reversed Ace of Wands associated a fall, a ruin of plans, bankruptcy, or any potential loss.

In any case, this is a firm “No!” in response to any question asked – even if a person is ready for change, now the opportunities can not be realized, and hopes will not come true.

The card shows that an early start was taken, while a project was poorly thought out, lacked of information and resources. Possible vain labor, delays, cancellations of all kinds of agreements are probable.

Sometimes Reversed Ave of Wands means absence of new ideas, narrow-mindedness, unwillingness to accept anything new; delusions, inadequate perception of reality, loss of purpose.

For men it can indicate problems with potency. For women is an indication of a lack of a man, sometimes infertility or possibility of an abortion.


Reversed Ace of Wands for a career is its crisis, lack of motivation for fulfillment of professional duties, unwillingness to carry out a task at hand. It is a clear indication that a person is tossing between two fires, not knowing what decision to take.

Now it is very unsuitable moment for starting a project. It also shows that planning of financial side is not given a due attention, and this can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Be attentive to a combination of Reversed Ace of Wands and the Hanged Man, because it symbolizes a complete futility of what was conceived; and with the Fool, this combination denotes inability to complete the task.

Personal Relations
Reversed Ace of Wands can mean a need for an unpleasant conversation with a loved one. A person feels a sense of humiliation, fading feelings and disappointment.

In some cases, it can be interpreted as witchcraft ( in combination with the Devil).

Reversed Ace of Wands can indicate that a person has made a lot of mistakes, some of which are fatal. Reversed Ace of Wands with the Empress is impossibility of having children; with Lovers – quarrels and conflicts; and with the Nine Cups – emotional dependence or attempts to forcibly keep a partner.

The meaning of  Reversed Ace of Wands according to Etteilla and his disciple D’Odusa:

Fall, Cascade, Decline, Slope, Extinction. – Decrease, Extortion, Bankruptcy, Ruin, Destruction, Crushing, Corruption, Devastation. – Error, Delusion, Oversight, Relaxation, Weighting, Despair. – Death, Abyss, Abyss, Cliff. – To perish, Fall. – Depth.

Other values ​:

Wreck, death, distress, bankruptcy, clouded joy
Bad beginnings, problems of motivation, frustration
For men can mean impotence, for women – inability to have children
Lack of new ideas, rejection of new directions. Narrow-mindedness, errors, loss of meaning and purpose.

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