Reversed Five of Wands – the Lord of a Battle


“It is hard to learn, and easy in battle”
The first decade of Leo from July 23 to August 2nd.
Astrological equivalents are Saturn in Leo or in air signs. Mars in the 5th house as a symbol of sports competitions, games.

Unfair competition, fighting without rules, one can be stabbed in a back. Intrigues and disputes, problems with law or litigation. Creation of a drama and quarrels, persecutions. Displacement.

Traditionally: quarrels, strife, trouble, insidious tricks are awaiting a person. At best, a person can take advantage of someone else’s quarrel or rivalry; as well as observe someone else’s skirmish from a side. A person can solve a conflict in a roundabout way. Most often – a lack of success in any chosen activity. An ancient meaning is an unnecessary rivalry, or a lost bet. This may be the end of a struggle, conflict and stress …. because a person has dropped out of a game.

It could indicate a cancellation of a sporting event, or postponement of a party or an exam.

Lack of cooperation, stupid, destructive criticism, injustice, inability to combine different points of view, sabotage of negotiations. As an indicator of personality can mean a cold and hard mind, inability and unwillingness to learn from life lessons, maximalism, a person divides everything into black and white.

A failure in competitions. Dishonest judging or fraud.

Unstable social status, involvement in some events against person’s own wishes.
High or low self-esteem.

Personal relationship

Relations under the influence of reversed Five of Wands cannot be boring. They are constantly accompanied by various disputes, and their depth varies from small and short-term differences to serious conflicts and scandals. As a rule, even a trifle can serve as an excuse, but they always turn into a desire to prove something to each other.

Five of Wands brings discomfort, but nothing lead to a destruction of the union. Rather, it is a situation where people do not get along together, but they cannot be apart. Strange as it may seem, all these swings lead nevertheless to a development of relations. This is a struggle is just for a sake of struggle, a way of seeking compromises.

Five of Wands points out that there is a rivalry in a union between equal partners who do not make each other out of leadership. It could indicate jealousy, and also lack of sexual satisfaction.

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