Reversed Four of Pentacles – Money and Power Temptations

Reversed Four of Pentacles points to negative manifestations associated with a sign of Cancer: money loss and discord in a family. Quarrels over inheritance or property issues.

The card indicates attachment to material things for personal safety. A person has a fear of losing his status, money, or position at work. Such a state is fraught with nervous overstrain, breakdowns, quarrels,and scandals. A person feels in a suspended state of constant uncertainty and fear.

Reversed, the conservatism of the Four of Pentacles has turned to greed and stinginess. A person is haunted by a fear of poverty and becomes extremely defensive and self-protective materially and emotionally.

Astrological significance: Mercury in Cancer, houses II and IV.
Saturn in II house as a symbol of concern for the future due to unfavorable circumstances.

A person has strong excesses toward material joys of life instead of spiritual development.

At best, a person is in a successful relationship in terms of calculation without any feelings from both sides. In the worst case, a person creates quarrels over money, creating misunderstanding and resentment.

Tough, authoritarian, pressure on a partner. A person trying to make money (or saving) on ​​a person who is close to him.

In Personal relations, a questionarrie can treat his significant other as something of his own, very valuable possession. This is a reliable strong relationship. Here is a fear of losing influence on a partner, as well as fear that a relationship will get out of control.

Reversed Four of Pentacles Meaning

Papus: Circle, Fence, Circle around a center, Rotation. Clogging, Suppression, Accumulation, Cloister, Monastery. Limits, Borders, Edge, Outskirts, End, Wall, Fence. Defined, Assigned, Sentenced, Final. Difficulty, Obstacles, Barrage, Resistance, Slowdown.

Reversed Four of pentacles is interpreted as a life dedicated to the contemplation of its treasures. This process turns you into a stingy knight, running around in a circle. The sense of ownership and stubbornness do not allow you to understand that the driving force of your studies is simple egoism. You forget about your friends, their problems and adversities, you have become a tyrant of your loved ones, you squeeze the last juices out of your employees. There is no place for love, compassion and diligence. You create around yourself a circle of alienation, which closes like a strong prison wall. Your life dies in a confined space and gets ugly forms. You need to understand the motives that drive you. Try to understand what you are always depriving yourself for petty ambitions and narrow interests. If the vices are not yet rooted in your heart, they can not destroy your personality.

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