Reversed Nine of Wands – Cold Heart

Reversed Nine Wands is considered a bad omen. At least, presence of this card brings obstacles and delays, in the worst case – failure, loss and disasters. The problems can arise overnight. This card also says that experience does not teach a person anything – a person again and again steps on a same rake, which already knocked him on his bandaged forehead.

The card indicates a stagnation of thinking, a narrow point of view, a closed mind. A person losing of connection with reality. A person’s struggle has no meaning because he treats symptoms, not causes; or he defends what is not worth; — and a situation only takes energy from him. This card advises to abandon such behavior.

Dead periods in work and regress in personal and professional development. This card can be also an indication of a bad health. A person is still inclined to rely on himself, but he has no power or energy to recharge.

Reversed Nine Wands means stubbornness, resistance to any situation or event, from which we expect only trouble. At the same time. In reality, there is no threat, but only our memories of former troubles, where our present “defensive” state is coming from. It represents the state of the soul, which in fairy tales is called a “cold heart”. This means that we bristle with all needles and resist any changes, although we realize that they can be very important for our further development.

In Personal Relations

“A child who is burned by milk”. A person is afraid to be offended, or afraid to be hurt by old wounds. A person hides a shell that protects his inner “I” from blows from outside – so as a result a person cannot see useful images. Reversed Nine Wands warns that this can lead to complete self-isolation, bitterness and bitterness, because “I” is rotting without communication. But at the same time, isolation makes us happy.

Reversed Nine Wands tells about inconsistency of character, unwillingness to take initiative (this is especially bad for a man). In addition, this card can mean an inability to understand people and, as a consequence, a person get aquatinted with unworthy, dubious personalities . In certain situations, Reversed Nine Wands may indicate that a person has some kind of compromising secret (especially in combination with the Moon).With the Fool, “with it (or with it) a person can feel he lives on a volcano, not knowing today what will happen tomorrow.” And  with the Judgement Card, Reversed Nine Wands reinforces its meaning of inability to draw conclusions from previous mistakes.


Reversed, Nine Wands “loses” its initiative and communication skills. A person of reversed Nine of Wands can be described as stubborn person, putting his efforts in a false direction, and sometimes even being involved in an adventure. A person may not be  ready for innovative methods at work, or even reluctant to any changes in working duties (or in a direction of activity, etc.). Together with the Fool, this card should be perceived as meaningless Stubbornness, and with the Magician – that someone uses the stubbornness of a questionarrie. With the Seven of Pentacles, Reversed Nine Wands denotes a high probability of unsuccessful investments through person’s own fault, and with Ace of Swords – the conviction of one’s own infallibility, so as a result, a fatal error can be made.

Practical Application and Lesson on Self-Development:

Take strength from your past grievances – from past emotional difficulties and hostile criticism. You will become even more inventive if you learn to cope with adversity. Trust your strength and your character and this will help you cope with the difficulties.

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