Reversed Queen of Cups – the Mistress of Nymphs and Mermaids

Astrological equivalents: Libra, seventh and eleventh Houses.

Queen of Cups embodies and combines influences of Venus, Moon and Neptune (for example, Venus could be in Cancer and Moon in Pisces) as a symbol of subtlety of feelings and willingness to help others. It also shows imaginative thinking.

Reversed Queen of Cups

If in her natural state Queen of Cups is a faithful woman, a warm-hearted spouse and a beautiful mother, then in reversed position, Queen of Cups becomes closer to the mode of a reveler and hysterical brawler. This woman is vicious, dishonest, spoiled, depraved, unscrupulous, as suggest ancient interpreters. This woman can turn to alcohol and drugs in her search for inspiration and harmony.

As Mary Greer writes, in Victorian literature, this woman was seduced by a demoniac lover and ends up with herself, rushing into an ocean. There, she turns into a mermaid, an insidious siren, who in turn seducing and luring young men into a fatal abyss . An important motive here is her self-pity and a vampire approach to reality: first, she gave more than she should, and now is ready to take much more than it is necessary. Perhaps, an image of Anna Karenina in all her dynamics is in line with reversed Queen of Cups.

One of the oldest definitions of this card is “a married woman of high social rank offering her love”.

Also interesting is the following remark: “The habit of merging spiritually with an object of one’s desires can make the body empty. A free space will quickly be habituated to absolutely extraneous entities. From a magical point of view, this card can talk about an astral marriage with a more or less benevolent spirit, a daimon. In the highest sense, this is a deep faith, requiring sacrifice of personal feelings.

The reversed Queen of Cups can say that feelings indicated by a content of subsequent cards have not yet been manifested, they have not been realized, or they are simply not adequate to what is happening to a person.

There is another interpretation of the card which is a scandal, a dubious affair, dishonesty and insecurity. Illusions, wishful thinking, fictitious feelings and baseless fears. It could show a person who should not be trusted, or shows a person who desire to interfere in other people’s affairs.



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