Reversed Three of Wands – A Warning Against Proposed Help

If a direct position of Three of Wands indicates ability to foresee future, Reversed card warns of imprudence and recommends once again think everything over and, most likely, postpone conceived what was planned until better times.

In addition, a person does not dare to introduce something new because he does not feel solid ground under his feet and does not see prospects.

A person can more open to cooperation, but it is not a free cooperation. A help is given with a hidden motive, a back thought. The card gives you a warning against a proposed help.

Traditional meaning of Reversed Three of Wands is gloomy: dependence, duplicity and betrayal; a dirty trick or a treason.

Reversed Three of Wands predicts collapse of plans and “dead season”; uncertainty and stagnation. And the reason for this outcome is inconsistency of joint actions.

It could indicate unsuccessful trip.

Hollander believes that problems are solved, difficulties can be put behind, and for a while a quiet life is ensured. But such an interpretation is rather an exception to the rules. I guess he means that if you postpone your plans and wait until a better timing, you will avoid any troubles. Activity though will lead to a failure.

In the context of relationships, the reversed Three of Wands can act as an indicator that you are better off not engaging in any long distance relationships. Perhaps this is something you have tried in the past and you now realise that this is something that really does not work for you. You are wary of all the drawbacks and negative consequences associated with such a relationship, and instead you feel you would be suited to someone who was actually physically available and located nearby.

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