Saturn Retrograde 2017

Retrograde of Saturn in 2017: From 06 April to 25 August
Retrograde Saturn causes delays in events and disruption of plans for approximately 4.5 months when Saturn is in retrograde position.

In general, this is the period of inhibition and delays when external circumstances bring a mountain of work that needs to be fixed, clarified and perfected.

You will need to spend extra time on important things. An inability to complete your goals quickly will upset you, because every minute is priceless.

You have to learn to adapt to circumstances. You should relax a bit. Strong desire to solve your problems, only increase their number. Now is not the time for bold steps and experiments.

Instead, it is better to use this time to consolidate what you have been working on for a long time. This retreat will teach you to stay calm and properly distribute your time. Self-discipline and systematic thinking will help you to successfully overcome problems that stand on the way.

If you show a certain diligence and patience, when Saturn comes out of the retrograde movement, you will be rewarded for your hard work and obedience.

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