Significance of Unaspected Neptune – Extraordinary Visions and Ideals

Unaspected Neptune may manifest as heightened aesthetic sensitivity and strong ideals. This enables a person to consolidate talents and intuitive abilities while leading a constructive life.Unaspected Neptune does not have to face the challenges of difficult aspects and is therefore allowed more freedom to utilize imagination and inspiration.

Isolated planets are not weak or bad. On the contrary, many people who have reached extraordinary heights, got helped by an isolated planet in their horoscope. In a horoscope of the queen of detective stories, Agatha Christie in “shaft” is Isolated Mercury, a planet which has a direct relationship to creative writing. In the horoscope of an outstanding composer Joseph Haydn “in a mine” is Venus. In a horoscope of the world-famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh we can see that Sun,  one of the major planets of creativity and fine arts has no aspects.

An Isolated Neptune emphasizes diverse abilities in the arts, creative potentiality and spirituality that are apparent already in early childhood and can lead a person to the glory and stardom.

The highest level of manifestation of Unaspected Neptune: Remarkably pure intuition, stunning subtlety of perception, sensitivity, which has no effect under the unfavorable ambient environment. A person can be a guardian of a secret knowledge and spiritual treasures that until the time comes should be concealed from others. He has inner connection with a space and occult powers.

Neptune helps to cleanse karma. He has a “murderous” effect on “ego”, thus relieving a person from illusions. Since after a realization that invented reality is nothing more than an illusion, a person can see a reality in different shades and break free. So a person can get rid of imaginary values that were inherited from the past lives. Dreaming connects a person with past events, and images of the past.

Most often, we find Isolated Neptune in a horoscope of mystics. Such people tend to a deep introspection, studying inner world, are capable to support their intuitive abilities by analyzing their intellectually-sensual environment.

People with strong effect of Neptune sometimes are incapable of resisting the routine, dullness and monotonous flow of everyday life. They need sparkling things to happen.

According to many astrologers, Neptune Retrograde is the evidence of existence of life in Atlantis, which believed was foundered to the bottom of the ocean ten or twelve thousand years ago. Atlantis is considered to be a place of Poseidon habitat. It is the name given by the Romans, at the time to the God of Seas and Oceans. I tend to believe in my dreams that Atlantis was a place of magic and power. So the power of Atlantis and Neptune should help to erases all the boundaries between the real world and an illusion, and should be a perfect time and place for the realization of dreams. That momentum should be used.

We can capture our dreams in a diary, where dreams should most vivid and realistic. By forcing our inner power aspirations, it is possible to grasp our inner world. At times, when we listen to our inner voice we can achieve spiritual harmony. Muse can visit some of us and bring us a source of endless inspiration for creativity.

Retrograde Neptune has an energy that calms down crazy or mentally challenged individual; this energy can “fix” energy in broken people.

A person with a Retrograde Neptune can see hidden and undiscovered talents in others and will know how to help a person uncover their potential and heal them in a spiritual way.

We must be very mindful how Retrograde Neptune works in relations. People whose Neptune is in Retrograde tend to idealize relationships.They should be aware that idealization generates frustration. Do not look for selfless relationships in others, you need to confined love only within your own spiritual search. You need to know what to give in to relations, and what to give in to your soul connection. If you look for idealized lose, you will get hurt and then you will look for ways to get rid of the pain. This way you will eventually leave behind all relations and end up in a solitude. You need to learn how to use the energy of Retrograde Neptune for your spiritual or artistic benefits, and let love take its course.

Unaspected Neptune manifests as heightened aesthetic sensitivity and strong ideals. It brings a need to remind, improve, idealize and disassociate. The possibilities are extreme. A person can have great abilities of social engineering because even if he pretends, people believe in him. This person will be interested in concentration and meditation and will be practicing yoga.

He has a unique ability to sense things. He will be fascinated by now he feels all the time. He will have a great drive for investigate things and find answers in a fog.

A person has a great potential to develop telepathic abilities. Sometimes he can spontaneously read the minds of other people, see prophetic dreams, and to foresee a future.

If a person has an isolated Neptune, he can be a great musician who can get right into a heart of his listeners. If this person is a healer, he will know immediately where a problem lies and now to heal.

An isolated Neptune bestows a vivid imagination, in fact, a gift of fantasy to enter a dream world of fairly tales. This aspect is perfect for writing novels and fairytales.

A person might forget unpleasant events  by unconsciously misrepresent facts of these events erasing negative moments.

An isolated Neptune tends to bring forward a lot more of the benefits that a heavily aspected.

This planet is the one of seclusion, suffering and sacrifice and these qualities will not be involved into many areas of one’s life, and in the same manner the diffusing, dissolving and deceptive side of

Neptune will likewise not be so prevalent. This therefore may be a person who is less likely to be duped and will have a much more structured and materialistic side to their character. They believe that what they think is ideal and perfect will not be skewed or corrupted by other influences, or by other people either.

Neptune is also the planets associated with the qualities of imagination, inspiration and intuition and these will be much more pure and untouched than with those who have Neptune aspected.

This is a person who will have beautiful visions in their mind, and if the rest of their chart shows organisational traits, then they will also have the structure or ability to turn these wonderful insights into  concrete form.

Woody Allen has an isolated Neptune in Virgo, and Walt Disney has an isolated Neptune in Cancer. Nikolai Rerikh has isolated Mars, Neptune and Pluto. Jacques-Yves Cousteau has isolated Neptune in 10th house in Cancer. Leonardo da Vinci has inspected Neptune.

Albert Einstein in the horoscope had Isolated Neptune in Capricorn in the 11th house. Known for his love of solitude, Einstein is a bright example of how the rough reality of introverts can weaken and restrain their  creative potential. Neptune is known to be responsible for isolation, removal and immersion in oneself.

Evita Perron did not have major aspects with Neptune, planet of myths, and she became a legend.

When you dream without limitations there is always a chance to end up in a world of dreams…

My isolated Neptune is in 29 degree of Scorpio in 5th house. I would say that I love to write fairly tales or anything fun and mystical. Writing makes me happy because this is where I can project my dreams. When I was in high school, chemistry was my favorite subject, and I had a unique ability to understand it and to practice. I intuitively understand before reading the theory.


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