Six of Cups – the peacemaker card – October 29, November 27, December 25

Six of cups represent a divine love. These individuals have a very strong personality. This is a double Mars placement in a life spread. Their Mars influence is kind. At a young age, they could be very competitive and aggressive but mostly for a sake of spiritual truth. Mars helps them to cut attachments and avoid building co-dependent relations.

Mars shall be very stern in their chart. These individuals want peace, but if you cross them, you need to watch out.

6 of cups excel in sports as well in business. They can remain calm under pressure. They have traits of personality as Libra and they can hide their emotions, which helps them to win and to have followers.

6 of cups people have brilliant and sharp minds. They can be genius if decide to focus their minds on science. The gift comes from past lives.
Their mercury card is 4 of clubs and their Jupiter card is 8 of clubs. Both cards are indications of great mental abilities. Somehow 6 of cups focuses most of their attention on relations, loved one and maintaining peace. They use their mind gifts when necessary.

6 of cups has a very fortunate life spread in a deck.

Their Pluto card is 10 of diamonds which means that they need to learn to receive and live in a center of blessed energy.
Mars is not a receive, but a go-getter. 10 of diamonds promises to make all dreams have come true… yet they need to learn to receive, to open up, and let things in.

6 of cups are most loyal friends and lovers. They are very dependable. They never change partners and stay in their relations forever. As friends, they always keep secrets and protect lives of their friends.

They can be leaders. They prefer to have a leadership-innovator role, and sometimes they act behind scenes being that important person who can make sound decisions. People ask and usually follow their advice.

My closest friend is 6 of cups and I met somehow much more people who were born October 29 and a few – on November 27.

My friend Vita is stable and dependable. She always has a good judgment. I would remember her being emotional just a few times when we were in middle and high school, mostly being impatient with her parents.

She is always easy-going and I guess nearly every boy in high school was in love with her being in harmony with the universe.

I would not remember once her being hard on judging anybody as she has a beautiful heart. I would be harsher on people who do not deliver or do not try hard. She would always find a better solution or a word to explain to me to accept other shortcomings. It would come up bright and positive.

I believe that 6 of cups are always protected in love and marriage.

Somehow business and making money does not come easily to them. They usually spend a lot of time trying. I find the reason 6 of cups have difficulty in money-making is that they contribute their services for the cause and forget to get paid. They are interested in some creative projects and they just want to make enough to keep their freedom.

6 of cups usually can get a good education and they are good students. Somehow women of 6 of cups can end up in marriage after completing their education and never build a bridge from learning and being a leader into a business person.

The family and home are very important and they dislike changes. They like to keep loved and trusted people.


They are comfortable and delightful people to know.

However, they can be critical and domineering – somehow in most cases for the people they love and care for most. They accidentally can take charge at affairs of others and run them their own way… then, soon they come back to scenes.

Another challenge for 6 of cups is humanity. Like my friend said, if she would have enough money, she would rather open cats and dogs shelter because she believes that most people get in trouble from their own stupidity.

I also believe that people of 6 of cups are thorough investigators. They could be great doctors and designers. They have powerful intuition and can see beyond other people feelings. They always develop the ability to love beyond imperfections of others.

6 of cups are great partners for friendship or love. They seldom end up living alone. If their loved one departed to another world, they can open doors to living with a friend.

They can make money in partnership if they chose a person who can commercialize either talents or abilities, or a large commercial enterprise.

Another great news for those who are 6 of cups
Neptune card is 10 of cups. The individual is always protected by love, faithful friends, and easy life. Great travel, great soul mates, and companions. The law of love is easy to express.

They have powers to learn everything whether it is sports, or science, or art subjects.
They have plenty of creative gifts. They can be artists, designers, architects, actors, dancers and fashion designers. They always have good ideas even ideas how to make money.

Somehow I find those who were born on November 27 less dependable. These people also neurotic and have less fortunate family karma. The problem lies that if they lose the attitude of being responsible, they destroy good relations and become wanderers hoping that one day they can be saved…they must abide by what is true or they will suffer the consequences. What we saw, we shall reap.

I would strongly suggest creating a horoscope for November 27 born, especially if a questionnaire is a woman. Somehow I know three women who were born on this day and their love karma is terrible with lots of loses and bad choices. The rest of the destiny cards have very good love karma. 

December 25 can bring a gift in science and art and writing.

I guess best to look for individual horoscopes to find more personality traits and gifts and talents.

6 has a strong Libra influence… they know that peace only happens when there is a perfect balance. They need to master balance within, the better will be their life as well as all people around them.


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