South Node – Revealing Past Lives and Your Abilities

The South Node reveals the gifts that we bring into this lifetime, our sweet spot and comfort zone.

While this can bring a sense of satisfaction; a sense of “been there, done that” in many past lifetimes.

The South Node is where you feel a sense of place or belonging.

The South Node involves how we express ourselves, how we give and take. It is what we find pleasing and safe. It’s also about what we expect and assume of the world, which is why difficult planets to the South Node can be so damaging.

Saturn there may expect the world to be a harsh place.

Pluto may find it devouring.

The South Node is all about our psycho-spiritual arrangement of our world. We’re comfortable there, as harsh as it might be is what we know.

If someone’s Venus falls on your South Node, you will feel this person appreciates you, and the feeling is always mutual. The person takes the harsh edges off. This person likes what you are, without you having to strive for it, or change anything.

At its best, when someone’s Venus touches your South Node, it adds up value what these people perceive as your talents and abilities that you can develop them further as well as to better understand your own gifts and advantages.

Contacts to the South Node always feel like fate — because the feeling of deep familiarity is apparent– I am understood for what I am, not for what I might be, and that understanding is effortless.

Alas, the flaw of South Node contacts is that this person knows me so well that I may be manipulated, or bored, or my lesser qualities are stimulated, rather than my greater ones. I may fall into a deeper rut via this individual, rather than reach out to what I may become.

People with contacts to our South Node were former lovers, partners, teachers, friends and occasionally enemies. But no matter what roles they play in our relations, they reinforce and strengthen our South Node stance. It is neither good nor bad. If someone’s Venus is conjunct our South Node, our interactions with them will be coloured by Venus’s rosy glasses. We will likely think they are just heavenly, and be able to forgive them all their faults because our entire encompassing awareness is wrapped up in their Venusian energy. They will see, appreciate and encourage the talents in us—talents we may only have been vaguely aware of. They will coax out the better parts of ourselves, effortlessly, through love, harmony and all things Venusian. But whether or not they further entrench us in the South Node, or whether we are motivated to use our newly-found talents and appreciation to reach towards the North Node—well, that’s up to us.

Challenges will come into this relationship (as they come into all relationships) that will prick our North Nodes while they enhance our South Node. We are free to take up the challenge or not.


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