Ten of Swords Reversed – Joy of Recovery

Even a blackest cloud has a silver edge. After endless deprivations, countless defeats and inexpressible suffering, the sun rises again. Take a deep breath and move forward. The warrior wins the battle, but before a victory he can lose a lot.

This card indicates that there will be a forceful re-evaluation or elimination of your previous attitudes about life, your views about yourself and what is important, and possibly your plans for the future.

You are always be thinking of the worst-case scenario and planning for the worst, even if it does not happen. Now this is only creating unnecessary fear and anxiety for you, and it is important that you return to the energy of the Nine of Swords and run a reality check as to whether things are as bad as they seem.

There is reason to believe that in Ten of Swords, manifests Cancer sign of a horoscope, therefore it brings “Moon” manifestations, such as: love, affection, home, return to the roots, living under protection, hiding into your “shell”, choosing a peaceful way of life. There are also “Jupiter” (second ruler of Cancer) phenomena which relates to profits, gains, retribution, unexpected gifts, success, authority, and at the same time the reluctance to go further is resting on laurels.

Ten if Swords Reversed definitely brings fast temporary success and a person needs to work really hard to plan next steps, as they may not be as easy.

Keywords: Advantage, profit, success, power, difficulties come to an end

A solution to a problem is close, soon you will be able to stand up again.

Change for the better. Improvement. Completion of a cycle, and new beginnings. Darkness dissipates. Poverty is behind. A power of a prayer. Help coming from other people. Return from “death.” Light at the end of the tunnel. The news of someone’s death. Obituary. The worst is over.

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