Ten of Swords – the death of Atlantis


FINITA! Everything is pointless. The destiny ordered this outcome. Actions are useless (and often it is impossible to do anything).

If all is well, Ten of Swords portends a collision with difficult circumstances; and if everything is bad, expect the ending of your troubles.

Such a multitude of swords symbolizes the mighty power of the Mind, who has decided to “draw a line” under something. These could be important attachments and circumstances of life; but there could be unpleasant situations, bad habits or a difficult, unfavorable period

Keywords of the 10 of Swords:

* “Lord of Destruction”
* The death of Atlantis
* “The darkest hour is before dawn.”

Astrological Symbols:

* Capricorn, Saturn, Mars, Tenth House
* Mars / Saturn as a symbol of an artificial, violent end.
* Sun and Moon in Gemini (fear of insanity)
* The third decade of Gemini.

10 of Swords – Personality

A card can describe a very difficult person with his or her concepts, who is capable of the most sudden and abrupt acts in relation to oneself or others.

This person is driven by determination. Like all swords, this is a very passionate and at the same time very cold person who is guided by a principle of “all or nothing” and knows how to be alone against the whole world.

This person is used to solve problems in the most radical way, to perform surgery with a shaky hand, even if everything trembles inside. This person is secretive, closed and proud, and in the depths of his soul he is sure of his own infallibility. Therefore, judgments and decisions of such a person are categorical. So such a person does not inform anyone what he or she is up to. It just never occurs to this person that one-sided point of view is not the only authentic one.

At the current moment, a person most likely cares about a need to free himself o from some situation, and he does not stand for the price. Having said “Enough!”, He is able to refuse even about what he considers very valuable. Under certain circumstances, destructive energies can capture him so much that he will be able to settle scores with life itself.

As for the state of a person … He or she feels – emptiness; tiredness. As if the life force was drunk to the bottom: fatigue after the battle – in all senses. A person feels complete exhaustion due to the colossal previous overload. It is the end of some stressful period from the series “there is always a place for heroism in life.”

Ten Swords can be a signal of a negative thinking, heavy thoughts, while a conflict is brought to the point of absurdity, to the extreme (in order to kill, one sword is enough, yet when ten swords are stuck in a man! – this is too much). Use of excess weapons indicates an over-reaction to some situation or event.

“Why did you screamed and demanded the truth all night?” — Here the clear thinking of Ace of Swords gives way to panic in ten of swords.

Ten of Swords is when people think in extremes.

Overcoming of the vanity and understanding the deeper values enable us to find our particular way of creation of life.

Ten of Swords carries purification through pain and understanding of its redemptive meaning.

Ten of Swords is strongly manifested in people “with a big swing.” The more ambitious a person is, the brighter this card is playing. 10 of Swords fully embodies the sign of Capricorn (just like the Ten Cups embodies the opposite sign of Cancer ).

Capricorn is associated with height and trials; and at the social level it is a difficult test of power, honor, popularity. Who climbed very high may fall very deep.  In the life of a person who sets high goals, trials can be stronger. “middle way”, “upper” and “bottom.”

At the level of Ten of Swords separation occurs what is called a “middle path”. This card contains a dilemma: here, before you lies an obstacle, you can try to overcome it or not. You have already gone far enough not to be ashamed of such a decision; and not to lose your usual life for something unknown. So Ten of Swords is a gateway to upper, transcendental world.

Ten of Swords reminds that flesh is merely a vessel, a temporary refuge for the spirit, which will power prevails over any bodily agony. To break a vessel of captivity does not necessarily mean something terrible is going to happen. Ten of Swords could be a final stage of liberation. There is no way back, one river can not be entered twice, but the posthumous fame of Capricorn turns out to be an age-old, despite their saturninian modesty. Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam (It’s not for us, Lord, not for us, but for your name, Glory).

Caution: think before act rashly. No time to stop anything, even with the best intentions. In addition, Ten of Swords can draw attention of an inquirer to the fact that a questionnaire ecstatically plays the role of a martyr and a victim (“saying that all against me”) and mourns a “terrible and unjust” life, greatly overestimating his or her problems.

Work and Career Situation

The action of the mind takes some kind of unhealthy character, therefore, with Ten Swords, there can be “organizational madness”, a paranoid behavior of the masses.

There is a situation when it is necessary to do the impossible at any cost

The state after it has already been done … fear and exhaustion, the desire to embrace the vast, leading to pathological overexertion.

This card is of a professional burnout. The hero is a frozen worker, like a “squeezed lemon”, or a victim of stress). At the level of the mind – there is  mental exhaustion, “intellectual impotence,” the inability to do anything .

A typical state after a sleepless working nights of Nine of Swords, when  nothing is to squeeze..


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