The Ace of Swords -The Triumph of A Will Power

You are clear about goals you need to accomplish. Swords cut through things in order to pierce illusion, to differentiate between fantasy and reality. One sword represents one motive or guiding ideal — a vision that guides you through life’s changing fortunes with single-minded clarity. The Ace of Swords is always a symbol of optimism implying evolution, progress, a sense of hope and victory. In a reversed position, the Ace of Swords brings a darker message, which refers to sacrifice, challenges and a critical environment. You just needs to stay focused and soon you reach all your objectives. Do not hold back and hesitate.

  • Astrological conformity: Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Mars and Pluto, conjunction of Mars with other planets
  • Mercury/Mars as a symbol of sharpness a mind and determination
  • Mercury/Jupiter as a knowledge and higher Mind
  • First, Eighth and Tenth Houses
  • Keyword – POWER

General Meaning

A person knows exactly what to do. Ace of Swords – a strong-willed conscious act. t shows a limit, border, extreme, and we must try to understand how it applied in a current situation. A person is establishing boundaries, drawing a line under something.

Ace of Swords is often a pretty tough decision taken from a position of power, will and mind.

Absolute success. Triumph of personal power any circumstances. Triumph may refer to any aspect of life: work, love, money, soul-searching or hobbies. Ace This is not so much a start, – it is an indicator of a conquered, proclaimed triumph of personal points of view and decisions.

The Ace of Swords is the most energetic card in a spread, just like the Ace of Wands.

Personal Condition

It is courage, strength, and initiative. Seriousness of intentions and the beginning of activity. It’s kind of new resource that person suddenly discovers in himself; finding a reasonable determination, balance and clarity; brilliant intellectual ability, logical thinking, ability to make sound decisions, reliance on rational analysis and as well as intuition.

Even being involved in a situation, a person is able to look at the situation from a side point of view and see a true light. He is absolutely not afraid of difficult decisions. The Ace of Swords brings internal honesty, rigor and solid principles.

Originality and inspiration. A sharpened and insightful perceptions (mostly experts and consultants in various fields). Wits, awareness.

On A Deeper Level

“This is no time to pray – but to take up a sword” (an eternal drama of military order). The Ace of Swords is a military courage, a war for the faith and principles, and its motto – “victory or death.” Another important lesson of the Ace of Swords – is an inextricable link between victories and suffering.

The Ace of Swords is an air element in its pure form. The Ace of Swords embodies thought and power of judgment; idea and ideology, the ability to form and to clothe in words personal beliefs. Ace of Swords corresponds to a higher mind, a force of knowledge that leads to clarity, consistency and ability to make decisions.

Clarity is achieved by dividing (cutting) and penetration (when a blade gets into the flesh) – without anesthesia.

Sword is an important magical symbol (magic dagger, a ritual knife) – a symbol of protection.

Ace of Swords is regarded as a Seed of Power. Environment can destroy the seed or seed could actively influence the environment.

Light and Shadow

Advice: Focus all your acuteness of the mind on your problem, without losing sight of a big picture. Do not ask for help of others. The solution is only in your hands.

Weakness: Violence as a way to solve all problems. A tendency to complicate everything. A destructive force of cold reasoning crushes all. Self-destruction is too heavy-handed approach. The desire is to leave everybody behind.


Personal Relations

Suddenly in a stable life of a reasonable individual came passionate love or some huge emotion.

All-consuming love and hate the same time, an exclusive power, both in love and hatred”. Monsoreau Dumas wrote in his novel (“When he confessed me he is in love, I thought that he recognized me in hatred”). It is not a feeling of a harmony and tenderness. It is a victory over the resistance – if you love a person, he can show hate, and opposite. Love-hate relations.

Impulses of the Ace of Swords are able to ignite such a fire that will burn all the obstacles on the way to a goal, simultaneously causing a lot of harm (hopefully, if a target survives …). We can see close a brilliance of a dagger. We consider swords as cold and non-emotional. Imagine, when there is only one emotion, only one impulse.  And this power to some point (usually very fast) begins to look for a way outside (see Two of Swords).

Professional Situation

The advent of new ideas, projects and hobbies. Ancient meaning of the Ace of Swords  – winning, success completed, stunning victory.

Excellent prospects for higher positions, career development, satisfaction of ambition. The crucial breakthrough in a certain matter. Determined and effective actions. A clear choice of priorities. Ability to work for the future, to bring action plans to completion.

By Ace of Swords is a beginning of learning at institution or job training. A person starts a new cycle as a winner (where others failed), – soon a person will reach a desired position. A person can feel the euphoria of his strength and achievements.

The Ace of Swords usually breaks all illusions helping to see things in their true light; clearly and adequately estimating a situation. The Ace of swords is an indicator of mathematical and logical abilities. It shows experts, attorneys, pilots, and all sorts of inspectors, whose professional task is to see things “as is”.

A person has great analytical abilities and could present and explain his ideas to others.

Financial Situation



Plenty of energy, good health, vitality, self-creation.

With unfavorable cards may indicate an illness caused by hypothermia,

Reversed – self-destruction, undermining vital forces. With negative cards, can be an indicator for coming death.

Personal Relations

A passion has burst into a normal and familiar life; or it is expected in a very near future.

All-consuming love and hate; an exclusive power, both in love and hatred.” Victory over resistance.

Energy of the Ace of Swords is able to ignite such a fire that will burn all the obstacles on the way to a goal, simultaneously causing a lot of harm (well, if the target survives …). Here, as they say, close shine guessed dagger.

Passionate intense love of Ace of Swords could be a complicated, relentless, uncompromising feeling that is hard to escape.This love may seem “cold”, but actually this love subjugate the life.

Ace of Swords is an indicator of sexual initiation, great potency, fertility, fecundity and pregnancy for women.

Reversed Ace of Swords

 “Fight or flee”: direct Ace of Swords says, “Fight!” Reverse commands to “flee away!”

Reversed Ace of Swords can be an indicator of a weak will and an inability to make decisions; escape from problems and sometimes humility in the highest sense. Reversed Ace of Swords looks like a cross.

A problem cannot be solved; perhaps, a problem has no solution.
Fear of punishment (“Damocles sword”).

A crook in the lot – a blow of a fate.

For a woman, it could be a sign of a pregnancy.

Card Combinations

With the Ace of Wands – tremendous courage and personal strength.

With the Ace of Cups – unusually strong love and deep feelings.

With Three of Cups – a prospect to get out of straitened circumstances.

With the Ace of pentacles – abundance and prosperity.

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