XVII. Star Reversed – Spiritual Mission Distorted

When the Star is reversed, it suggests that your spiritual mission is distorted. Instead of hope, you are feeling despair or discouragement. Instead of being happy and filled with hopes and dreams, you focus on negative aspects of your life. You lost control over the station and do not feel confident any more where to go.

You are tired of the everyday routine and get apathy at nearly everything you do. You feel you are no longer connected to your work and your hobbies.

The Star Card is a test of your Faith. You need to get back to your concentration and meditation practice and find the lost way. You need to believe in yourself and the universe.

Reversed Star also indicates a desire of a questioner to make a career in arts or any field that requires creative works, but in its reversed position, Star indicates a lack of favorable circumstances.

Reversed Star also could mean stubbornness, unwillingness to change or try new things in life, lost chances and unused opportunities. It also could talk about unbelief in once own strength; pessimism, passive or indifferent attitude toward people and events, even slowness, — which is contrast sharply with an apparent beauty, giftedness and potential of a person (such a “falling star”).

Reversed Star is a desecration of purity, disappointment in a dream, loss of light and inspiration, as well as doubts and uncertainty.

A person can dwell in apathy, loss of strength, depression, and loneliness.

Reversed Star can point to hopeless plans, doomed and unfulfilled dreams.

It can also describe a person, that is called, “caught the star”, “hooked on the crown by the clouds” – arrogantly reveling in its alleged superiority or talent, status or something else. In fact, this is self-deception, a combination of arrogance and rejection.

Sometimes Reversed Star signifies the end of a career and fruitless attempts to flash again, in the wake of former merit, to regain popularity.

Less often it is an indicator of complexes and low self-esteem.

In old interpretations, Reversed Star can talk about natural disasters (storms, thunderstorms) and end with many death. Robbery and rape, clouding of mind and suicide.

In any case, it was believed that she was “friends” with dangers and catastrophes.

Reversed Star can indicate exhaustion, exhaustion, problems with the psyche.

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