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All tens are fully accomplished and called success cards.

Ten is a new cycle, the cycle of aspiration. If 10 is your birthday card, you have the tools with which you can be fully accomplished. What constitutes success is a purely personal question,

Aces and tens are very similar and share important qualities.

Like aces, they possess a lot of drive and ambition.

Like Aces, they focus their efforts and attention to to find answers and reasons for the values and soul search. Like Aces, tens are self centered and focused upon their own feelings, needs, and desires, and may not pay attention to others.

Ten can be looked as two fives. Five is a number of experience, so the ten person has a great deal of experience. So that they have great capacity for success. If Tens desire, they rise to prominence.

The Tens have ways with people and children. Their heads are full of knowledge to share with the world. The Tens can handle business at ease, the bigger the better. Tens learn much faster than Aces.

Zero is a number that we associate with a joker. The Joker does not have personal identity because can act as any card in a deck. 10 of clubs and 10 of hearts have Jacks as karma cards. Jacks also could act like a Joker. Joker brings abilities to play multiple personalities.

10 can become very obsessive.
10 of hearts can be obsessive with their families. They also can be obsessive with their jobs, if their jobs connect with an audience. They want to be in a limelight and wants their fans to admire their talents.

10 of pentacle could obsessed with money. They also could be obsessed with being always right.

10 of spades can be obsessed with work…

Tens could be all or nothing people… which is very distractive.

They can go to extremes to prove they are right or to get whatever they want.

They can get hooked on harmful things.

Usually tens have a strong 10 house of natal chart, well aspected Saturn or planets in Capricorn.

They have emotional need for recognition and attention.

They need to know they can do a world a better place, then they feel they achieved greatness. They need to do the right thing, then it brings true happiness to them and those around them.

When they do the right things, they achieve great concentration and peace within.

The calmer they are inside, the more they can do for the world.

10 of clubs can have sleepless nights because they constantly thinking of improvements and new ideas to implement.

10 of diamonds can be obsessive with money and ideas.

10 of spades can be a type personify and constant drive to work.


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