XIV. Falling Tower – Complete and Sudden Change


“The greatness – is just one of the manifestations of nullity”

  • The Tower of Babel, The overthrow
  • Almshouse
  • Heavenly fire
  • Flame
  • The Thunderbolt
  • Astral coercion
  • Strike of Destiny
  • Number 16
  • The letter Zayin
  • Path 27 (from Hod to Netzach, from the Majestic to the Force)
  • Planets – Mars, Pluto, Scorpio, Uranus and Saturn, Chiron.
  • Occult Meaning of a card – DESTRUCTION

Brief Description

Adversity. Element. Deterrence. The suppression of the individual. Taboo. The danger of being crushed. Inflated ego. Arrogance. Templates. The spirit of competition. External circumstances.

Direct Position

Sixteenth Arcanum describes a person faces unexpected changes in life. Whomever is a cause for changes makes the questioner very angry.

      A person faces a destruction in possible aspects of his life – complications at work, breakups, loss of property. The questioner has to be prepared for the deception, shame and disgrace. Sixteenth Arcanum tells about the events that can not be changed at will.


The collapse of the plans, the loss of faith, unpleasant surprises.

Strong dependence on the prevailing circumstances, which currently can not be changed – the possibilities are limited. Depressed personality. A person goes the same trail, the same way, — ignoring the alarms and clings to the status quo. A person stubbornly denies crisis, tensions in the relationship, or even perpetrated the violence, as if it does not exist. There will be no distractions in relations and communications, — at this point, a person thinks it is better to solve the matter peacefully, avoiding scandals and conflicts.

Traditionally, a meaning is of Tower is — the tyranny, oppression and captivity; deception; shame; harassment; and even persecution. In the French tradition, the reversed tower symbolizes imprisonment, because according to legend, Napoleon pulled out this card on the day of a  departure to the island of St. Helena.

Council to Inquire

You yourself became the cause of all your troubles and this unpleasant situation and circumstances.

General Meaning in a Spread

The Tower is traditionally considered the most severe cards in a deck.  There are many cards that calling for “Change” in the deck of Tarot cards: Jester, Wheel of Fortune, Death … and even a Six of Swords. Don’t these cards promise to change? Most of these cards bring the suddenness of this change.

The strange thing is that the change the tower brings is not be a surprise! The situation is more like an abscess, is long overdue. This is the “end of the world”  which was expected to come. A person may  be very much even be  waiting for! So it’s not a “surprise.”
Liberation? Again, the tower is not an exclusive carrier of this meaning. Liberation usually calls for Judgement day, Sun, Stars … and a number of cards.

And it turns out that the best key word that describes the Tower is “crisis”. Explosion or scraping after the preceding injection. In a sense, this is a punishment for what was before. This card liberates the Expulsion of the Devil . Ancient name of The tower is the House of God. This House of the Devil (the so-called card in medieval Italy), turning under celestial thunderbolt in the place of God’s presence. In the Tower there is liberation from everything that false; or is not conducive to the development of aspirations through the destruction of what people believe and what greatly sought. There is loss of achieved balance, which was based on a false foundation. The Tower is the orderly evolution, it heals our lives from everything is poisons; and the tower destroys every stagnant situations that hindering his personal growth.

At the same time the blows of fate may seem the same tragic and incomprehensible. Few people perceive these cleaning operations with enthusiasm, but everybody needs those situations.

The Tower shows that the walls behind collapsing and no matter what is it we hide behind the walls coming out. One period of life is replaced by another, and change happens very quickly and painfully.

In the simplest sense, the map symbolizes the end of the current situation under

the influence of external forces, and the unexpected and very quickly. Tower pulls a person out of circumstances that limit him and breaks his existing state of affairs. Sometimes the situation can be fully in line with expectations and desires of  the questioner, so that the tower is not always so bad. Next to the positive card, the Tower informs about the decay of the existing evil, foretelling an end of a black strip in a life and liberation of a heavy load. It’s time to go into the future under the roar of a wreckage of the past.

Another thing, sometimes the Tower can mean a sudden change that does not correspond to any expectations or desires. Like something comes completely out of the blue, and a person finds a sort of painful revelation that undermines the very foundations on which he stood, a radical break-up of the previous views on his life. It is important that he “hit” is applied forces, which did not even try to cope. Another important point – he sees that it makes no sense to engage in the restoration of the deceased at the Tower, it’s useless.

Depending on the spread and on different positions of the card, significance and important of the Tower card will change. It could be the destruction of the external circumstances or internal shocks. In there future position, the Tower card serves as a warning that what we’ve considered stable and safe, may suddenly falter. Fundamental changes are coming and the air smells of the storm. In the past position, the Tower says that anything antiquated is collapsed.

Here is How a Person Might Feel


Most likely, a person is shocked. He or she is struck on the spot by some news or events, and all that he had planned before and had hoped for, suddenly changed. Maybe he strongly trying to get rid of something and acts as a destroyer, but again, a person feels there is a reason.

When the card Tower appears in a spread, it means that something dominates you. It can be a natural disaster, health problems, or someone presses on you his authority. The higher you fly, — the harder you fall. This is especially true in the context of self-esteem and the desire to assert yourself at the expense of others. Your credibility could be undermined. Pride goes before a fall. The best thing that can promise card, is the destruction of illusions, though it brings untold suffering.

Tower is a stress test which revealed all of our weaknesses. The Fall of erroneous beliefs under the pressure of reality, the overthrow of values that ensured for us confidence e and a sense of security (in the emotional material or spiritual sphere).

In a sense, at the XVI The Tower depicts a prison consisting of a rigid, impervious changes and at the same time highly exalted notions. Sullen walls of the Tower locked up unused powers unrevealed emotions, and paralyzed energy. So, the reality due to the limited outlook is subject to destruction. Towering to the sky Tower of beliefs (and is an area of life where the person believed himself securely protected) suddenly tottered and shattered together with an old, antiquated picture of the world.

Sometimes it takes place “righteous anger” at oneself with the rage of destruction and liberation, but more experienced disorientation, existential fear, stunning realization that a person – not a man he himself imagined to be that a person feels grasping at the air, like a falling figures on the card.

In A Spiritual Sense

In a spiritual sense The Tower symbolizes consequences of what a person “the devil has beguiled”,  even if a person is trying to deny it.

We are reminded of the universe that we are not omnipotent (even if the power is acquired).

Tower also is similar to a mystery of Phoenix, who reborn from the ashes and renewed. It has the ability to recover and change after a cleansing crises.

Tower is the world axis, which represents the spiritual evolution aimed to divine heights. Esoterically, this is shown as a secret interaction between the thoughts (representations) and the words. The human soul, to a created inside was manifested outwardly (the word was made), turns inward. The spoken word destroys the old inner integrity, and truth, the person ceases to understand the meaning of what was said and creative touch to the essence of things. It is paradoxical at first glance, the phrase “An expressed thought is a lie.” When one realizes the true power of the word, when he or she is silent. It depicts the collapse of arrogant intellect, encroached on gaining a secret knowledge.

Tower confirms the likelihood of being punished in the literal sense, namely, getting into a prison, a hospital or to become a hostage. All that seemed stable and unshakable, including relationships, can give a crack.

In Personal Relations

Sometimes Tower passes a conflict into relations, and sometimes it brings indomitable sexual impulse, sometimes it could mean conflict and sex together … but in any case it is an explosion and release of long overdue accumulated and overwhelming feelings.This is the hour of the explosion. Reins are torn, patience bursts, — in short, margin of safety ends.

Her is a very severe test of love or friendship. The ancient word “collapse as a result of wrongful judgments and abuse of free will” absolutely accurate – whether a person enters into “purifying storm”or burns everything into”ashes” is yet to be decided.

The tower carries a considerable sexual energy. Lightning sometimes takes the form of Scorpio, and Tower is seen as a phallic symbol. It symbolizes a orgasmic power of emotions that have long been kept inside, but finally gained its freedom. The Tower can bring to a person a sudden crazy love which “jumped in front of a person like a killer and struck a person at once! So struck by lightning, like a Finnish knife strikes… “Direct card associated with erection and ejaculation! (Inverted, respectively, with the problems in this respect, as it is believed that it may lead to a secret birth of a child). Expect sex – very spontaneous, very passionate, unexpected for the person, and sometimes a bit violent. That passion may destroy the lives of two people trapped by the sudden love – when the passion is gone – both people open their eyes and look around after an atomic explosion and they are simply terrified …

“Tower can be a time when a person decides to do something he or she has never done before, following the principle: now or never — just for the sake of happiness following awakening  that was sleeping for so long in the depths of once being. ”

The Tower in Combinations with other cards


19. Sun: inspiration, vivid illumination, revelation. health problems, depression. Also, this combination is considered to be a warning not to borrow and invest.
5 of Pentacles: a very difficult time, especially in monetary terms.
13. Death: “rapid impact of powerful forces.” Accidents, injuries, painful incident. Traditionally, this combination is a portent of disaster emergency, both as direct meaning and figuratively.
9 of Pentacles: a pile of problems

7. Chariot: Victory, control
14. Temperance: commonality, meaningfulness
17. Star: serenity, peace,
6 wands: approval, pride, success.
With Fool – danger because of carelessness, negligence

With Magus – the price paid for permissiveness

With the Empress – selfishness and the risk of being alone; danger of bankruptcy

With the Emperor – the need to defend your interests and protect your gains

With hierophant – a spiritual quest have gone astray; crisis of faith may involve entering into a sect or listening to wrong gossip or wrong advises

With Love – the need to rapidly take an important decision

With Chariot – a terrible warning of accident on the road. If the road is not expected, the card brings a victory and triumph.

With Hermit – loneliness due to unjustified conceit Vysk

With Wheel of Fortune – large and unexpected changes are going to happen soon in your life

With Force – you will be surrounded by extremely strong and not particularly friendly people

With a Star – no matter what shocking events happen, – everything works out for the better. Serenity and tranquility of a Star pacify the storms of the Towers.

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