Two of Clubs – Destiny Cards – Fear to Co-Operate – May 30, June 28, July 26, August 24, September 22, October 20, November 18, December 16

Two of Clubs people are the most gifted individuals with brilliant minds, beautiful and most of their dreams have come true. Once they recognize their spiritual strength, they can rich perennial wisdom that shines with perfection. People fall in love with Two of Clubs very easily. Their charm and abilities are enormous.

People born under the Two of Club must strive to learn the art of cooperation. Most 2 of Club put up an independent front which makes them appear defensive or uncooperative when in truth, they are afraid of being misunderstood.

Clever and quick-witted, Two of Clubs never lack for an answer, yet they can be very opinionated.

Intimate friendship and relations are very important to the Two of Clubs and it can be their highest priority in life. Like their Karma Card Ace of Spades, Two of Clubs are usually good-looking.

The law of intention states that what happens to us in life is created not by what we do, but why we are doing it. One could say that Karma card of Two of Clubs is Ace of Spades, — the symbol for the understanding of the truth behind the veil.

Two’s represents logic. So Two of Clubs people have brilliant minds and can be a genius in their talents and gifts. Being very talented is very handy because most of Two’s of Clubs will make money easily and they are full of material blessings.

The Two of Clubs – Saturn Card in Uranus Line –  displaces Ace of Spades in a Natural Spread. Ace of Spades gives them answers to all their important questions and issues because it opens up their intuition and they can get scared of it. Two of Clubs people are afraid of anything unknown, so they need to study meditation or spiritual teachings.
Like Ace of Spades and King of Spades, Two of Clubs is can work for secret services. They have a unique ability to tap unknown sources and analyze information. People tend to share secrets with Two’s of Clubs. Two of Clubs are skilled at ferreting out secrets of other people, – and they may use the information against you. They hardly ever give you the benefits of a doubt and usually suspect your motives.

The problem is that these people can misrepresent the facts due to the fear of discovering the truth.

They are clever and quick never lacking an answer to any question. They are very positive apparently in their own opinions.

They are good at sports.

Two of Clubs has better luck in business if they work in partnership with somebody they trust. Two of Clubs can have the most fortunate life paths.

The biggest challenge for them is to accept the life as it is, and things as they are. They need to accept themselves and their closest relationships.
Men are a very tender and carrying. They usually have very good relations with their mothers.

Their love relations are more a reflection of their inner wellness and self-love. They tend to create co-dependent relations.

Somehow these people are afraid of themselves. If they do not select a spiritual path, they will be consumed with complications, hate, and fear. They will even try to avoid making friends. They will try not to be co-operative. Their desire to dominate can create a tendency for tension and disputes. They may have flashes of anger when they lose control.
They have a nature of experiencing things to the maximum in life. So early in life, they can create bad habits that later they will give up and replace with healthy habits.

If they do not meditate, they become very impulsive, hot-tempered with no patience at all. They may always think they know it all, so whatever the opponent will say, they will use the logic to fight another side of an argument.

Somehow if they do not focus on self-development, they become egocentric and self-centered loners.
“When they are ill, they think worse (here is also 2 of Spaces in Saturn line – the fear of illness can create phobias and neurosis); if troubles actually do not exist, they borrow it; if future is uncertain, it is black.” Edith Randal

Negative traits
On a negative side, Two of Clubs will operate in extreme secrecy and unreliability. Two of Clubs can easily use other people. When this card belongs to a negative man, his mind in completely on himself. He is only concerned with what he thinks and how he can use it to the best of his advantage.

If they conceal their own feelings, they might feel that the whole world is against them.
They use defensive mechanism when they act disloyal and could blame others for their shortcomings.

A way out

Two of Clubs soul wants divine wisdom. They heart longs for co-operation, but in reality Two of Clubs people do little to earn it.

As children

Two of Clubs needs a united family. This is the best for their growth. Sometimes their unusually clever minds and cleverness can be viewed like cute gifts, while it could create danger. Children of Two of Clubs can be afraid of displeasing their parents. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves. So sometimes the fears and tension overgrowth emotional intelligence, and a person explodes.

Relations – perfections and challenges

Their 6 of Spades in Pluto and Q of Cups Result Cards are often indicated of fated karmic relations. They can end up more likely with Ace of Spades, who will help them learn the meaning of responsibility in their love.

6 of Spades could mean the obstacle that could be between their love interest and in themselves.

4 of Cups in Mars says that they love to have a partner who is very sexual, argumentative, aggressive, and at the same time loving and kind.
Two of Cups can be initiators of arguments. They will pick others apart and put them together. They will mention to you time to time about all shortcomings they find in you. Actually, it seems they need first to hate you or find your weaknesses until they fall for you.

They are looking for a partner who is not a role model. The most complicated can be relations that is following Neptune influence which is 6 of Clubs (March 30, April 28, May 26, June 24, July 22, August 20,September 18, October 16, November 14, December 12). You will imagine good qualities of this partner, yet every frustrated how this person lives his or her life. You will think this person does things that are a waste of time and not important at all. Those things do not relate to you in any case. If you want to escape from your mind, you can keep these people at a distance, and a small portion of friendship can be useful.

If they fall spiritually, they start getting at the partner, – they will send a lot of time and energy on discovering negative traits of a partner.
Time to time relationship requires moderation when it gets toxic form their influences.

If not spiritually developed, they can have another extreme in relations, when they tend to idealize partner and put a completely blind eye on shortcomings of a partner.
They tend to select an unavailable partner and hold on to this situation, and then when a partner becomes available, they tend to escape because of a fear of commitment.

KARMIC CHALLENGE for the Two of Club: Belief in a Higher Power

How to Behave with Two of Clubs
In most cases, you need to let go of their negative tendencies in criticizing others. You never shall tell your own weaknesses because later they could be misunderstood, and you will be blamed for saying something.

You need to be ready they are not available because somehow they are stuck in their own minds and they think it is your business to deal with your demons.

You need to stay positive at all times, no matter what it will cost you. You need to develop emotional intelligence not to let negative roots of Two of Clubs grow.

They can be ideal and perfect in every way, yet they expect the same of you and others. It is a very high position that is very hard to hold on to.

You need to know that you need to give constantly space to your beloved Two of Clubs.

They could be very nice and friendly and suddenly they need to be alone. – You need to feel what they want and need at every given moment. You need to help them, not to dissolve in them completely which could be very tempting because of their charm.

If they act mean, this only means that they want your attention, more of your attention. It means they still care, yet there are some strange fears or expectations that they even may not understand within themselves.
They can suddenly decide that you do not deserve to be their friend. And here, you just let them be.

For them, it is very hard to keep balance and have emotional intelligence. They tend to rely too much on the power of mind and they mix up good and bad, misrepresent facts. If they balance emotions, they will be lucky with friends and relations.

Two of Clubs finds it easy to rely upon their minds, they may be lazy to develop their emotional intelligence. When they need to escape, they find partners who are not responsible or reliable.

If Two of Clubs are angry, they misrepresent the facts and situation.
Challenge – a quest for what is beyond the supernatural law.

Practical Application

Two of Clubs needs to create an outlet for their gifts and talents. They need to cultivate a hobby, so it can easily become a successful business.

Two of Clubs need to realistically look at their health. They tend to follow various diets, focus on sports, and they need to keep the middle.
Men are more fortunate than women. Men usually are loved and have a tremendous help from a woman if they chose wisely.

Two of Clubs need to overcome disturbance and worries in their minds. Once mind is calm, they immediately find themselves extremely blessed and they be grateful for. They need to understand that all happiness is found in their minds and how they think positive and now they see the reality. They need to do inner work.

They need to go within and find all answers they seek. They immediately find brightness and peace.

7 of Spades – Moon card
Two of Clubs needs to be happy with what is being offered. They are likely to have Moon with opposition to their Sun or other disharmonious aspects at a place. They somehow have a hard time to realize their own wishes and desires.

King of Clubs – Mercury card
2 of Clubs are blessed to have a wise parent who teaches them to face their fears and tell the truth no matter what.

Two of Clubs needs constant encouragement and with good words about themselves and reminders that they can do wonders with their talents. So a positive seed needs to be planted, and late Two of Clubs’ person will learn to apply good judgment to his affairs in life.

Jack of Diamonds – Venus card
They like frequent changes and challenges. They like to be considered special, important and talented people and have friends of means.

They have the power to make good money via acting, writing, teaching, and ideas and know-hows. Can plan well for others to make good profits.

They like to have a friend who will be given them advice and encouragement.

4 of Cups – Mars Card
They like to be involved in a business where men dominate. They can lead clubs, organizations, and public charities.

They can become valuable detectives, investigators, attorneys, and secret service agents. They can use dependable judgment; people trust them, and this is why they can be selected for a position of the highest authority.

Men of Two of Clubs are not so popular with women, but they are very popular in men’s company.

Two of Clubs will marry or have relations that are beneficial to them.

4 of Diamonds – Jupiter Card

They have a pointless fear of not having enough money.

In fact, they always have good financial protection. They are afraid that business will lose clientele: and if attract worries, bad things will happen.

They know how to find weak spots in others, usually are good at dealings and sales.

2 of Spades – Saturn Card
Constant fear of illness.
Two of Clubs needs to be focused on self-improvement and meditation, and they even can awaken healing powers within themselves.

They are perfect at being diagnosticians or consultants.

8 of Cups – Uranus

They always are loved and have people helping in any of their affairs or undertakings. If willing, they can make a lot of friends and keep them.

They usually like the work they do.

If associated with like-minded spiritual people, gradually absorb the teaching and cease to fear it.

They only work hard for people they like, and they also can give practical help and advice.

They are always protected in their line of work.

Best if they decide to become famous, this way all their fairs and low self-esteem will be resolved and energy will be focused on their creative aspects of their personality.

6 of Clubs – Neptune card

A person can get easily bored with people and any repetitive tasks.

On the spiritual path, they have the right aspiration to move forward perennial wisdom.

June 28th Birthday
Dreamers who may live in the past. They have a hard time to let go. Usually, come from a good family and have strong family roots. They need a lot of personal freedom. Have outstanding peculiarity. They can be good with science and medicine.

July 26
They can make others feel very comfortable. Insist on a position of authority. They have more talents than any of other 2 of Clubs and here comes more responsibility. These people get all their dreams come true, and they need to be very careful what they are dreaming about.

Famous people
July 26 – Jr. Carl Jung, Kevin Spacey, George Bernard Shaw, Sandra Bullock, Samuel Brendon

November 18

Owen Cunningham Wilson

December 16

Ludwig van Beethoven


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