Two of Cups Reversed – Misunderstandings

Two of Cups Reversed is still a positive card that brings possibility of happiness, success, joy, but for some reason at the moment it is difficult to implement. It is possible to create a union, but for the sake of the union one must suffer. There are some obstacles on a path of the people involved in a relationship. Two of Cups Reversed raises a theme of infidelity and jealousy. In relationship reading, it shows that it is not a good time to reconcile relations and one must patiently wait for a better moment. In a business negotiations, this card indicates conflicts and disputes, and inability to reach a consensus.

In the old interpretations, there is such a definition as “bored love.”  This card tells about restlessness because of unsatisfactory relationships or “difficult romance”. Today people are discussing every detail of their wedding, next day they get separated and the following day they shout “Come back!”. Relations that are similar to Mexican TV series: quarrels, storms in a glass of water and contradictory interactions when”heart is to flare up – and immediately after is to cool down the haughty cool” and when it is completely unknown what to think.

It may be a short separation with a loved one, misunderstanding between lovers “cute wives – just playing” Still, it’s a good card!
It can portend and simply the situation of clarifying the relationship. Lack of tact and diplomacy in a relationship.

Event: Mutual misunderstanding, divergence of views

1. Inability to negotiate with partners due to misunderstandings

2. Be aware of lymphatic system.

3. The relationship has gone wrong, a little resentment or quarrel. A postponed wedding.

4. Advice: Postpone a meeting. If you still go to a meeting, do not agree on anything, – you need time to think and negotiate until a mutual understanding comes.

Caution: Business negotiations can lead to nothing because of misunderstanding.


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