Uranus in Tarot Cards Divination

The Fool

The point of transition from Pisces to Aries.

Planets are Mercury, Uranus, Chiron, and Neptune

The symbol of a blind man who turned himself into a slave of a matter. His knapsack is full of his delusions and senseless acts.

The broken obelisk is the death of his deeds. Crocodile (in Papus cards instead of a dog, a crocodile is pictured) is an emblem of inexorable fatality and … the inevitable redemption and payment for what was done, because nothing is done “just like that” – and everything must be paid for.

Uranus governs Aquarius. We live in the age of Aquarius, in a very “unpredictable” time, and we adapted to the manifestations of uranium and the Fool, so we are much better off than our ancestors, who lived in a more predictable and tight times. Therefore, the interpretations of a future as compared to ancient times have become more positive and creative. And even if a creation is a violation of an original order of things-and even if before the Fool is an abyss, – but comes form a Supreme law.

Don’t worry, be happy

The Magician

Uranium, Chiron, partly Pluto
Also Sun as a symbol of strength and warmth, and Mercury as a symbol of flexibility and intelligence.


Jupiter is the Bishop of luck
Saturn is the Lord of time and our mentors
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the Lords of karma.


Saturn, Uranus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius,
Home eighth and 10th.


The Sun is in Aquarius; and Uranus is as a symbol of independence, individuality, and experiential wisdom.


Astrological matching: Gemini, Mercury, Moon in Gemini. Venus in Earth signs. Conjunction of Uranus/Venus as a symbol of an unexpected but extremely valuable chance.

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