Uranus… in the Pursuit of Gandalf

A successful marriage is the structure that needs to be reconstructed each time. A.Morua

Uranus is a ruler of a sky and a space, a first of gods, a son and a husband of Gaia (Earth). In Phoenicia, Uranus is a deity of a Creative Light, self-born in Darkness. Actions  of Uranus are actions of intervention of Heaven, what is happening over all earthly understanding.

Perfection of forms have a privilege of … falling eras.
VV Rozanov

Uranus in astrology is a planet of change, innovation, foresight, future, inner voice. Uranus rules Aquarius and the eleventh house. The Greek name of the god Uranus, meaning “heaven” or “night sky”. Originated by the goddess of Earth, Uranus was an epitome of heaven. The planet was discovered in 1781. After the discovery of Uranus  a new era of science has begun: discovery of  magnetic fields, electricity, telegraph, radio, satellite, laser beam, space exploration.

The planet Uranus in astrology is associated with the inventions, science, technology, electricity, computers, aviation, space exploration and social sciences. It symbolizes the power of human reasoning, which is able to reach an area of ​​”universal ideas” and find their practical application in everyday life. This is not the area of ​​the rational mind of Mercury, – Uranus is an intuitive knowledge, able to combine the concepts in a blinding flash of insight.


Uranus also is responsible for the truth. The expression “Truth liberates,” would be credo of Uranus.

Uranium – a super-Mercury. If Mercury is logic, a chain of conclusions, logical reasoning, following one after the other, is mathematics. Uranium – is an instant insight, when the once, and the result is evident. Uranus is like a “black box” with in and out, but what’s inside, nobody knows. Uranus unforeseeable, sudden, eccentric, sometimes frightening.

Uranium people are absolutely unpredictable, often obstinate, incompatible with any ordered structures. They suddenly become reserved, as well  just as suddenly opened, driven by their own inner laws of their own world. Uranium is a symbol of freedom, liberation – it is not freedom for something – symbolized by Saturn, it is freedom from.

In Tolkien’s trilogy – a typical Uranian person is Gandalf. He comes from nowhere; no one knows what purpose he serves, and he leads others in unknown direction. Gandalf thinks independently, and almost always manages to be convincing. Generally all typical characters in Russian fairy tales have strong Uranus influence, like – “go there, do not know where, bring something, who knows what”. This is actually a man waiting for a woman – not just in fairy tales, but also in real life.

Uranium Symbol – two lightning

Uranus Symbol is of two concurrent lightning that do not know their purpose, but they are life-giving  attracting rain and ozonated space on dusty gray earth. Lightning  is always news, appearing out of nowhere, a mixture of delight and disaster, a synthesis of horror and  divine revelation.

Uranus coat of arms is crowned with a celestial tabernacle. On the background of a daytime sky in the clouds and rainbow we can see two vertical lightning as well as another symbol of Uranus – an arrow departing from a solar center. Uranus always attracts up to perfection, but its effect is almost always disharmonious or erratic, – even if a person acts with a kindness and focus. 

Uranium requires from us total external independence and at the same time requires a resonance of depths of our souls. Through Uranus we can get any answers to any question, but only when we really become independent and free.

To better understand Uranus, you need to know its major imperatives:

  1. No one owes anything to anybody, but a person can give herself or  himself voluntarily whatever a person sees fit.
  2. Even asking for help may force others, and thus limits their personal freedom.
  3. Every person should strive for detachment and independence
  4. We need to learn to live at high speeds, while not losing the intuitive control over what’s happening now.

Uranus teaches us to act timely and adequately in unexpected circumstances and be able quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities, even when the grounds seems slipping from under your feet, and all seems its lost meaning.

Today we are on the threshold of an Aquarian Age – Age of Uranus! – We live in a bullet time. People spend a lot of time trying to buy time.

Uranium astonishingly sharpens a sense of personal freedom, and at the same time directly binds people together to each other, in fact, on a much deeper level.

Society today is integrated on the surface, and at the depths is disunited. Uranium requires a reverse – external independence and resonance depths of human souls. Through Uranus we can get any answers to any questions, but only when  really become independent and free. Otherwise, these answers will be deformed by environment and external manipulators.

Uranium is not an act, but a choice. It is not a reaction to the environment, but self-control, based on the knowledge of our own depths. After all, Uranus is a stimulus to move toward individualization, toward attainment of integrity.

“Marriage must ceaselessly fight the devouring monster – a habit” (Balzac)

Uranium requires us to continuously update our friendship, our relationship, not allowing to get stuck on harvested formulas, suitable for a quiet life. Each family has its own way of creative insights and ingenious inventions, its own unique ways to harness Uranian energy. The main thing is to keep in mind not be afraid  the unknown.


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