Ways to Safeguard Your Love and Happiness

Love is not the end result, but never-ending process we need to manage. Building a harmonious relationship never easy. But, as in many other areas of life, invested efforts pay off; and fruits of your labor bring you array of bright and unforgettable feelings and experiences filling your life with the meaning.

Sometimes, in relations, when people get closer to each other, the reality begins to destroy the illusions that the two people themselves invented. The closer people are in a relationship, the more flaws started to be seen, and, as a result, conflict may occur in those places where people are incompatible with each other. And the new reality starts to break down the magical image created of love. Not all of the people are capable to continue on together their spiritual paths, but those who can, – make their relations brighter; with more trust and better understanding of uniqueness of each other.

When people are satisfied with one another, it creates great compatibility.

We need to constantly create conditions for our partner, so that he (or she) begins to be open even after the crush of expectations…. To do this we need to be able to catch those strings, which will launch the mechanism of love. Some of us are more open to love and relationships; some simply wait for it, and there are those which are practically impossible to “roll”, although every one of us could be open at certain times of life. – We need to aspire our partner to see us better, and if we can, — then love will last forever.

What we can do to cherish love and relations

To attract the attention of a partner so that relations are not getting cooled out, we must love our partner: rejoice that he is, be proud of him, respect, admire him, and much more.

Most of the marriages in ancient times were arranged, yet people respected each other enough to create love during the course of their marriage and relations. So this traditions can be kept because life is too short to have more than one partner in love and life.

When you feel that relations getting cooler, here what you can do.

The first step, you need to make sure that there are no hidden pain or hurt within. You need to make sure that  you can go to your partner, and be able to embrace him, kiss him, or tenderly whisper something in his ear. If you can do it, this tells that all is wonderful and things can be improved very quickly.

Go and do it, and see how your partner reacts. If he is happy, things are wonderful and you do it more often.
What is he does not accept your hugs and kisses? – This simply means that, the way you walk and the way you touch, or in the tone of your voice manifested wounded pride.

So all you can do, you need to work on your feelings and emotions.

The second step, you need to set a right target.
If you want to attract attention, – you must know the reason. Attention for the sake of attention -is wrong and tells just that you still do not know what you really want.

There must be a clear and positive purpose.

The third step is the method. It happens, when you have aligned your inner state and understand what you want – you have all chances to achieve the desired. – It is necessary for you to create motivation and you have to do something that you would not normally do. – For instance, if you talk a lot, — listen with patience. And vice versa.

Your partner must feel the originality and change. Sooner or later, your partner will become interested in what happened to you. Once you get acknowledgment, you need to show a sincere joy, — just like a dog, when her masters come home. You must strive to make concerns of your partner be replaced by an interest or a pleasant surprise.

Now you have to secure a positive relationship building – namely, you have to be happy at all time whatsoever your partner does – even if he does not leave his computer. – Trust me, your partner will be surprised by your mysterious line of conduct.

You need to give all the freedom to your partner. At all times you must be occupied by your deeds. Escort your partner to his computer with a smile. 🙂

Show your partner that you have more freedom than he has.

As a result, doing your things and focusing on positive, you are creating right aspiration, and thus begin to master your attention. You are becoming stronger and focused. You start being focused on what you have, instead what you do not have – because the problem of most people to be constantly focused on things they do not have.

Furthermore, mixing a balance in a relationship is another very effective method, because there is nothing that attracts more then a sudden temperature change from warm to cold. However, for the construction of harmonious relationship, this method should be used carefully and deliberately – to perceive the relationship is not as a competition, but as a an alliance. The most successful formula will be here, if you reply with the same coin as your partner does, when a partner get more distance, you distance yourself from him and give him a space. On the contrary, if your partner suddenly is raising his interest, you become warm and loving.

Sooner or later you will see a tale of a comet, called happiness.

Happiness is an inner state, and that is why it is impossible to clothe happiness in any material form. In fact, it makes no sense to chase the happiness -weather happiness exists in your present, or not.

If you feel lonely, you still can do a lot to make you feel good about yourself. The best way to escape from a misery of loneliness is selflessly helping others. People who give up their heats to others attract positive emotions, as opposed, from the others, who think only about themselves and their fictitious sufferings.

If you enter with a calm mind and a big heart, magic happens and everything is possible.




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