Where is the love in my horoscope?

Let’s see which planets of your natal chart are responsible for love in your life.


When we meet Him (or Her), the very one, the only love of your life (or, a moment we believe that this is the love of our entire life), Jupiter joins us.

Jupiter is a planet of luck, happiness, great prospects, expansion of consciousness. Do you remember that feeling when there are songs in your soul, butterflies in your belly, and behind your window is everlasting spring? Here. This is it. Jupiter acts as an advertising teaser.

Jupiter in your horoscope will show how you fall in love.

Jupiter in Fire signs is the most romantic: “love at first sight,” when a person captures energy flow of love and carries forward.

Jupiter in Air signs is more contemplating about what he could do – to slave the dragon or to tell his dreams about the future. This is still a very positive placement of Jupiter.

Jupiter in Earth signs is objective and circumstantial. Butterflies fly strictly on his command (Capricorn), as a part of a training schedule (Virgo), can not fly due to gilding and precious stones (Taurus) applied to the wings.

Jupiter in the signs of Water, just like Jupiter in Fire, completely captures its owner and almost leaves him no opportunity to come into contact with a real person in front of him. Emotions capture a person completely.

In the case of Jupiter in Cancer, you swing at a sea surface – and let the whole world wait!

Jupiter in Scorpio involves you in a violent emotional flow.

Jupiter in Pisces plunges into the depths. In any case, an owner of water Jupiter will not show any activity to an “object”. So a person of interest may not know what is a source of such an emotional storm.

If Jupiter is harmonious in your natal chart, then, most likely, a state of affairs stated in an “advertisement” will not be too different from reality. You can see a real person in front of you, not flying completely into the world of your dreams.

If Jupiter is damaged, then, most likely, at a moment of falling in love, your picture of the world about a chosen person and potential relations are greatly distorted. Having burned several times, people become afraid to use a source of Jupiter when falling in love. They simple try to avoid love at all costs.

How to make your chosen one to fall in love with you?

If love of your life has Jupiter in Fire Signs, create a powerful stream of impressions. Show your energy and zest in life.

Tell stories and promises of a wonderful future together for your love of your life, if his or her Jupiter in Air signs.

Be reasonable and show that you do not allow any butterflies to fly as they please, if Jupiter is in Earth signs.

Flood emotions Jupiter in Water signs.


After you bought on an advertisement of Jupiter, gender planets, Mars and Venus, come into play.

In a horoscope of women, Venus is responsible for social behavior, and Mars is responsible for preferred masculine qualities.

In the natal chart, the men – on the contrary. Venus and Mars are activated during the candy-bouquet period, and also always when a person acts in a gender role. These planets are responsible for sexual behavior.

Women with Venus in fire signs are very active, open and full of energy. They are not ashamed of their feelings and easily express them: they first admit to love and invite to a date, but they will also be the first to turn if they think that love has passed.

Men with fiery Venus, respectively, love the following qualities in women: spontaneity, natural charm and straightforwardness.

Women with Venus in Air signs are characterized by a frivolous attitude towards beginning of a relation s (with the exception of Venus in Libra – where everything should be at the highest level). Venus in Gemini may too many fans, and Venus in Aquarius may have lots friends – so they  both do not bother about right behavior on dates.

Men with Air Venus also look to make friends with girls, and will rather take with them to a football match than to as romantic date.

Venus in Earth signs is serious and consistent. She has Solid Rules – and if you care for such a girl, then you better know them. A first kiss is only after the gold earrings with diamonds(Taurus), the certificate of absence sicknesses (Virgo).

Men with Venus in Earth signs appreciate girls with predictability and compliance with social standards: no piercings and colored strands in hair…

Women with Water Venus is quiet, accommodating, wear long skirts and with pleasure grow their hair.

They wait for her beloved from war, work, even from drinking party. She will not say a word, if instead of promised delicious lamb, a man brought her a stale chicken.

Men with Venus in Water signs expect from a woman that she will be a silent and reliable emotional rear – a quiet oasis in the sea of ​​everyday storms. All this, perhaps, does not apply only to Venus in Scorpio, which, is a big fan of storms – often in a glass of water.

If Venus is located harmoniously in a female natal chart, then most likely, internal and external social standards correspond to each other: a woman behaves in society as she likes, and surrounding people take her behavior for granted.

With weak Venus in a natal chart, social roles for women cause difficulties. Female self-identification is broken or traumatized (note that here it is about social identification, that is, about the roles of a Friend, Mistress, Wife). A woman does not know how to behave, she does not know how to submit herself in her natural qualities. Often, if Mars is more prominent in a female natal chart, she tries to identify with male roles  which never turns out good.

Harmonious Venus in a male card says that a man chooses a right woman for him and does not try to win a woman who is much higher or much lower than himself in regards to social status. He understands well what kind of women he likes and does not hesitate, even if social standards prescribe something else: he just likes “normal” women.

Venus with a lot of tense aspects will show that a man is poorly oriented in social rules, does not know how to behave harmoniously in society, falls in love with women of inappropriate social status, does not take his natural preferences, considering them “wrong.” Men with weak Venus even can hate women for  no reason depriving themselves of the perception of the beauty of the surrounding world, social involvement and harmonious partnership.



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