XIII Death – Gates into a New Life

The butterfly becomes, only when it’s entirely ready.

Chinese greetings says “May you live in times of a big change!” The beginning of a new era often has a tinge of unsettling joy.

You may realize a need for change and deep, radical transformation.

Within you, a completely new identity matures; you change the way you think. Your beliefs, feelings and reactions become different. You will have new hobbies, a new value system, new friends and acquaintances. Only your soul remains the same. In fact, only soul has a power to create something new. Only soul has enough strength to make a transformation and make us evolve spiritually. Only soul is immortal in us that passes from one incarnation to another.

As a card of the day, Death card means is that some long-standing belief or condition will be changed by the events of the day.

Person of XIII Arcana

A person described by the Thirteenth Arkan is often perceptive, he has a special gift of insight about himself and others, the ability to see underlying motives of others or the inevitable finale of events.

Like death, this person shows up rarely as an “occasional guest”, and if he comes, he is in his designated place, even if people around him do not think so.

If somebody offended or betrayed this person, he or she will have a firm intention to take all the enemies to the grave. If it is a work related situation, for example, a person will carefully destroy files on a work computer.

On A Deeper Level

We enter this Life by the gates of Death. It’s a beautiful card. Death brings rebirth to real life. Those who were on a brink of death know the touch of a Death dissolves everything that is not authentic. Death is a Great Teacher and a Great Transformer, releasing energy. Death does not kill, but resurrects.

We can see a Mystical Rose of Life on a banner of a rider, while the Sun of Immortality shining on a horizon. Who is dead for empty temptations and frees his spirit to enlightenment.

Nothing comes closer to life than death. Nothing makes you feel and appreciate life as sharply as the proximity of death. Death is a fruit that ripens in us all life.

A theme of Death is main part of ritual initiations of many mystical schools. The ability to “die” is a mystery those who were initiated. The traditional Sufi utterance “Die before you die” encourages us to understand that we can not live a full life while fear of death screams in us.

Death is only mid way in a chain of Major Arcana of Tarot. In a direct position, Death means that the world view is expanding, and we give up restrictions.

We feel like a phoenix rising from its his own ashes.

Medieval allegorical image of Death warns you against pride – “do not think about yourself much, you came form dust and return to dust”. Memento mori! This is a medieval “Dance of Death,” a favorite allegory that adorns many temples: a round dance led by Death, from participation in which neither rich nor poor could escape.

Skeleton and braid are important attributes of Saturn, a planet, which represents a fundamental structure of our being. A braid (or sickle) is also associated with a waning Moon, and with Hecate, a dark deity of death, in which time (Saturn) has taken away a blessing of having children.

On a territory cleared by Death, regeneration begins almost immediately.

“On a red-red blood in an hour land is cultivated, in two ours flowers and grass flourish, three hours the land alive again …”

Death symbolizes a positive transformation in a realm of spiritual development. Radical plutonic transformation is clearing a way for new efforts.

Death card means rebirth and creation, renewal and rest, and change for the better.

Lughnasadh is a time of harvest. The seed is sown, and it is up: it is a time to harvest the fruits. This is an aspect of God playing the role of a caring father, who gives up his life to feed people. A time of abundance, but also a time of death and sacrifice.

Death is a “rider on a pale horse” coming from the Apocalypse. A flower woven on a banner of a mysterious rider is a Mystic Rose, a symbol of eternal life in an esoteric iconography of Rosicrucians. The sun rising between towers is a symbol of immortality and rebirth. A bend of a river, is an image of future metamorphosis. A river separates our world from the world of shadows.

Unbreakable bond “Love – Death” is also widely represented in medieval allegories. For love it is possible to get a dagger in your back, or die in childbirth.

Etteilla suggests to take another card from a deck or do a reading again. For him, the card has a negative interpretation to stay away from crazy dogs and people, do not drive in a bed weather.

A card definitely suggests to take time to practice concentration and meditation and let negative thoughts pass and be reborn into something beautiful.








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