11 House of the Horoscope – The House of a Good Fortune

Here where our dreams merge with dreams of society and great leaps possible.  Its natural sign of Aquarius, and its natural ruler, Uranus where each person’s autonomy is respected. This house sparkles out simultaneously the collective awareness.

The Polarity of 11th house is 5th house of Personal Self-Expression turns creativity into collaborative art. Planets in 10th house near 11th house bring fame through ability to away masses.

The Eleventh House speaks to destiny — in simple terms, our hopes and dreams, what we desire and what we want to achieve; aspirations and capacity for happiness through fulfillment of desires. Our creative vision is highlighted, the simple act of working toward our maximal selves. The Eleventh house is also known as the ‘The House of Good Fortune’.

The 11th house is a keeper of all mysteries around and how we are linked and our effect on evolution forward within our realm of friends. We can find a spirit of a revolution here with our liberations of our status quo and ability to experiment what is possible. It is our energies and chemistry how we pick up vibes. 11th house uncovers how you select friends and extend your networks and shows what is your attitude staying connected. Here is your drive to work for human good and help others.

Planets in the 11th house show how you collaborate with like-minds to achieve goals. It shows how to shape your attitude to make your ideas into reality. It shows the way you experiment and innovate.

Transits to 11th house show what you bring into public arena and how you share your ideas. Mars transit brings vitality to your social life or can even make you a champion. Jupiter and Venus transits can bring you exciting friends who match your way of thinking.

The 11th House also signifies – friendships, older siblings, recovery from illness, elevation of husband, longevity of mother, spiritual accomplishments, financial stability, recognition, fructification of one’s efforts, social affairs, place one occupies in a group.

It is income, fulfillment of wishes, abundance, delight, ability to implement ideas into tangible form.

Eleventh House is a house of acquisitions. It represents revenues and profits, all what we possess in sufficient quantities, and that gives us a multiplication of income. Eleventh house points to the goals, desires and aspirations. On the one hand, the eleventh house determines the strength of our individualistic impulses. On the other hand, it symbolizes the embodiment of our ideals and realization of desires. In terms of family relationships, Eleventh House can represent older brothers and sisters, their fate and character.

Eleventh House is a house of abundance. All the planets that dwell here become benevolent, even those planets that have destructive aspects. Any planet in the eleventh house is prone to maximize its potential. Venus here can indicate that an owner of a horoscope might have a few marriages. Mercury gives people good intelligence and ensures success in all matters relating to communication. Sun promises fulfillment of important goals that we set for ourselves in life.

The House of Friendships

The Eleventh House is also referred to as the House of Friends. Through our friends, we find strength in numbers — we see the power of the collective and the group. The focus here is on the activities we undertake within these groups, how we can make a difference and as a result, how we grow and actualized our true selves. Further, it’s the group, by virtue of its collective strength, which helps to define what we as individuals will do.

As we grow, we have more opportunities and possibilities available to us. Our interactions and efforts have the ability to enhance our lives. A labor of love. Through our friends and group activities we add substance and meaning to our lives and to society. The power of collective creation we create greatness.

In joining with our friends, we not only accomplish more, but we can also enjoy the fruits of our labor. The House also addresses what kind of friend we are: what do we do for others? How do we view our friends? How do they view us? To a great extent, the house of friends defines what friends and groups we choose.

Our intimate relationships are associated with the 4th, 5th and 8th houses. Eleventh house associates are friends with whom we have relationships that are cooler and more objective. With these people, there is sympathy, understanding and good feeling fellowship. With little or no emotional involvement, there is less ego and co-dependency. Our social circle is a network of unrelated individuals whom we encounter beyond the level of our inward struggles and the security and entanglement issues of family and marriage. It is often a blessed respite to spend time “hanging out” in the 11th house!

The 11th house is where we experience belonging and being loved. The 5th house is where and how we give love. From the 11th, we see how we receive love, and the feeling of being loved by others. It shows the characteristic qualities of attitude and behavior that we tend to interpret or misinterpret as loving. If poorly aspected planets such as Mars or Saturn tenant the 11th, our ideas of loving behavior may be dysfunctional. Anger, cruelty, harshness and rigidity may ‘feel’ like love.

Eleanor Buckwalter, Los Altos, CA

Eleventh House in Birth Chart ensures:

  • Success in any venture
  • Support of friends
  • Financial gains
  • Smooth life
  • Unexpected gains

Wealth and Eleventh House

Wealth of a person is judged by studying the Second and Eleventh Houses. The Second House indicates fixed assets or family assets like property, land, business etc. The Eleventh House Shows a capacity to generate wealth.

  • The combination of the Second House (regular income, fixed assets) and the Ninth House (luck) in the Eleventh House in a Birth Chart creates a powerful confluence for wealth creation. It bestows one with a fortune to generate virtuous income.
  • Jupiter is a significatory of money and if a planet is placed in Eleventh House in exaltation (powerful state) then an owner of a horoscope will enjoy good financial status and get success in all ventures.
  • The 7th house talks about business or partnership. If the ruling planet of 7th House is in Eleventh House, the owner of a horoscope will gain a good amount of money through business and partnership (but partnership with relatives should be avoided at all costs).

Presence of exalted Sun in the Eleventh House brings a person a substantial income and plenty of opportunities. Some of the well-known personalities with Sun in Eleventh House are – Robert Pattinson, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Michael Jordan, George Washington, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor.

Other Planets in the Eleventh House

Presence of Moon in the Eleventh House will make a person highly educated and will possess praise worthy qualities. The Moon presence will also allow the flow of wealth without much effort. Presence of Mars in the eleventh House will make a person popular. If strong Mercury occupies the Eleventh house of a person’s Birth Chart, it will make a person wealthy through virtuous deeds.

The planetary combination of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon in the Eleventh House bestows Raja Yoga (a person will be wealthy, honored and famous). A strong Saturn in the Eleventh House would make a person enjoy comforts of all kinds. A person with Rahu in the Eleventh House enjoys a long and a prosperous life. Presence of Ketu in the Eleventh House makes a person versatile, learned and wealthy.

At a high level, the eleventh house is connected with the spiritual growth, as well as the breadth and clarity of mind. In this respect, Eleventh House is similar to an opposing Fifth House of the horoscope. However, the Fifth House represents the intellect as such, and the Eleventh House represents the ability to translate ideas into tangible form. And if the Fifth house is related to the creation of literary works, the Eleventh House is doing their publications.

The strength of the 11th House is evaluated on the basis of

  • Favorable planets in the Eleventh House
  • Where a ruling planet of the Eleventh House is placed in a Birth Chart
  • Transit of favorable planets through the Eleventh House
  • Favorable planetary combinations in a Birth Chart in correlation with the Eleventh House
  • People with strong Eleventh House rather love to live according to their own comfort. They have their own perspective and they attract others who share the same vision.

The Eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius and Uranus, and is a succulent house.

Situations of Strong and Healthy Eleventh House

A person feels an acute sense of his or her participation in a work of a group; a person feels like he needs it, and that all the other members of the group feel the same and it would not trade him for anyone else, and similar sensations he feels about the other members of the group. It could happen a specific friendly conversation, when a team can tell a person their assessments and claims that he would never accept from any individual, and he will  accept it. It will be a fundamental importance to him – openness and honesty of group members, and the opinions of a group happen like a fresh stream and healing.

A person has a sense of personal self-expression in a group.  He feels good whatever the group is doing – where it is a fair or a gala concert initiative, – a person the feeling that he is everywhere and everyone; he is a seller and a buyer; a buffoon and a puppeteer; a musician, and a poet.

The first lesson of Eleventh House is the correct allocation of duties and responsibilities which help in evolutionary development of its members.

Strong Eleventh House depicts a person who can not live without a team. wherever this person goes, social life begins around him, and he takes the most direct participation. This person is a public figure by nature. If a person has weak Tenth House he would  rather be interested in the inner life of a group, than engage in achievements of specific objectives.

People come and share their problems with a person of strong Eleventh House; and his actions are carefully coordinated with the entire group life, while a person with a strong Tenth House likes to be in command and be a tough leader.

If a person has a Strong Elevens House, but Weak Fifth House, a person can be too shy to play a role, but a person always prefers to orchestrate other and look at their game and work. Deep in his heart, a person has a desire to stand in front of a team, so that a group would appreciate his contribution. However, in order to go on stage, a person needs to overcome his complexes and a sense of dissatisfaction, failure of personal expressions and resentment on a team. A person needs to change his attitude toward a team and stop thinking that “you are completely ungrateful lazy and parasites” .



List of inauspicious planets, based purely on Eleventh House lordship:

  1. Aries  – Saturn is both 10th and 11th house Lord for Aries.
  2. Taurus – Jupiter owns both 8th and 11th houses. 8th house rulership is neutral, but overall inauspicious
  3. Gemini – Mars Sign of Aries falls in 11th house and so Mars is the 11th house lord. It is simultaneously lord of 6th house also. Therefore, as far as Gemini goes, Mars is “first rate malefic.”
  4. Cancer – Venus is lord of 11th house, hence inauspicious. Venus is natural benefic, but lets look at what is the other house in its governance. It is the 4th house, but Venus will get a taint.
  5. Leo – Mercury ruled sign Gemini falls in the 11th house. Hence Mercury becomes inauspicious for Leo kundali.
  6. Virgo – Moon becomes inauspicious
  7. Libra – Sun becomes inauspicious
  8. Scorpio – Mercury becomes inauspicious
  9. Sagittarius – Venus Similar to Mars’ effect on Gemini, Venus has the same effect by ownership of 6th and 11th houses in the kundali. It is “first rate malefic”.
  10. Capricorn – Mars  is tainted, but not so much as Venus is for Cancer.
  11. Aquarius – Jupiter is definitely inauspicious. But it has simultaneous ownership of 2nd house as well. It governs money in this chart.
  12. Pisces – Saturn governs affairs of both 11th and 12th house as the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius fall in these houses. It is therefore overall inauspicious.

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