2nd House – Creating a Life Based on your Values

The 2nd house is a house of money, values and self-worth. It uncovers your attitude toward wealth and possessions and how you share them with the loved ones. Its natural sign is Taurus ruled by Venus which brings sensuality, enjoyment and delight whether you are alone or with others. It signifies romance that thrives in a magic garden of your own creation.

2nd house contains information justifying the self-consciousness, which manifested itself in the 1st house. It’s about self-esteem. Indeed, nothing else can promote deep Self-realization, in addition to estimates and judgments, that we take out of ourselves. These estimates and judgments have our basic “possession” – this is our view of ourselves.

The first house is too spontaneous to really consider 1st house as self-centered. The 2nd house  is a natural manifestation of self-centeredness area – my, me, mine.

Egocentric is an ideal spot in the research topics of self-psychology of the 20th century. Shame and guilt is a dominant emotional sickness of our time – that inner sense of worthlessness or inconsistency. Often this feeling does not appear clearly or may not knowingly perceived. It is in this area, we should start to re-evaluate and rework the interpretations of the 2nd house.

Money is a basic criterion in our society, so that the interpretation of the 2nd it given special attention. However, we must remember that reckless, forced pursuit of money, substituting for low emotional self-esteem, pointing to the existence of a blockage of soul due to such feelings as shame or guilt.

2nd house shows a fundamental feature: the main style of our self and how we organize our work.

It is a house of pleasure from what we can gain from our life.

Condition of the 2nd house shows how important self-esteem is in a holistic way of life of the individual scheme; it also shows the ways in which forms a basis for recognition or rejection of your essential “self.”

Harmonious 2nd House gives a person a full reciprocated love of the world. this person loves to dress up and decorate the space around him or her, attracting the attention of the opposite sex, and often almost disinterestedly: it for a large part of it is satisfied with admiring eyes without turning into closer contact.

This person loves beauty and harmony in the world, and it’s set on their perception, so the world is not only smiles at him more than others, but appears much more harmonious than for others. This person has better luck of the weather on vacation. He or she makes money easy and seems effortlessly, and somehow able to spend them correctly.
Sometimes it seems that the world owes such a person in every way to serve and to please just because this person is such a wonderful human being. His or her system of values ​​tends to be socially approved.

Planets in a first house close to second house show where your identity is merged with self-sufficiency and wealth. It also shows the way you negotiate your salary.

Passing planets through this house can bring sudden good fortune or challenges that rattle your self-worth. Planets in a 2nd house influence money luck whether there is a sense of limitation (Saturn) or abundance (Jupiter). They shape self-worth and attitudes about making the most our of talents and resources.

Planets in a 3rd house near the cups of the 2nd house, show how you disperse your talents and resources.

They also show how your approach money, and what your overall feelings are about money.

2nd House in Leo
You need to make money in your life so you feel good about yourself. How you feel about yourself is closely linked to your financial life. You need to learn to separate those two things. You may want to live like a king, and only go for items that others might think are tacky or gaudy. You can make money through something Leo-related, like in the public eye (especially in acting/through the theater), through work that helps other people, or work that makes people laugh.

Symbolic lords of Taurus are Chiron and Venus, the Moon culminates, Pluto and Mars are in prison, and Uranus is in the fall.


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